Top Animation Schools in Canada

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A professional course in animation is amongst the most demanded programs in today’s world. Animation is all about creating and developing visual effects using the latest technologies. The entire media industry has an increasing demand for animations and other special effects. While we go gaga over this amazing art of storytelling, it is essential to opt for the right place to pursue this course. Canada has the best animation schools that can open a bunch of opportunities for aspirants. These institutes boast of Oscar-winning alumni and professional experts. In this blog, we give you a list of top animation Schools in Canada.

Top Animation Schools in Canada

  • Capilano University
  • Max The Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design
  • Sheridan College, Oakville
  • Visual College of Art And Design Of Vancouver (VCAD)
  • Ontario College of Art And Design (OCAD)
  • Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts
  • Seneca College
  • Vancouver Film School (VFS)
  • Emily Carr University Of Art And Design
  • The Art Institute of Vancouver

Capilano University

Capilano University is among the top institutions for animation in the world and ranks first for animation in Canada. It is a teaching-focused public university based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Among the many perks of studying in this university, students can easily be recruited in studios like 20th Century Fox, Nerd Corps, Radical Entertainment, and EA. Students can choose and specializes in specific niche parts of animation like texturing and lighting, character and environment modelling, and even concept art. Capilano University offers courses like 2D Animation & Visual Development Diploma, 3D Animation for Film and Games (2-years), etc. 

Design Colleges in Canada

Max The Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design

Renowned for its extensive courses in animation and design,  Max the Mutt offers various programs in this field. The institution was founded in 1997 by Maxine Schacker and Tina Seemann. Being highly focused on courses content, the institution has designed a unique curriculum that is frequently reviewed and updated by working professionals. The courses include diplomas in Classical & Computer Animation & Production (4 years), Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts (4 years), and Concept Art for Animation & Video Games (4 years). 

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Sheridan College, Oakville

Sheridan, being one of the top Animation colleges in the world, is also among the best animation schools in Canada and attracts students from around the world. Also, it is internationally recognized for excellence in digital media and communications, performing arts, visual arts and design, applied computing and telecommunications, engineering and manufacturing sciences, and community service studies. Undergraduate Courses offered at Sheridan includes Bachelor of Applied Arts (Animation) degree (4 years); Computer Animation Certificate program (1 year). 

Vancouver Film School (VFS)

No fancy words are for appreciation of this school, as the number of students and figures say it all. Moreover, every year witnesses a successful and well-placed string of students graduating from VFS with amazing portfolios and bagging jobs at big companies like Pixar, Paramount, EMI, DreamWorks. Their training sessions are rigorous and include courses in character animation, film-making and video game design. Despite being located in Canada, VFS is ranked among the top 10 schools favoured by video game industry recruiters worldwide.

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Seneca College

Next among the top animation schools in Canada is Seneca College. The animation arts program at Seneca is a comprehensive course that is a perfect fit for any aspiring animator or video game designer: including Digital Animation, Animation Arts, Gaming and Visual Effects for the Film industry. Seneca’s graduates are getting training in the artistic application of the theories of timing and storytelling. They are industry-ready graduates. Courses offered here are the 3-year Animation program and Post-diploma programs in 3D Animation and Visual Effects for Film and Television.

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts is like a dream college for Animation aspirants. The Institute boasts of some innovative courses to make a student more advanced and skilled in their forte. Courses Offered in Vancouver are 2D/ 3D Character Animation, Digital Photography, Game Art and Design, Visual Effects for Film and Television.

Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD)

OCAD is one of the top arts colleges in Canada. They have the finest teaching talent in the country. This school possesses world recognised courses and an elite faculty board. OCAD has its own strict and specific selection process, hence getting here is no cakewalk. So prepare yourselves with an innovatively creative and awesome profile, before applying to Ontario College. Courses offered are Guerrilla Entrepreneurism, Exploration, Insight and Foresight in Design, Illustrative Activism, Motion Graphics, Sequential Narrative, Virtual Communities, Play Behaviour and Game Design, Interactive Communication: Clever Devices, Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape and Illustration and the Rise of Popular Culture. 

No matter what animation program or school you get into, this marks the first step to entering the simply exciting, creative and progressive world of animation. You may gather information on animation degrees by visiting the college/school pages. Planning to step into the world of animation via any of the above-mentioned animation schools in Canada? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu for a smooth application process!

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  1. I am going to Canada for further studies but I might also consider doing some side course on animation. Thank you for making this post.

    1. Hi Akash, if you want to pursue a course in Animation from Canada or any other country, reach out to our experts who would make the process of studying abroad as simple as possible for you.

  2. Although not really relevant for me as I would be pursuing animation courses in my own country, nevertheless I will forward this list to my brother who is in Canada. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Ramesh, do share the list of top Animation schools in Canada to your brother. We can also provide further assistance regarding the application process to these schools. Book a 30-minute free counselling session with us!

  1. I am going to Canada for further studies but I might also consider doing some side course on animation. Thank you for making this post.

    1. Hi Akash, if you want to pursue a course in Animation from Canada or any other country, reach out to our experts who would make the process of studying abroad as simple as possible for you.