IELTS Preparation with Leverage Edu

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IELTS Preparation with Leverage Edu
IELTS Preparation with Leverage Edu

We know that the International English Language Testing System is an English Language Proficiency Test that determines the English Language proficiency of the test-takers in four components: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. For any competitive exams which are globally accepted like IELTS, it becomes of utmost important to firstly understand the exam pattern and format and only after then kickstart with your preparations. Watch this video where our expert, Mr Atul Gulati explains the test format for the IELTS Test. He will also help you excel in IELTS and fulfil your dream to study abroad. So, know about the IELTS exam pattern and format with Leverage Edu. If you want to take the Leverage journey, call us at 1800572000 or DM us on our social media channels. Join for IELTS preparation with Leverage Edu.

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