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It is everyone’s dream to enter into one of the finest countries of the world, the United States of America also known as the USA. The country is famous for its marvelous Statue of Liberty, a colossal neoclassical sculpture known to be a gift from the people of France to the people of the USA, along with attractions like Disneyland, natural wonders, skyscrapers, great cuisine, wine, hiking, popular live music, and many other endless beauties. The USA has an exceptional allure of drawing talented individuals like a magnet. Therefore, an opportunity to pursue your master’s degree at an American university can be truly rewarding. With cultural and technological diversity in the country, it’s best to go for an MA in USA that will allow you to grow academically, professionally and personally. Let’s travel and learn all the details about studying MA in USA.

Merits of Pursuing MA in USA

The number of students opting for education abroad has tremendously increased over the years. With this quest to acquire quality education and training, about 30% of all current international students in the world are moving to the United States for higher education. But, there have to be some reasons for this growing trend. Let’s take a look at the reasons why a Masters of Arts in the US is so popular. 

  • Excelling Academically

The US has one of the finest universities in the world providing exceptional academic education and professional exposure in a vastly distributed US market. All major conglomerates and companies like The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, Apple, Ford and much more are headquartered in the US. Therefore, it becomes quite important to understand the power of studying in such a country. An MA degree in the US can be highly beneficial due to the opportunity of working in some of the top companies in the world. 

  • Diverse Educational Opportunities

With home to several thousand universities and colleges, US ranks among the top country providing high-quality education and educational opportunities to enthusiasts from all around the world. The universities in US stress on high educational principles, practical and industrial experience along with high academic education. Pursuing MA from the US opens a diverse range of specialization fields which are globally recognized.

  • Advanced Technology

The US is known to be the leader of technology and scientific techniques and so they are committed to delivering these valuable resources to their students. The universities and colleges in the US ensure that students are equipped with the latest trends of art and culture along with science and engineering. Moreover, students stay connected with teachers, researchers, and experts in the field worldwide.

  • Amazing Campus Life

The benefit of studying in the US is experiencing American culture, meeting new people and developing bonds. There are a number of student clubs (art, social science, photography, dance, music, etc) and social and cultural organizations to match with an array of student interests. In short, the US universities and colleges are a blend of academic, athletic and cultural significance.

  • Strong Support Services for International Students

Navigating your way through issues of daily life can be challenging in a new place. However, there is a range of orientation programs for international students in American colleges. They provide a safe and enriching learning environment for students to not just develop academically but grow as confident and independent individuals.

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MA in USA: Understanding the Degree Program

An MA or Master of Arts is a postgraduate degree course awarded by universities in many countries in Linguistics and Communication Studies, Public Administration, Diplomacy, History, Political Science or any other subject within the scope of Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Let us explore the subject areas of MA in USA and help find the right one for you:

MA in USA: Humanities

The students are trained to think critically and ethically with the historical knowledge allowing them to interact in the various spheres of life. 
Major subject areas include:

  • English Studies
  • General Studies
  • History
  • Languages
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
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MA in USA: Law

Students gain knowledge about the working and operation of legal systems around the world. This is a professional area of study for individuals looking for opportunities in international law firms.
Major subject areas include:

  • Civil Law
  • Public Law
  • Criminal Law
  • International Law
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Studies

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MA in USA: Social Studies and Media

This course talks about the interaction of human beings in society. Moreover, students are exposed to practical opportunities in film and media.
Major subject areas include:

  • Economics
  • Social Science
  • Sociology
  • Human Geography
  • Politics
  • Public Administration
  • International Development
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Film and Television
  • Photography
  • Writing

MA in USA: Education and Training

This course deals with the development and learning of various educational aspects and gaining hands-on experience at a school or university to implement training techniques in teaching programmes.
Major subject areas include:

  • Adult Education
  • Career Advice
  • Education Learning
  • Special Education
  • Childhood Education

MA in USA: Creative Arts and Design

Allows students to develop creative talent and practical knowledge of visual works like fine arts, product design, computer graphics and video games designing.
Major subject areas include:

MA in USA: Personal Care and Fitness

This course involves an understanding of the physical and aesthetical components of human beings. It has a wide range of really interesting courses covering domains like beauty, hair and therapies for a healthy lifestyle.
Major subject areas include:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Therapeutic

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MA in USA: Top Universities and Colleges

USA is known for being an ideal destination for international students aspiring for higher education because of its high-quality teaching and research programs. A Master of Arts degree in subjects of Arts and Humanities can be really tempting with a wide range of career opportunities in one of the most advanced countries of the world. American education aims to help students develop skills and expertise in their desired field to transform them into leaders of tomorrow. Because of this, American universities and colleges are equipped with advanced technology and exemplar curriculums.

Below is a list of top universities and colleges offering an MA in the respective field of Humanities, Law, Social Studies, Media, Education, Creative Art and Design, Personal Care and Wellbeing, etc.

Pursuing an MA in USA brings you to the land of opportunities allowing you to discover your inner talent and artistic nature in the field of humanities and arts. If you are unsure about which specialization to choose in MA, experts at Leverage Edu can guide you in selecting the right MA program to kick-start your career.

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