Study in Europe’s Sunniest Country With these Croatian Universities

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Universities in Croatia

With a literacy rating of 98.1%, Croatia is one of the most literate countries in the world. Popular for its snowy beaches, rich historical monuments and love for coffee, Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and a sought-after travel destination. The Adriatic Sea country was once part of Yugoslavia and is now one of the youngest countries in the European Union. Croatia is also fast emerging as a prominent study abroad destination for Indian students. The Croatian higher education system has a rich educational legacy, primarily preserved through the efforts of its public universities. If you are planning to study in Europe’s sunniest country then here is a list of the most popular universities in Croatia!

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Why Study in Croatia?

Before we get into the list of top universities in Croatia, here are some reasons why you should consider Croatia as your study abroad destination:

Reasonable Tuition, Housing and Travel costs

The average cost of a Bachelor’s degree in Croatia is between 800 and 4,000 EUR (INR 60,000- INR 3,53,305) per academic year. Master’s program tuition rates vary significantly, but they are still less expensive than what you’d spend at a Western university. The same can be said for living expenses, which will cost you between 400 and 700 euros (40, 000 to 70,000) per month. Croatia is also known for its excellent bus network which allows students to travel easily and at cheaper prices. Students can travel to countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Austria via bus! 

Almost Everyone knows English

There are no linguistic obstacles in Croatia, particularly in some famous destinations such as Zagreb, Rijeka, and Istria. According to statistics, over 80% of Croatians speak more than one language, with English being the most generally spoken.

Lots of Scholarships on offer!

The Croatian Ministry of Science and Education provides financing to the students studying at the universities in Croatia. Bilateral agreements, Erasmus Plus programs, and other mobility options are examples. Students can also save up by using the 200 free WiFi hotspots spread across the country!

Scenic Landscapes & Pleasant Weather all year round!

Students can spend their free time exploring the most attractive Croatian places. Croatia’s most prized tourist spot is the Game of Thrones set as well as its historical monuments and unique beaches. The Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Krka National Park, Diocletian’s Palace, the Dubrovnik Walls, the Kvarner Gulf, Stradun, and other attractions must be your wishlist!

Quality Education System

Croatia has a high-level literacy rate and the standard of living is likewise excellent, thanks to the high quality of education provided to citizens. The government provides free education, a number of vocational institutes, art and music schools for students of all ages.

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Top 12 Universities in Croatia

  1. University of Zadar 
  2. University of Zagreb
  3. University of Osijek
  4. University of Pula
  5. University of Dubrovnik
  6. University of Split
  7. University of Rijeka
  8. Dubrovnik International University
  9. University North (Koprivnica and Varaždin)
  10. Catholic University of Croatia
  11. Libertas University
  12. VERN’ University

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Now, let’s have a look at some of the best universities in Croatia in detail:

University of Zadar

universities in croatia
Source: Wikipedia
City – ZadarFounded in – 2002 (1396)
Number of students – 40,000Student / Staff ratio – 20 / 1

The University of Zadar is one of the oldest universities in Croatia. The university was formed in its current modern form in 2002, although its ancestry dates back to 1396, making it Croatia’s and Europe’s oldest educational institution. Today, the University of Zadar is the Republic of Croatia’s largest integrated university, with 25 university departments.

Tuition Cost: 5000 USD/year (INR 3.7 lakhs/year)

Courses offered in the fields of: 

  • Archaeology
  • Classical Philology
  • Croatian and Slavic Studies
  • Ecology, Agronomy, and Aquaculture
  • Economics
  • English
  • Ethnology and Anthropology
  • French Language and Ibero-Romance Studies
  • Geography
  • German Studies
  • Health Studies
  • History
  • History of Art
  • Information Sciences
  • Italian Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Maritime department
  • Pedagogy

University of Osijek

University of  Osijek
Source: Wikipedia
City – OsijekFounded in – 1975
Number of students – 18,000+Student / Staff ratio – 19 / 1

The University of Osijek (UNIOS), also known as the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, is a public university in Osijek and one of the best universities in Croatia for international students. It is the flagship institution of higher education in Slavonia, as well as one of Croatia’s largest and oldest universities, originally founded in 1975.

Tuition Cost: 5000 USD/year (INR 3.7 lakhs/year)

Courses offered in: 

University of Zagreb

Source: Study in Croatia
City – ZagrebFounded in – 1669
Number of students – 72,000+Student / Staff ratio – 9 / 1

The University of Zagreb is the largest Croatian university and the country’s oldest continuously running university, serving Central and Southeastern Europe south of Vienna.

