Masters in Advertising

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Masters in Advertising

Advertising can be described as a paid promotion of an idea, good or service by a recognized sponsor to create awareness and increase the involvement of potential consumers. In modern times, it is an inseparable part of the marketing sector and also a beneficiary of the sales department in all business houses. Making a career in the very field can not only be lucrative but also full of excitement. If you are someone looking out dor opportunities reach new heights in this domain, think about studying Masters in Advertising. In this blog, we will brief you with the ways to excel in the very field.                  

Why Masters in Advertising?

A Masters in Advertising is a postgraduate course pursued by individuals who have an interest in acquiring skills pertaining to different kinds of advertisements. The duration of the program can be 1 to 2 years. It can be categorized as a specialization of Mass Communication


  • Students of the Masters in Advertising program learn about Brand Management, Mass Communication and Strategic Planning to promote clients and influence Consumer Perception. 
  • Many programs include specializations such as International Advertising, Account Management or Media Technology. 
  • Students earning advertising master’s degrees often work on case studies that simulate challenges in developing strategies and promotions similar to ones they may face in their careers. 
  • Programs commonly encourage internships with local advertising agencies or advertising departments of regional corporations.
  • The course prepares graduates for managerial roles or for professional advancement.

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Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Advertising

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An undergraduate degree is required for admission in Masters in Advertising program. It is preferred if the applicants have pursued a Journalism course after 12th or a Mass Communication course after 12. Prior coursework in Advertising, Public Relations or Marketing is helpful, though rarely required. Most programs require applicants to submit scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Language proficiency test scores of  IELTS or TOEFL are required to get admission in universities for Masters in Advertising. (Scores may vary from university to university.)

Skills Required

  • The field of advertising involves the communication of marketing techniques to convince, persuade or influence consumers into purchasing or taking a specific action.
  • A Master in Advertising is designed for those who are business-oriented and creative who are looking for an exciting and challenging career. 
  • There is high-quality Master in Advertising programs located at universities around the world that give students the opportunity to gain skills, apply their ideas, and gain practical experience in advertising.


The subjects taught in the Masters of Advertising are enlisted below: 

  • Theories of Advertising
  • Promotion Planning
  • Consumer Behaviours
  • Advertising Theory 
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Communication
  • Advertising Account Management
  • International Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic Design

Top Universities for Masters in Advertising

There are various universities in the world that offer a Masters in Advertising or other postgraduate Journalism courses that focus on Ads creation and production. Along with excellent education facilities, universities aborad offer great exposure and career objectives to students. Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of leading universities that offer this program: 

Imperial College 
University of Warwick
University of Reading 
Newcastle University
Aston University
Cranfield University
Cass Business School


After earning a Masters in Advertising, students have career opportunities in a variety of fields and companies, including non-profit organizations, multinational corporations, politics, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. Students can also work with media houses, newspapers and as social media handlers. Given below is the list of careers followed by the students:

1. Presentation of Ads
2. Development of Subject Matter
1. Directing Promotion Programs
2. Supervising Promotion Specialist Team
Copywriters1. Strengthens Brand Vigilance
2. Texts on Website, Advertisements, Brochures, etc.
Graphic Designer1. Visual Communication
2. Photography, Typography
Public Relations
1. Maintenance of the Target Group
2. Focus on Internal and External Relations of an Organization
1. Influencing Customer’s Decision 
2. Brand Campaigns
1. Multiple Techniques
2. Flexibility

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Advertising exists at the forefront of innovation in society, technology and culture. Do you want to pursue a Masters in Technology or other types of Mass Communication degrees? If yes, contact Leverage Edu, our experts will help you file a perfect application to your dream college and also connect you with a suitable mentor. With January intakes around, don’t miss the chance of making an awesome career!

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