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Video Production

In the times of social media where Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok have become new ways of communication using pictures and videos, new careers are uprising in the domain of Media & Entertainment. While professional courses enable students to gain diverse skills and early employment, they do require candidates to have a zeal towards their work. Video Production is one such option for learners who are hitched by the reel and want to make it their full-time reality. Through this blog, we are going to roll down the varied ways to do the same!

What is Video Production?

The process of producing a video production can be divided into three phases-  Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Pre-production includes activities related planning and coordination, the Production phase consists of elements related capturing of the video content and Post-production comprises of editing and creation of the video. Production as a whole comprises of managing all the above-mentioned steps. 

Top Courses 

Multimedia courses are readily available in various educational institutions across the globe. One can decide on making a career in this field at any point of time in their life, thus, institutes provide a wide range of degrees to learners. Applicants can make a choice of course either by doing self-research or consulting a counsellor. Given below is a list of some popular courses available in this specialised domain of study:

  • MA in Editing and Post-production
  • Bachelor/ Master/ Diploma in  Video Production
  • Masters in Film Production and Video Editing
  • Diploma in Post Production and Video Editing
  • B.A. in Cinema and Television Arts- Multimedia Production
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Video Production
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film and Video Production
  • BA in Film Production / Film Studies

Subjects Covered in Video Production

Video production courses are offered at different levels ranging from short time certificate programs to regular degree courses. Irrespective of the kind of program you sign up for, certain subjects remain common throughout the discipline. We have curated a list of topics that remain constant in the entire course duration:

  • Introduction to Video Production
  • Screenwriting / Scriptwriting
  • Crew Rolls and Equipment 
  • Essentials of Photography
  • Audio for Video Production
  • Production Process
  • Film and Video Editing
  • Editing theory and methods
  • Script Writing workshop
  • Crew and Casting

Top Universities for Video Production 

There are various renowned universities abroad which offer graduate and postgraduate programmes in Video Production. Given below, is a list of some of the leading educational institutes which offer this course:

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Career Prospects

Candidates come across various job opportunities in the entertainment industry, advertising agencies, broadcast companies, news agencies, photography organisations, TV channels, etc. Given below are some of the choicest careers: 

  • Audio and Video Equipment Technicians: The job responsibility of an Audio Visual Equipment Technician is to set up, operate, repair and maintain the equipment which is used in the live events.
  • Sound Engineers: Also known as Audio Engineer, Sound Engineer job responsibility is to produce a live recording or live performance, adjusting and balancing audio/sound sources.
  • Multimedia designers: Multimedia Designers work in the entertainment industry, and creates special visual effects in movies, video games and televisions which excite and entertain the masses.
  • Multimedia Artists: A multimedia animators and artists job responsibility are to create special and visual effects using the electronic tool for animation in movies, commercials, music videos, and video games, and using computers.
  • Video Producer: A video producer job role is to coordinate and manage the creative direction, setting a budget, writing scripts, organizing logistics many aspects of a video production process from start to finish.

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We have covered all the ways of making a career in Video Production into our blog. If you are enticed by the possibilities this filed has and want to move forward with this vision, then, let Leverage Edu be your helping hand, consult us for higher education and reach your dream study destination!

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