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One of the most important aspects of a democratic society is freedom of the Press. Since the invention of the press, many journalists ended up losing their lives while exploring the truth and presenting it to the country’s people. Every year 3rd May is observed as World Press Freedom Day in different parts of the globe to remember these sacrificed lives. Further, the freedom of media is accomplished by abolishing the freedom of the press. This is also an important and common essay topic in schools and competitive exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, UPSC, etc. 

Tips For Writing an Essay

If you want to write an impactful essay that helps you score well, here are an array of tips on writing an essay on World Press Freedom Day. 

  • The most important and first step is to write an introduction and background information about and related to the topic.
  • Then you are also required to use the formal style of writing and avoid using slang language.
  • To make an essay more impactful, write dates, quotations, and names to provide a better understanding
  • You can use jargon wherever it is necessary as it sometimes makes an essay complicated
  • To make an essay more creative, you can also add information in bulleted points wherever possible
  • Always remember to add a conclusion where you need to summarise crucial points
  • Once you are done read through the lines and check spelling and grammar mistakes before submission

Sample Essay 

Essay on World Press Freedom Day in 200 Words

The importance of freedom of the press is regarded as World Press Freedom Day and is celebrated on 3rd May across the globe.

The press and its freedom are essential components in a civilized society as a free press is considered a country’s health indicator. World Press Day is celebrated to look into and formulate solutions to the problems faced by journalists in exercising the free press. The Freedom of the Press helps it enact the role of a watchdog of democracy in a particular country as the free press can become a voice of the poor and a recorder or exposure of corruption. Journalists help people voice their opinion on governance and reforms, which helps the system of a country change for the betterment of the nation.

3rd May is celebrated as World Press Freedom Day as recommended by UNESCO way back in 1991. Thus United Nations 1993 declared this special day as World Press Freedom Day to remember and celebrate structural and basic principles of press freedom.

Furthermore, this day acts as an alarming reminder to the democratic government to respect the commitment to the press and the right to information to the country’s citizens for the development and growth of a particular nation. 

Essay on World Press Freedom Day in 300 Words 

One of the golden opportunities to portray the professional ethics of journalists, World Press Freedom Day is a reminder to the governments to stay committed to the goal of press freedom. Every year May 3rd is considered the World Press Freedom Day to celebrate the fundamental principles of the free press and to pay tribute to the journalists who lost their lives while performing their duties. People need to realize that journalism is a part of civilized society as they help people recognize its importance and demand. In India, according to the constitution, the freedom of speech and expression of every citizen, as per the provision, the freedom of the press is regarded as the absolute right in the country. Further, the World Press Freedom Day is a support to the press workers who fall prey to numerous measures that restrain or seek to abolish freedom of the press. Observance of the day will inculcate a feeling of security for journalists exposed to violence by leaders and underworld mighty men. It is a day of remembrance for many journalists killed because of their profession. The celebration of this day is to teach a triangular relationship between journalists, masses, and leaders. It is a reminder day that government must respect its commitments to press freedom. It is also an occasion to inform citizens about press freedom violations so that they can contemplate and choose their leaders to act in press freedom direction.

The day reminds the citizens that publications are censored, fined, suspended, and closed down in dozens of countries worldwide.

On the other hand, journalists, editors, and publishers are harassed, attacked, imprisoned, detained, and murdered due to press freedom. Press freedom day is the day to contemplate and know the process, ways, and means of forming a socialist society. The free press is not a luxury but a core of equitable development.

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