Types of Journalism

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Types of Journalism

Waking up in the morning and drinking a cup of tea while browsing through a newspaper is still a routine of most of us! But as the smartphones brought the globe under the scroll of a screen, most of our activities transformed and evolved in ways that we never really imagined before. Similarly, the medium of transmitting the latest news and happenings to the world also progressed into advanced mobile applications and websites. Though most of us are aware of the basic meaning of what Journalism is and how important it is in our society, we are still unaware of its different forms that encompass the mediums through which we receive. This blog aims to bring you a detailed guide on the varied types of Journalism, the career prospects they offer as well as the scope you can avail.

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With Print Media being the most traditional types of Journalism, it is mainly concerned with the practice of reporting news and related content through newspapers, magazines and periodicals. In earlier times, newspapers were the most powerful medium for those wanting to voice certain issues that are prevalent in society. In order to pursue a career in Print Journalism, there are a wide range of profiles available with the most prominent ones being a correspondent reporter, columnist, copy editor and news editor and with the intervention of the internet, many newspapers have their own digital platform, i.e. a website and an app where you can explore more opportunities like that of a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Cartoonist, etc.

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Broadcast Journalism

Encompassing the broadcast media platforms for dissemination of recent happenings, this form is amongst those types of Journalism that utilise electronic or radio platforms to telecast news and recent happenings. The content for Broadcast Journalism can range from news stories, bulletins, documentaries to other factual programmes. The time shifts for a career in this media domain can be quite exhaustive and stressful as one needs to be on their toes all the time especially in times of breaking news. Career profiles included under Broadcast Journalism is quite similar to that of Print such as editor and correspondent as only the medium of dissemination changes but there are more roles added which include, Producer, News Anchor, Cameraperson, amongst others.

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Digital Journalism

As the internet is dynamically driving almost every aspect of our lives and how we see the world, a prominent addition to the different types of Journalism is Online, Cyber or Digital Journalism. This form brought an array of perks to the domain of news media as it not only democratized the flow and distribution of information between diverse mediums such as newspapers, radio or TV but also minimized production costs along with adding new advancements in editing and recording techniques. In the contemporary world, even the ordinary man can record a piece of any event on their mobile phone with average camera quality and post it online. There are a plethora of career prospects that you can avail in this emerging specialisation of Digital Media or New Media are, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Curator, Digital Journalist, amongst others.

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Sports Journalism

Bringing together the passion of the public for sports with that of storytelling Sports Journalism facilitates the coverage of sports events through a wide range of news mediums, be it TV, digital platforms or newspapers. It actually commenced as leisure section in newspapers which was targeted towards the social elite during the early 1800s but in the present time, it has developed into one of the full-fledged types of Journalism as more and more sports leagues and events have now surfaced. As a Sports Journalist, you will get the opportunity to see the sports team up and close as well as holding the coverage of the whole league, while the reporting aspect requires you to be authentic and factual as any error, be it score-related or other informative content can be perilous.

Types of Journalism

Tabloid Journalism

A rather exaggerated form amongst the copious types of Journalism, tabloids are mainly referred to like those stories which have been sensationalized and at times, falsified to seek the attention of readers. Depicting more of a gossipy version, it concerns with a celebrity-focused form of Journalism which stays more on the edge of overemphasised, fabricated and bizarre content. In the earlier days, it was popularized with graphic crime stories, gossips and astrology columns targeted at those seeking leisure through news and it developed into full-fledged media outlets disseminating news for the sake of entertainment, concerned with the celebrity world and veiled under the popularized notion of paparazzi.


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Utilising the visual medium to tell stories in an engaging manner, Photojournalism holds the potential of elucidating even the most simpler and overlooked issues in a thought-provoking manner. Another much-deserving mention in the distinctive types of Journalism, it can gear you up to face the witness the best and worst of humanity. Travelling remains an essential part of the life of a photojournalist as you will be required to go to the farthest corners of the globe to fetch thought-provoking stories and capture those neglected aspects of a society that need a voice to reach their concerns in a manner which is subtle yet powerful. Let’s get you ready for a career in Photojournalism with top photography courses!

Investigative Journalism

Moving on to classification of the types of Journalism as per their style and content, Investigative Journalism, as the name elucidates, aims to inquire upon a single topic of interest or news story, which can vary from crimes to corruption and wrongdoings. Contrary to conventional pattern, the news is reported and put away with but in Investigative Journalism, a certain story is explored in a detailed manner in order to unveil its key elements and go into the depth of the matter. Generally, it happens with a popular news event, like the murder of someone renowned or an incident that holds incremental importance and is of public interest.

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Developmental Journalism

As amongst the emerging modern types of Journalism, Developmental Journalism has its core focus on promoting the welfare of the general public and society. It emphasises on those ideas, programs, activities, policies and happenings that are concerned with the interaction between a government and its people. Since media is hailed as the watchdog of democracy, Developmental Journalism plays that essential role to shed light on those facets in a society which need to be voiced especially in underprivileged areas and their struggle with poverty, education, health and other aspects that have been overlooked by the ruling authorities. As a Developmental Journalist, your pivotal aim is to explore the impact of rural development in your country and highlight the concerns of those who are still deprived of their rights and basic amenities and need government’s attention. 

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Thus, we hope that this blog has familiarised you with the popular types of Journalism and their prospective career prospects you can explore. If you are aspiring to study any of the Journalism courses after 12th or any other media field, take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI-based tool to explore a plethora of degrees and diplomas available around the field and find a suitable program that fits your interests and aspirations.

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