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Pictures are an effective medium. They can educate, interest, stun or astonish and if displayed in the correct way, they can be delightful and imaginative. Is it accurate to say that you are inventive and creative? Do you have an eye for aesthetic detail and arrangement? Do you appreciate introducing things outwardly and conveying thoughts to others through pictures?  Is photography more than a hobby to you and do you feel excited when you envision showing your craft to others? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then this interest has a lot to offer you professionally.

Earlier, the idea of being a professional photographer might not have been fascinating to most of the people, however, now many people tend to look out for a career in photography. The rise of mass communication and the growing importance of the media and fashion is the major reason which led to this change. Many imagine the lifestyle of a photographer to be satisfactory wherein you get to meet the rich and the famous and travel first class around the world at someone else’s expense. This can prove to be true in your case if you are talented and hardworking and you understand that there is no formal career structure in photography.

Photography offers you a wide range of fields that you can venture into.

  • Press Photographers provide the press with pictures which are relevant to the daily news and events. This photography is best done instinctively. So, you need to be spontaneous and should have a basic idea of the kind of a picture which would best illustrate your article. Additionally, if you are adventurous, then this field is probably for you.
  • Fashion Photography is the field where one gets the projects for fashion houses, designers or individual models. To be a part of this glamorous world, you must be creative and also well versed in the latest fashion trends.
  • Portrait Photographers are people-oriented photographers who click solo pictures, specialized in various fields. You can also work as wedding photographers.
  • Industrial Photographers click photographs of machinery, merchandise, industrial layout, workers, which can be used for company publications and for advertising too.
  • Wildlife Photographers capture the animal life and plant life in its most natural and habitual form. This kind of photography is a part of nature photography which also covers landscapes and scenery. If you love nature and have the ability to capture the perfect sunsets and waterfalls professionally, then this is definitely an option which you could consider.
  • Feature Photographers describes an entire story through the medium of photographs. Hence, to become a feature photographer, you need to have extensive knowledge of the subject that you are dealing with and you should be willing to work in difficult situations too.
  • Forensic Photographers click photographs at crime scenes from all possible angles with great emphasis on details in order to help the police or the detective agencies.
  • Fine Art Photographers click pictures which are artistic and sell those. To become a fine art photographer, you need to be very creative and expressive.
  • Freelancing This is one profession which offers a lot of freelancing options. To be working as a freelancer, you need to have great managerial skills and the ability to work independently. You might not know where the next job is coming from and there will be a lot of problems though. However, you can be your own boss and find projects according to your own timelines.
  • Scientific Photography is used for scientific publications and research purposes. Intensive knowledge of biology, chemistry, engineering and science is a must for this field.

If you are creative and can communicate visually, then you must use your skills and talent to satisfy your clients based on their needs and this can probably turn out to be an exciting and rewarding career option for you. Start clicking!


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