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Do you listen to Mozart genre songs? Studies have found that Mozart increases the capacity of the brain to learn more. Many students listen to it while studying. Even Einstein used to do the same. And do you know? Mozart first appeared in Austria. Yes, an Austrian composer of the classical era named “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” invented it. Now tell us. Are you interested to study in Austria or not?

Of course, you are!

In fact, that’s why you have opened our guide in the first place. Right?

Now scroll till the end. We can’t wait to reveal more facts like Mozart. Moreover, we are also going to discuss whether Austria is a great place to study or not?

What Austria Looks Like?

The country is situated in Central Europe and incorporates around nine federal states. Among these nine states, Vienna is the capital and also the largest city of Austria. And we talk about the area of the nation, it’s more than 80,000 sq km.  Almost 8.7 billion inhabitants reside here

The country is bordered by various nations like Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Slovakia.

Politically, we can say that it’s a parliamentary representative democratic country.

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of studying in Austria, best universities to study in Austria and the process to obtain student visa to study in Austria.


Study in Austria – Pros 

  1. No More Traditional Life

Remember the last time you get stuck in traffic. Remember those annoying people? Those who continuously honk in the hope of reaching home fast.

In Austria, if you’re crossing the road, even a bus will stop for you. And yes, no matter how long would you take to cross, the bus driver won’t shout out of the bus window.

Okay, now what about that aunty who keeps asking questions like “When are you going to get married?” You won’t face the same situation here. People don’t bother much about someone else’ life. In fact, nobody calls someone aunt or uncle unless they are for real.


  1. Do You Love Silence?

In movies and games, you may have seen streets that remain emptier than the rest of the world. Once you step out of the room, you will notice how quiet and peaceful the streets are. The reason behind such tranquillity on streets can be “Mind your business” nature of the Austrian people.

  1. You Can Stay Safe

This place has ranked as one of the high-quality nations. Like any other best country in the world, it also has a low crime rate. Even if you’re a woman, you will be able to live the way you like. No one is going to poke their noses into your matters. You will feel a sense of freedom here.


  1. Beauty

You will have a chance to visit various heartwarming landscapes. From largest European lake(Bodensee) to highest mountain ranges of the Alps, from wide plains to the extensive steppe lake(Neusidelder), everything is so pure and natural. And don’t worry about the weather, every season has its own beauty.


  1. Earn Respect

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an engineer, doctor, scientist, or an artist, you will need respect in every field. Right?

Austria will give you that respect because it has a few of the oldest universities in Europe. So whatever degree or diploma you will earn, will be recognized throughout Europe as well as the world.


  1. Easy Peasy Entry

In countries like Russia, you have to attend several exams. But here, there’s no need to sit in entrance exams. Those students who are studying a bachelor program can work up to 10 hours a week, and those who are doing masters can work up to 20 hours a week.


  1. Pay Less, Learn More!

As compared to other countries, tuition fees are relatively much affordable here. How much? Well, it depends upon where you have come. If you’re from EU/EEA, you will need to pay only €380-€390 per semester.

And if you’re not, then double the tuition fees. Yes, you will have to pay €750-€760 per semester.

  1. Employment Opportunities

As you already know, you can study while working. But do you know that you can stay here for more 6 months after the completion of the course? They give such subsidy on your stay so that you can find a job for yourself.

We advise you to participate in research projects going on in your particular field during the course. You should attend fairs where your employers may hire you for their company.



Study in Austria – Cons 

  1. Expenses

Even though the tuition fees are cheap, accommodation, traveling, food, and miscellaneous costs may raise your expenses. So make a budget before studying here.

To cut out such expenses, you can:

  1. Work
  2. Get scholarships
  3. Take Student loan


  1. Admission Process May Be Intimidating

You may feel that the admission process is a bit difficult. It may seem a bit hard to collect various documents but don’t worry, we’re going to explain everything in the next section comprehensively.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Apply toan Austrian University

Study in Austria – Step 1:

Contact your desired universities and get the details about the admission. Check whether they are accepting you or not. You can also check the official website of the universities or simply let experts at Leverage Edu do this for you.

Study in Austria – Step 2:

Collect all the required documents like:

  • Photocopy of your valid passport
  • School leaving certificate
  • Language proficiency test. If your course is in English, you will need certification in TOEFL, IELTS, or C1 Advanced. And if you’re going to study courses in German, you will need German language proficiency certification like Deutsche fur Zuwanderer A2/B1.
  • A proof of purpose that states why you’re staying in Austria.
  • Your birth certificate
Study in Austria – Step 3:

If you want to apply for applied sciences programs, you will have to attend entrance exams before getting admission.

