How to Become a Photojournalist

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What is photography? Photography is not only about capturing happy moments, but can also be used as a sound tool to tell untold stories that are often ignored, whether by media or from outside. On the flip side, storytelling holds a vital part of Journalism, whether it is through the written and spoken word or powerful visuals. Blending these two forms of storytelling, Photojournalism is related to depicting those untold and overlooked concerns that are prevalent in the present times. So, if you want to embark on the exciting career of a Photojournalist, here is everything you need to get started.

Who is a Photojournalist?

Photojournalists are also known as news photographers. They take photos that capture news events. Their task is to tell a story with pictures. They might cover a war, the Olympic Games, an election, or a parade on a national day of a country. Not only do they take photos, but they also write captions or other supporting text to provide more detail about each photo. Photojournalists can also develop and print photos or edit films.

Skills Required for Photojournalism

They should have these skills to become a Photojournalist:

  1. Analyse which images will be perfect for storytelling 

Being a Photojournalist, you might end up taking hundreds of pictures and now you would want to decide which image will be the best to depict the story. 

  1. Good grammar 

As a Photojournalist, you might have to give captions to your pictures or add some detailed text along with the picture. For that, you should have a good command of grammar and writing skills.

  1. Camera accessibility

A good Photojournalist should be comfortable behind a camera and should know all the functions and features of the camera. 

  1. Picture editing skills

Being a Photojournalist, your task might not end with clicking pictures. At times, you might want to edit, crop or do changes to the pictures. You should know Graphic Designing too. 

  1. Communication skills

Photojournalists also need to have excellent communication skills to gain access to places where the public isn’t normally allowed or for making people comfortable to face the camera.

  1. Love to travel

You must be eager to travel to different places as a Photojournalist because any story might want your attendance at any place. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Become a Photojournalist 

Step 1 – Study about Photojournalism

Do detailed research on what photojournalism is, what it involves, which universities have this course and how to become a successful Photojournalist. 

Step 2 – Learn Photography

To become a renowned Photojournalist, you need to learn photography. You can learn photography by studying it on your own, with educational books and articles, online, or by taking admissions to international universities. You can get enrolled for bachelor’s, master’s or diploma courses in Photography. Also, you need to practise photography every day.

Step 3 – Getting all Equipment 

Later, you will require all the photography equipment and also you need to learn software like Photoshop, etc. 

Step 4 – Build a Portfolio

Once you have studied Photojournalism through a university, building an excellent portfolio will not be a difficult task. 

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Photojournalism Courses

Many undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered by various universities in the field of Photojournalism. Let us know about them:

Undergraduate Courses

  • BA in Journalism (Photojournalism)
  • Bachelor of Journalism (Photojournalism)
  • BA (Hons) in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
  • BFA in Photojournalism
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism – Concentration in Photojournalism
  • B.S.V.C. in Visual Communication – Photojournalism Major

Postgraduate and Diploma Courses 

  • Diploma in Journalism (Photojournalism)
  • MA in Journalism (Photojournalism)
  • MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
  • MA in New Media Photojournalism

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Top Photojournalism Universities in the World 

University of GloucestershireUK201BA
University of WestminsterUK 651-700MA
University of MissouriUSA299-391 Advanced
George Washington UniversityUSA355BA, MA
London Metropolitan UniversityUK751-800BA
RMIT UniversityAustralia244Advanced
University of South WalesUK1001–1200BA
Central Michigan UniversityUSA239BA, MA
Columbia College ChicagoUSA19Advanced
Ohio UniversityUSA1001-1200MA
Loyalist CollegeCanada150Diploma

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Top Photojournalism Universities in India

  1. Delhi College of Photography
  2. Creative Hut Institute of Photography
  3. Light and Life Academy
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University
  5. University of Delhi
  6. Institute of Mass Communication
  7. International Institute of Mass Media
  8. AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research 
  9. Asian Academy of Film and Television 
  10. YMCA Centre of Mass Media

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Intensive practical and theoretical training is required to prepare students for a demanding job. Qualifications required for direct access to relevant courses are typically four GCSEs in AC grades, including English, but courses are also available for those without the relevant qualification. 

  • Most companies offer an NCTJ National Certificate in Press Photography and Photojournalism or an N(S)VQ upon successful employment. Modern apprenticeships may also be available for press photographers.
  • Some suitable qualifications can also be obtained through home or distance learning courses. The Bureau of Independent Photographers (BFP) publishes a useful handbook that contains a lot of useful information.
  • Pass the upper secondary (10+2) exam or equivalent recognized exam in any branch. Bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism or Journalism or a related subject. Working knowledge of Photoshop and other relevant software programs, ethics and law of photojournalism, digital photography and training in a variety of media.

Photojournalist Salary

If you’re a budding photojournalist, you’ll be happy to know that the pay is above average. The median salary for photojournalists is approximately $42,118 (32,99,776.83 INR). For newspaper photographers, it is $23.06 (1,806.66 INR) per hour.

Photojournalist Job Role 

A Photojournalist should take part in the following roles:

  • Take photos or rotate video segments. 
  • Conduct research to gather background information on a topic. 
  • Conduct interviews to improve and verify the news. 
  • Write stories about pictures. 
  • Process and print negatives or film.
  • Transfer digital files to a computer. 
  • Use image editing software such as Photoshop or Print Shop Pro to edit images.
  • Send pictures, text and other information to the editors.
  • Travel to assigned locations. 
  • Explore relevant story concepts with writers, reporters, and editors. 
  • Check and verify news facts. 
  • Operate and maintain assigned devices.
  • Prepare drawings, illustrations, graphics and other audiovisual material.
  • Operate a variety of television cameras.

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What are the advantages of being a Photojournalist?

A photojournalist can travel the world. His career is beneficial, depending on how much experience you gain. When a historic event occurs, a photojournalist can be present.

Who are the famous Photojournalists?

Arati Kumar Rao 
Adnan Abidi 
Raghu Rai 

What are the various types of Photojournalism?

Spot News Photojournalism
General News Photojournalism 
Feature Photojournalism
Sports Action Photojournalism
Sports Features Photojournalism
Portrait or Personality Photojournalism
Pictorial Photojournalism 
Illustration Photojournalism 

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