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Sports Journalism

If you want to pursue a career in journalism but are also passionate about sports then studying a program in sports journalism is what you can aim for. This line is a separate beat in the field of journalism where the professionals write articles and present news that gives an in-depth analysis of events related to sports. It not only offers a lucrative salary but also gives a platform to the graduates to cover sports-related events and interview sports stars across countries and continents. Since the sports industry is one of the highest revenue-generating industries in the world, more trained professionals are required to cover the events related to it. In this blog, we will discuss important details pertaining to starting a career in sports journalism. 

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What is Sports Journalism?

Sports journalism is a genre of writing that covers events and issues related to athletic pursuits. When it first began, sports journalism was aimed at the social elite in the early 1800s. As it developed, it became a crucial component of the news industry, with newspapers having specific sports sections. Sports journalism comes in a variety of formats, from play-by-play and game recaps to analysis and investigative reporting on significant sporting events. Sports journalism has undergone significant change as a result of technology and the internet era since it shares many of the same issues that print media as a whole is facing, most notably the inability to cover expenditures owing to declining subscriptions. The present millennium’s innovations in online blogging and tweeting have stretched the limits of sports journalism.

Types of Sports Journalism Stories

The following are the five most common types of sports stories:

Straight Lead Game Story

The straight-lead (sometimes spelt straight-lede) game story, which uses a straight-news structure, is the most fundamental type of sportswriting. The article provides an overview of a game, including who won or lost, the score, and key player actions.

Feature Game Story

The feature game story provides a different aspect to the viewers and readers from the highlights they have seen on TV.


A profile focuses on a certain character as opposed to a feature game story, which highlights a particular game. This person might be a young athlete making their way up the ranks or a powerful coach.

Season Preview and Wrap-up Stories

These articles are released either as the coaches and their teams are gearing up for the next campaign or after it has concluded, whether in success or failure.

These narratives offer a birds-eye perspective on the season; they typically discuss the goals and sentiments of coaches and players.

A sportswriter expresses their opinions in a sportswriting column. These columns occasionally contain rants when a group, individual, or coach doesn’t live up to expectations. Sometimes they’ll write about a team, player, or coach they admire.


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What Does a Sports Journalist Do?

The job of a sports journalist involves covering sports events across the nation and the world. You will not only be required to report the news but also give an analysis of the game. As a sports journalism graduate, you can work with different media platforms like Magazines, Radio, and TV. Nowadays, online media is gaining pace which has widened the spectrum of a career in this field. The interactive tools used in online platforms have thus made the domain of sports journalism more vibrant and engaging. 

Courses for Sports Journalism

Types of Courses for Sports Journalism Careers

There are several forms of sports journalism courses in India. The following are the nation’s most sought-after sports journalism programmes:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • PG Diploma programs
  • Master’s Degree programs
  • PG Certificate programs
  • M.Phil. and PhD programs

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Top Colleges to Study Sports Journalism in India

  • Indian Institute Of Journalism And New Media, Bangalore.
  • Symbiosis Institute Of Media And Communication, Pune.
  • Lady Shri Ram College For Women, New Delhi.
  • Christ College, Bangalore.
  • School Of Communication, Manipal.
  • Delhi College Of Arts And Commerce, New Delhi.
  • Indraprastha College For Women, New Delhi.
  • Kishinchand Chellaram College
  • Kamala Nehru College, New Delhi
  • Madras Christian College

Universities to Study Sports Journalism Abroad

With a growing interest in sports and the advent of technologies, the demand for professionals who can collate sports-related information in a clear and concise way has increased. Thus, there are many universities across the world which are now offering an array of sports journalism courses. Given below are some of the educational institutes offering degree programs at the bachelor’s and masters levels in this field: 

University Location Course
University of Central Lancashire:UKBachelor of Arts in Sports Journalism 
Indiana University Purdue University IndianapolisUSMaster of Arts in Sports Journalism
National University of IrelandIrelandMasters in Sports Journalism and Communication
Staffordshire UniversityUKMaster of Arts in Sports and Broadcast Journalism
Centennial CollegeCanadaGraduate Certificate in Sports Journalism

Application Process 

  • Visit the official website of the institution. 
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’ or ‘Register Here’
  • Complete filling your education history with all the qualifications.
  • Fill in the details of your employment history.
  • Fill in your personal statement.
  • Submit the application form by paying the mentioned fees.

Documents Required

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Sports Journalism: Career Prospects 

With a number of sports channels, magazines, tabloids, web portals, and, organizations, there is an array of career opportunities in this field. Given below are some of the most sought-after options:

Sports Reporter: The job of a sports reporter requires you to travel to various locations to cover sports events, and interview the players and coaches. The demand for these professionals is high in newspaper agencies, magazines, and news channels. After gaining relevant experience in this profile, you can work as a sports editor. 

Sports Writer: Sportswriter is one of the most sought-after sports journalism work profiles. As a writer, you will be required to collate information on a wide range of sports-related topics for various magazines, online portals, and newspapers. You can also start your own blog on sports or can work as a freelancer for various companies.  Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, Cricbuzz, etc are some of the most popular magazines in this field. 

Sports Anchor: If you have good communication skills, a stronghold on the language, excellent research ability, and are passionate about sports then this is the role you can work in.  Like any other anchor, the sports anchor is responsible for reading sports-related news or interviewing professionals associated with the field.

Sports Photographer: Freezing the iconic moments in the world of sports is what sports photographers do. Not only do they take pictures for editorial purposes for newspapers or wire agencies but also help in the promotional activities of a brand.

Sports Editor: From gathering important sports information and proofreading the content to guiding the sub-editors and trainees, the job of a sports editor is a rewarding yet challenging task. The editor acts as a gatekeeper, deciding what to publish for the organisation or the firm. 

Thus, a career in sports journalism is highly prosperous and rewarding. If you want to pursue a career in this field but are not sure about how to get started with it then the expert counsellors at Leverage Edu can lend you a helping hand. The mentors will help you find a course which aligns with your professional goals using our AI-enabled platform. 

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