Tuition Cost: 14,400 Kuna/year (INR 1.6 lakhs/year)

Courses offered in: 

University of Pula

Source: Wikipedia

The Juraj Dobrila University of Pula was established on October 11, 2006. Registered with the Commercial Court Registry in Pazin on December 21, 2006, as the legal successor to different schools. These are “Dr. Mijo Mirkovic” Faculty of Economics and Tourism, Faculty of Philosophy in Pula, and the Higher Teacher Education and Training School in Pula.

City – PulaFounded in – 2006
Number of students – 42,000Student / Staff ratio – 20 / 1

Tuition Cost: 14,400 Kuna/year (INR 1.5 lakhs/year)

Courses offered in: 

  • Business Economics
  • Croatian Languages
  • Economics
  • English
  • History
  • Informatics
  • Music
  • Tourism

University of Dubrovnik

Source: Wikipedia

The University of Dubrovnik is Croatia’s youngest university. It was founded in 2003, building on a historical legacy that goes back to the 17th century, as well as decades of modern higher education. The University of Dubrovnik is considered one of the most modern educational institutions in the world for its unique programs and state-of-the-art infrastructure

City – DubrovnikFounded in – 2003
Number of students – 40,000Student / Staff ratio – 20 / 1

Tuition Cost: USD 1800/year (INR 1.3 lakhs/year)

Courses offered: 

  • Applied Ecology
  • Electrical Engineering and Computing
  • Economics and Business
  • Maritime Department
  • Mass Communication
  • Art and Restoration

University of Split

universities in Croatia
Source: Wikipedia

The University of Split is one of the most popular universities in Croatia. It is located in Split and was established in 1974 and is divided into 13 faculties with a total of 124 faculty programs. A total of around 40,000 students had graduated as of 2009, with 337 PhD degrees being awarded. Split University is a member of the European University Association (EUA).

City – SplitFounded in – 1974
Number of students – 25,000Student / Staff ratio – 16 / 1

Tuition Cost: USD 1800 -2300/year (INR 1.3 – 1.7lakhs/year)

Courses offered: 

  • Computing
  • Sports Coaching
  • Medicine 
  • Basketball Coaching & Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical & Environmental Technology
  • Environmental Physics
  • Astrophysics & Elementary Particle Physics

Eligibility Requirements

To apply to the best universities in Croatia, students must meet these minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Educational qualifications from a recognised university, preferably 4 years of bachelors to apply for masters courses.
  • Academic transcripts and achievements from previous education degrees.
  • Score of entrance exams if requested by the university.
  • Interview, videos or portfolio of special knowledge, skills or abilities, if requested by the university.

Cost of Studying In Croatia

It is essential for overseas students wanting to live here to consider the cost of studying and living in Croatia. While universities in Croatia can cost up to INR 1.3 – 1.7lakhs per year. Overall, a student’s monthly budget will be between € 500 and € 1000 (INR 44,000 and 88, 000) with some months being lower and others being greater. The majority of students live in dorms, however, depending on the school, they may need to rent accommodation. There are also costs for books, transportation, and any other expenses the student may incur.

Student Visa for Croatia

International students must apply for a student visa to enter Croatia. Students can visit the nearest embassy or consulate for the same. The visa processing can take up to 3 months.  Some of the important documents that a student needs to bring for a student visa are:

  • A valid passport and a  passport-size color photograph
  • Offer letter from a  Croatian University
  • Proof of health insurance and finances
  • Have all documents  notarized and translated into the Croatian language by an official translator 

Best Cities to Study in Croatia

Here is an overview of tuition fees of universities across different cities in Croatia:

CityUniversitiesAverage fees
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Why choose Croatia for study?

The Croatian people are welcoming to international students. Moreover, they communicate in several languages. For example- German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Those who want to study in Croatia can easily adjust to the environment and also mix up with the general population.

Is Croatia good for study abroad?

Croatia is considered to be a very safe country compared to other countries. The country has a low crime rate. Moreover, it is both economically and politically stable making it an ideal place to study.

Which country has free education for Indian students?

Germany, Norway, and Finland have free education. Several fully funded scholarships are available to study in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK.

Croatia is a diverse country that has recently grown popular as a study abroad option. The universities in Croatia are a great combination of many distinct cultures due to their location between the western and eastern nations. While studying in Croatia, you will fall in love with its beautiful landscapes and friendly locals. Planning to study abroad but unsure about which course and university to opt for? Then contact our study abroad experts at Leverage Edu and we will help you in your educational journey!

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