Study in Austria – Step 4:

Now before applying, note that all universities have their own criteria and procedure. We have just mapped out a general pattern for you.

Study in Austria – Step 5:

It’s time to fill the application form and submit it to the university along with all the necessary documents. Make sure that all documents get certified.


Study in Austria – Step 6:

Once they approve, you will be notified. They will issue a student pass. This student pass is just like a letter of acceptance. So now you have proof to get your student visa.

How To Get Student Visa to Study in Austria

Get The Documents First
  • Application form
  • Your passport size photographs
  • Provide proof of financial ability
  • Proof of your qualifications
  • A certification from the police that represents that you haven’t been into any criminal activity.
  • Get the medical examination
  • Student pass
Procedure For Non-EU Students

If your course is for less than six months, you need to apply only for a student visa. And if your course exceeds six months limit, you will have to get a residence permit too. Before telling you the procedure, let us first explain the types of visas.

Study in Austria

If you intend to stay here for more than six months, you will need to apply for a residence permit. Please make sure that you register with the registration office within 3 working days of arrival in Austria.

Now If you belong to any EU/EEA nation or Switzerland, you won’t need any visa. All you need is just a valid health insurance and budget to study here. To stay for more than 90 days, you will have to get registered with municipal authority to show your presence.

To get your visa, you will have to apply at the consulate or embassy before traveling to Austria. It may take 15 days to receive your student visa. So stay in peace till the arrival.

Best Universities to Study in Austria

  1. Study in Austria at University of Vienna

If you are already researching online about the best Austrian universities, you may have already know how amazing this 654 years old university is.

Due to the university’s impressive and long history, it has become one of the most significant universities in Europe.

At present, more than 90,000 international and national students are studying here into various 180-degree programs.

Natives of Austria often claim that Vienna is better than any other cities. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, It’s the capital.

  1. Study in Austria at Vienna University of Technology

The university was established 204 years ago as imperial Royal Polytechnical Institue. Now it is known as TU Wien. Many innovation-oriented enterprises have formed a partnership with the university.

Currently, the university has 8 faculties:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Technical Chemistry
  • Informatics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Regional Planning
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology

If we shift our focus to the quality of the courses, we will see that the quality dramatically differs. So before applying, we recommend you to get reviews from those who have already studied your favourite subject here.

  1. Study in Austria at University of Innsbruck

This public university was established 350 years ago. According to Times Higher Education, it’s the 3rd largest university in Austria after the University of Graz and Vienna. At present, the university is comprised of more than 27K students and 4K staff & faculty members.

You can get enrolled in subjects like humanities, economics, social science, theology, law, architecture, teachers’ training, and engineering.

When it comes to the city, you will see how beautiful, super clean, and affordable the city is. Moreover, you can also get good company here because locals are generous and friendly.

  1. Study in Austria at University of Graz

And here comes the 2nd largest university of the nation. The university came into existence when Pope Sixtus approved it 314 years ago. In its initial times, the Catholic Church had provided great support to the university.

Currently, the university is divided into 6 faculties:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Environmental
  • Regional and Educational Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Catholic Theology
  • Medicine (Was separated in 2004 and now is an independent university named as “Medical University of Graz”)

Among these faculties, the Arts & Humanities and Natural Science faculties are the largest.

Let’s come to the city. In Graz city, you will get a chance to enter into so many social activities. From its culture to food, everything is super amazing. You can get access to some great restaurants and bars that also fit in your budget. In addition to this, a number of events also take place where you will meet other international students.

Overall, it will be a memorable experience to study in Austria.

  1. Study in Austria at University of Salzburg

Often it is called Paris Lodron University of Salzburg. So don’t get confused. The university was formed in 1962. At present, the university consists of 18k students and 2.8K staff members for training, research, and administration.

Today, the university has become a vibrant institution and provides 4 faculties:

  • Theology
  • Law
  • Cultural and Social Science
  • Natural Sciences

Moreover, if you ever feel bored on campus, you can also go to bars, restaurants, and pubs. In summers, you can attend such public events where you can connect with people.

There will be few distractions as compared to other Austrian cities.

“Mind Your Own Business”

Yes, this is what you will love the most about this nation. Nobody cares about what you do or what you don’t. You’re free to do what you want. And even if someone wants to make you understand something, he or she will say it softly instead of getting into confrontations. It may also be possible that you won’t agree with what the other person is saying. So in such a situation, you will be left as it is.

If you wish to be a free bird and make a career and a life of your choice, this place is a perfect match for you.

We help many eaglets turn into eagles; just let us know that you’re meant to be a warrior. Contact Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293 today!

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