How to Become a Public Relation Officer?

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Have you ever wondered about the professionals behind a successful media campaign? Or those who sit and strategically plans the market plan of a brand? Then, to add to your knowledge, this mind-boggling task of creating and maintaining an upbeat market image is done by a Public Relation Officer. Handling various aspects of brand publicity, a person in this role engages in all the different tasks involved in various aspects of building a market image. A PR expert has a job that caters to both the client-facing as well as the back-end role. From a car manufacturing company to a politician, every person who has an image that is of significant value hires a PR professional to maintain the face value.

What is the Role of a Public Relation Officer?

To understand whether a job role is the right fit for you or not, we need to begin by understanding what are we entitled to do as a PRO. So, to grasp the responsibilities of a Public Relation Officer, here are some of the duties that you would take up in this role: 

  • Understanding the requirements of the brand and its face value.
  • Formulating PR strategies 
  • Generating content for advertisements on different social media as well as traditional platforms.
  • Handling the public response and queries from media and other channels
  • Collating and scrutinizing media coverage 
  • Organizing media events such as press release, announcements and press conferences. 
  • Handling the online portals such as the website, Twitter or LinkedIn handles and regulating information flow. 
  • Engaging with the audience associated with the brand to encourage user experience reviews and build a friendly and accessible brand image. 
  • In case of a crisis, managing the damage control is also a crucial part of the job description of a Public Relation Officer. 

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Steps to Become a Public Relation Officer

Learn how to become a Public Relation Officer by knowing the education requirements, training information and experience required for starting a career in the field:

Choosing the Right Education

PR professionals come from a diverse background wherein one might have completed a diploma or degree in Public Relations courses. Students from Journalism and Mass Media background may also find this job appealing and are welcomed. And if you have an MBA or an MA degree in a similar field, that would be highly delightful as there is no specific educational requirement in the PR industry. Having good communication skills, being a people’s person, good in handling and organizing multiple things at a time are some of the things that are highly valued. 

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Grab an Experience

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Job as a PRO does not come directly to you unless you have the requisite experience under your belt. So, you would begin your career by taking up an internship program to understand the field as well as to get your basics cleared. Following your internship, you can start out as a Public Relations Executive. In the course of your career journey when you would be well-suited to manage that kind of responsibility and effectively manage all the areas of work, you would be promoted to become a Public Relation Officer. 

Getting a Job

Being an integral aspect of the journey to becoming a Public Relation Officer, having a great opportunity to work at a reputed institution might be a bit daunting. Hence, to make your job search easier, we can start out by identifying the sectors that hire a PR professional. Most commonly you can consider opting to work for an Advertising or Marketing Agency, PR Consultancies, Industrial as well as Commercial Organizations, etc. Besides these, some industries instead of hiring a third party organization or a person, also hire in-house PR executives who can solely handle their firm’s relations. Whether you work for a PR firm or any company as a freelancer, the journey would be yours. And in the course of time, it would be your choices that would shape your career. 

Hence, if you are enthusiastic to begin working in the media industry, your career would begin as Media Planner, Market Research Analyst, Content Writer, Digital Media Executive, Public Affairs Executive, etc. and over time, with the acquisition of the right set of skills, you would be closer to becoming a PR officer than you can fathom.

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