Engineering Management in Canada

Engineering Management in Canada

With the progressing technology as well as the consecutive manpower, the need for professionals possessing both the technical knowledge as well as management skills is increasing. Therefore, the education sector is bringing newer and better courses that are more specific to the industrial needs and prepares students to juggle different kinds of responsibilities in the workplace. Engineering Management is one such course that helps you handle the different responsibilities of an engineer as well as a manager. This course is structured to combine leadership and management skills with financial awareness and technological skills. This combination differentiates itself from a traditional management course. While there are numerous places you can pursue this degree from, let’s discuss all the information about Engineering Management in Canada.

What is Engineering Management in Canada?

Engineering Management in Canada is basically a specialised management course equips you with leadership skills for handling projects that are engineering or technical-based and manage different personnel working with you. It is structured to help engineers explore the field of management. Basically, the engineering managers are expected to be well-trained and experienced in general management as well as the specific engineering disciplines that will be used in the team they will be managing. A good engineering manager should be capable of mentoring, coaching and motivating different professionals working for a company.

While pursuing Engineering Management in Canada, you will get to develop engineering and industrial skills, understanding how to create better strategies along with grasping the knowledge of management and business techniques. The course primarily focuses on technological production, product development, engineering design, construction, manufacturing, and industrial engineering.

Engineering Management in Canada: How is it Different from MBA?

The main question asked by every engineering graduate exploring Engineering Management is: what is the difference between Engineering Management and the traditional program of Masters in Business Administration (MBA). In today’s world, where technology is dominant, a degree in Engineering Management proves to be useful in numerous ways. Both of these degree programs have the same curriculum in terms of Operations, Economics, and Marketing. But, pursuing Engineering Management helps you in developing the leadership and management skills essential to the technical sector. While a degree program in Engineering Management in Canada may last up to 12-15 months, an MBA program lasts generally for 2 years. While job opportunities are plenty in case of both these courses, an Engineering Management degree helps you land jobs in Technological, Energy, Research and Development, and Database engineering sectors while an MBA degree offers career opportunities in other different kinds of industries.

Colleges Offering Engineering Management in Canada

There are numerous institutes that offer Engineering Management in Canada. The eligibility criteria varies from one university to another. Providing good academic structure and a diverse cultural background, Canadian colleges promise a good study experience and good exposure for global development. Below we have listed some of the major colleges for Engineering Management in Canada:

Benefits of Pursuing Engineering Management in Canada

With affordable cost and great facilities, pursuing Engineering Management in Canada is worth your time and money. If you are planning to study in Canada and want to stay in the country after completing graduation, there are ample prospects for full-time as well as part-time work during your study period. This might help you build contacts to explore career opportunities or if you decide to immigrate to Canada after the course. With increasing job opportunities and a simplified process in terms of visa extension, there are various suitable and profitable options to pursue for those wanting to study Engineering Management in Canada.

We hope that this blog has given you all the essential information about Engineering Management in Canada. Being a course that blends the qualities of an engineer and a manager, this program is tailored for those who want to grasp both technical skills and leadership qualities. If you are confused about the application process for programs in Engineering Management in Canada, experts at Leverage Edu can lend you a helping hand to smoothly sail through the application process to sending applications and getting shortlisted.

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  1. Why would you think you can teach people how to manage engineers without any actual experience working with engineering teams? Even worse, why would you assume anyone would want a graduate to manage their engineering teams? This is complete nonsense, I hope it fails – for the sake of the young people who actually considered applying.

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