MSc IT Syllabus

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MSc IT Syllabus

Used throughout the world to store, interpret, transmit and manipulate data, Information Technology is among the choicest areas of study for Science & Tech enthusiasts. Among the numerous computing technologies that have been introduced to the world, IT courses have been in high demand ever since they came into existence. MS in IT is one such program offered by leading universities across borders. Through this blog, we aim to bisect the MSc IT syllabus for you!

Course Level Postgraduate
Full-Form Master of Science
Duration 2 years
Examination type Semester

Course Overview

MSc in Information Technology is a 1-2 year-long postgraduate academic course which aims to instil students with the knowledge of several technical fields such as GUI Application Development, Embedded Electronics, etc. After studying the MSc IT syllabus, one will be a perfectionist in Electronics, Database Administration, System Architecture, Programming languages, Web Applications, Cyber Security etc.

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MSc IT Syllabus [Semester Wise List] 

The subjects taught under MSc IT might vary as per the university one opts for. However, most of the topics covered remain the same throughout colleges. The table given below will give you an estimation of core topics covered under each semester of the MSc IT syllabus: 

Semester 1 Semester 2
Fundamentals of IT & Programming Operating System
Data & File Structures Database Management System (DBMS)
Object-Oriented Programming Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Software Engineering Data Communication and Networking
Semester 3 Semester 4
Web Technologies Cyber Security
Data warehousing and Data mining (Elective) Software Architecture (Elective)
Network Security (Elective) Managing Big Data (Elective)
Open Source System (Elective) Project

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List of Subjects in MSc IT Syllabus

MSc IT Syllabus consists of an array of unique subjects. A majority of topics covered under the course duration solidify fundamental aspects of the field whereas others are taught to link IT to other relevant fields. Below listed are some of the key disciplines commonly included under the same are:

List of M.Sc IT Subjects
Database Management Systems Core Java
Data Communication Advanced Java
E-Commerce Algorithm Design andOptimization
Fundamentals of Information Technology Artificial Intelligence
Management Information Systems Basic Mathematics
Microprocessor System Communication & Soft Skills
Multimedia Computer Ethics and Cyber Law
NET Technologies Computer Graphics
Operating Systems Computer Networking
Principles of Management Computer System Architecture
Programming in C Desktop Publishing Tools
Programming in C++ Digital Electronics Fundamentals
Project Management Data Structures through C
Relational Database Management System Digital Electronics
Software Engineering Data Mining
Software Testing Distributed System
Visual Basic Web Development

Note: The above-mentioned list is for indicative purposes only. The subjects under the Msc IT syllabus can vary as per the chosen course as well as the university.

Software Design

One of the important units, included in the MSc IT Syllabus is Software Design under which consumer requests are transformed using software coding and implementation. It is considered an infant process that every Software has to go through before the dawn of its development.

Database Administration

Database Administration uses appropriate software and programs to organize and store data for businesses that span from financial firms all the way to shipping companies. A wide array of Databases including RDMS, No SQL Databases, Object-Oriented Databases etc. 

Network Architecture

This MSc IT syllabus includes (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets. A Network Architect is also reinforced with the job of protecting the network from intruders by using firewalls, VPN, Proxy etc. Therefore, building secure Networks is also a discipline in network architecture. 

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a subject where methods are taught and devised to prevent cyberattacks by monitoring networks for breaches, vulnerabilities and weak spots and to create emergency plans in the event of an attack. This field is closely related to Cryptography, where different methods are devised to protect a communication channel or system. 

MSc IT Course Structure

The M.Sc IT course structure consists of core and elective subjects. These disciplines are designed with the goal of providing students with clarity of all concepts and a technical grasp of computer technology throughout the course of two years divided into four semesters. Students are expected to complete an M.Sc IT project worth 8 credits in the final semester, in addition to a core course and two elective subjects. Examine the course structure below:

  • Four semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective subjects
  • Project

M.Sc IT Projects

  • Student Career And Personality Prediction Android Application
  • Online Shopping Android Application
  • Android-Based Complaint Management System
  • Disease Prediction Android Application using Machine Learning
  • Android Password-Based Remote Door Opener System Project
  • Density-Based Traffic Controlling System With Android Override
  • Android Controlled Notice Board Project
  • Android-Based Home Automation System
  • Home Appliance Control Using Android Application
  • Robot Controlled By Android Application
  • Android Controlled Remote AC Power Control

M.Sc IT Reference Books

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Mathematical Statistics J. E. Freund
Logic and Prolog Programming Saroj Kaushik
Theoretical Mechanics M. R. Spiegel,
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics Robert V. Hogg
Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles William Stallings
Python for Data Science Ethan Williams

Top Universities offering Courses in MSc IT

There are various universities around the world that offer IT programs. Below is a list of some of the renowned institutions offering an excellent MSc IT syllabus:

University Course
St. Ambrose University, United States Master of Science in IT Management
Golden Gate University, United States Master of Science in IT Management
University of Virginia, United States Master of Science in Management of IT
Technical University Berlin, Germany Master of Science in IT for Energy
SANS Technology Institute, United States Master of Science in Information Security Engineering
Kaplan Singapore, Singapore Master of Science in Information Technology
GlobalNxt University, Malaysia MSc in IT Management
United Arab Emirates University, UAE Master of Science in Information Security
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark Master of Science in IT in Product Design
Sabanci University, Turkey Master of Science in Cyber Security

MSc IT Top Colleges in India

College Name City Annual Fees (INR)
Stella Maris College Chennai 25,000
Hindustan College of Arts & Science Coimbatore 23,750
VELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies Chennai 36,600
DAV college Chandigarh 58,000
SIES College of Arts Science and Commerce Mumbai 50,000
Kishinchand Chellaram College Mumbai 5,400
PSGR Krishnammal College for women Coimbatore 2,258
Ramnaran Ruia Mumbai 34,595


What are the subjects in MSc IT?

Web development, operating systems, database management, project management, cybersecurity, object-oriented programming languages, and other related concepts are all covered in the MSc IT Syllabus. This course is also offered as a distance learning option.

What is the scope of MSc IT?

Software Developers, Senior Software Engineers, Technical Consultants, and Quality Assurance engineers are popular careers for MSc IT students.

Who is eligible for MSc IT?

Candidates for the MSc IT programme must have a Bachelor’s degree from an approved university in a relevant discipline, such as BSc, BCA, BE, or BTech in IT or CS. To be eligible for the class, they must also have a graduating grade point average of at least fifty percent (50%).

Hence, we hope this blog has helped you comprehend the key essentials of the MSc IT syllabus. If you are aspiring to study for a degree in Master of Science in Information Technology, let Leverage Edus AI-based tool help you in selecting a university that fits your requirements completely!

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