Study in Estonia

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Study in Estonia

Are you looking for a study destination that is beautiful, safe, technologically advanced and well regarded in the higher education sector? Then, why not explore the option to study in Estonia? Counted amongst one of the safest places to live in the world, the north European country is famous for its internet technology and the advancement it has made in the digital sector. Estonia is known to be the first nation to pioneer in providing electronic ID cards, e-government systems, schools, e-health, e-parking, etc.

It is quite interesting to know that Estonia is also home to popular tech startups such as Skype, CrabCAD, and TransferWise. Considered amongst the countries with best education system, Estonia, In recent years, has successfully developed an entrepreneurial culture where students with an innovative mind and enthusiastic spirit are increasingly aspiring to pursue higher, quality education from some of the renowned universities and colleges. Here’s an insightful blog to shed some light on why one should consider study in Estonia!

Why Study in Estonia?

Choosing the right course in the right country is a primary task for students planning to attain overseas education. Here are a few reasons why study in Estonia can be a wise option for students across the world:

A Beautiful Country

Estonia is a culturally diverse country located at the borders of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland that has more than 1,500 islands. The country is dotted with several castles, churches and hilltop fortresses. It also boasts of incredible scenery, stunning architecture and a classic European way of living thus proving to be one of the reasons to study in Estonia.

Free photo aerial drone view of the merry cemetery in sapanta in winter romania Study in Estonia tombstones church snow

Low to No Tuition Fee

Another reason why study in Estonia is a feasible option is that the study expenses at the Estonian universities are mostly covered by the government. Due to this, there is low or no tuition fee and thus lesser cost of living for those who want to study in Europe.

Diverse Courses

Universities in Estonia are above global education standards providing a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, and short term programs across 100 disciplines. The country also focuses on extensive training programs for students to develop career skills and gain hands-on experience throughout the course duration.

Cultural Hub

Every year, thousands of students choose to study in Estonia because of the cultural diversity it brings. You can get a chance to experience a blend of traditions while pursuing your higher education!

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Cost of Studying in Estonia

Just like any other study abroad destination, it is important to have an idea of the expenses that may incur during the course of study in Estonia. Apart from the tuition fees and accommodation charges, there are other expenses that a student needs to bear. Tabulated below are the details pertaining to the same:

Tuition Fee1. For a bachelor’s program, the yearly tuition fee can range anywhere between €2,000-€9,000.
2. When it comes to studying a master’s course, the yearly fee can range between €1,800-7,000.
3. Those who want to study in Estonia a Doctorate program, there’s no tuition fee.
Accommodation Cost While some of the universities provide accommodation to the students, the others don’t. The cost of living thus depends on the city and the type of accommodation. On average, a student needs to shed €80-150 per month for a dormitory and €200-500 for private spaces.
Travel and Food 1. In Tallinn, public transport is free for both domestic and international students.
2. A single bus ticket in Tallinn is €2.
3. Tartu offers a bike-sharing system across the city.
4. One needs to spend approximately €300 per month for food [can vary based on the type of lifestyle followed]

Visa and Permits

For those who want to pursue their higher education in the European nation need to have a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). One can apply for it only when the university concerned has granted admission to the student and has forwarded the requisite documents to the student.

The TRP to study in Estonia is issued for a duration of 3 years for a bachelor program and 2 for a master’s course. Further, the spouse or child of an applicant can also apply for a TRP if the student wants to pursue a master’s or PhD program. It is also important to note that one needs to apply for health cover within 2 months on arrival in Estonia which should have the same validity as per the TRP duration.

Study in Estonia

Admission Requirements

If you are planning to study in Estonia then it is important to be aware of the documents which are required across universities in the country. Even though the prerequisites can vary from one educational institution to another, enlisted are the common documents needed:

  • A valid scorecard of English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. While most of the universities accept these scores, some may conduct their own tests.
  • In general, an IELTS score of a minimum of 6 is required to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts program. Further, one needs to obtain a minimum of 72 in TOEFL(IBT).
  • To enroll in an undergraduate program, one must clear their higher secondary school and fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria to pursue higher education in their own country.

Study in Estonia: Application Process

Just like universities across the globe, Estonian educational institutes also follow a specific set of eligibility criteria and processes to grant admissions. Here is a step by step admission guide for those who want to study in Estonia:

Study in Estonia

Top Universities and Colleges

There are 20 universities and colleges offering excellent education programs along with an enriching environment to study in Estonia. Most of the academic institutions in the country are government-funded and are accredited by various prestigious educational organizations. Below-listed are some of the prominent institutes welcoming international students from all over the world:

University of Tartu

The University of Tartu is one of the oldest higher education institutes in northern Europe and was established in the year 1632. The university has more than 13,400 students including 800 international students. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs across several disciplines. It is also a member of the Compa group and Utrecht network both of which promote international collaboration in higher education. Thus, if you are planning to study in Estonia then you can surely consider this university!

Tallinn University of Technology

Established in 1918, Tallinn University of Technology is the only technical university in Estonia. It is known for its intensive courses in Business, Engineering, Public Administration and Maritime Affairs. TalTech offers an array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and other professional degree courses across various departments. It is best for cultural diversity along with exciting educational experiences.

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School

Baltic Film, Media, Art and Communication School of Tallinn University was established in the year 2005 and since then it has been recognized as one of the most important centers for Communication and Audio-Visual Media. BFM offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programs in Film Production, Television, New Media, Communication, Choreography, Art and Music in an international setting. All the courses are delivered in Estonian and English. There are free shooting and post-production equipment, production support for creative work and studio space in the school for students to gain professional knowledge and practical skills.

Estonian Academy of Security Science

Established in 1992, the Estonian Academy of Security Science is a public vocational university in Estonia. The academy offers vocational training, professional higher education and master’s studies in several disciplines including Information Science, Security Science, Research, etc. These programs are conducted both on-campus and through distance studies. EASS aims to prepare students for civil services under 4 specialties namely Police and Border Guard, Rescue, Correction and Taxation & Customs. The institute has been accredited by the assessment committee of the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education (EKKA). 


What is the maximum number of applications one can send?
At a time, you can apply at five universities for a maximum of 2 programs at each educational institute.

What is the minimum GPA required?
To study in Estonia, the minimum GPA required depends on the university and the level of course.

Can an International Student work in Estonia?
Yes. If the work doesn’t interfere with the timeline of degree programs, th international stuents can easily work and study in Estonia without a work permit!

Is studying Estonian language compulsory?
No. Since a lot of courses are available in English langauge, it is not mandatory for a student to learn Estonian language.

What can I study in Estonia?
Estonia offers an array of degree programs spread across disciplines. Some of the popular courses include: Game Development and Design, Veterinary Medicine, Law, Animation, Music, Technology Governance and Digital Transformation, etc.

With a range of universities and institutes offering vibrant courses to study in Estonia, the country is emerging as the preferred study abroad destination by students across the world. If you’ve made up your mind to pursue a professional course in Estonia then you can take the help of the AI-tool of Leverage Edu, which can help you choose the right course and the preferred university as per your interest.

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