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The changing trends and careers in Physical Education in terms of health and life longevity has given a new-born impetus to Kinesiology thus leading to a steady rise in enrolment as well as career prospects. Further, the notion of fitness and healthy lifestyle gaining momentum has transformed it into a full-fledged discipline offering more than just competent career development. In this blog, we will be exploring the realm of Kinesiology, the offered courses in this domain along with the career opportunities you can pursue.

What does a Kinesiologist do?

The job of a Kineseologist is to study the biomechanical processes of the body and how they can contribute to improving health. A Kineseologist can prescribe exercises to their patients. What’s the difference between Kinesiology and Physical Education? Firstly, it is crucial to point out the differences between Kinesiology and Physical Education that segregate these seemingly similar two fields from each other. While both incorporate physical activity in considerable portions, Kinesiology is a comprehensive study of human movement and focuses on the intricate mechanics behind those movements. Further, animal movements are also considered. On the other hand, Physical Education limits itself with bettering human movements through physical exercise. Moreover, Physical Education can be referred as a constituent of the vast spectrum of Kinesiology.

Skills Required

Careers in Kinesiology require individuals to be highly proficient in a wide range of subfields such as physiology, physiotherapy, athletics, amongst others. Furthermore, the employers prefer those with advanced personality skills, software proficiency in some cases as well as management skills. Those wishing to work in professional sports teams should consider that the responsibilities of this job profile are highly demanding and rigorous. You need to have a mix of core and complementary skills including:

  • Research and Analytical Skills
  • Data Interpretation
  • Verbal and Written communication Skills
  • Report Writing Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Personnel Management skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Ability to Take Initiative
  • Other Language Proficiency (desired)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Ability to Manage Conflicting Interests

Career in Kinesiology

Individuals vying to ply their trade in the ever-blooming field of healthcare and wellness can choose from a variety of courses on offer. Although the more popular bachelor of physical education is the most commonly preferred course, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Kinesiology is also steadily gaining popularity. Further, interested students can also venture abroad in countries like USA, Canada and UK where Kinesiology is gaining centre-stage thus leading to the emergence of an array of opportunities to choose from.

There are different degree options in Kinesiology. Pursuing these degrees can open doors to many career options that include trainer certification or kinesiology science.

Diploma in Kinesiology

A diploma in KInesiology is a one to two year course for those who are looking for an entry level career in Kinesiology. This course teaches students on anatomy and physiology, psychology and exercise physiology. 

Career options after Diploma in Kinesiology

  • Fitness Consultant
  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Physical Therapist

Top Universities offering Diploma in Kinesiology

Bachelors in Kinesiology

A Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology takes 4 years to complete. It teaches about human anatomy, movement, and exercises. It teaches about women’s health, exercises through lifespan, and exercise physiology. 

Career options after Bachelors in Kinesiology 

  • Athletic Trainer
  • Physical Education Trainer
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Trainer in Clinics and Community Recreation Centres

Top Universities that offer Bachelors in Kinesiology

Masters in Kinesiology

A masters in kinesiology is a 2-3 year course. In this degree, you will learn about the clinical aspects of exercise science, physiology, kinesiology, advanced sports medicines, etc. You will  also learn the history of sports medicine, biomechanics and issues in athletic training.

Career options after Masters in Kinesiology

  • Coach
  • Athletic Administrator
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Kinesiologist
  • Physical Therapist

Top Universities for Masters in Kinesiology

PhD in Kinesiology

A PhD in Kinesiology is a doctorate that takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years to obtain. Students who wish to pursue education in Kinesiology can take this course. Students are taught motor control, sports psychology, and rehabilitation science. 

Career after PhD in Kinesiology

  • Sports Kinesiologist
  • Research Scientist
  • University Professor
  • Sports Psychologist

Top Universities for PhD in Kinesiology

Job prospects in the field of Kinesiology are expanding rapidly. While a background in a health-related discipline is preferred by employers, you can also alternatively fulfil this requirement with necessary work experience and skills. Further, after a few years of experience working in diverse profiles under Kinesiology, you can also venture into areas like sports coaching and policy analysis.

Here is a long list of career options that you can choose from:

Jobs after Kineseology

Health/Fitness ConsultantStrength & Conditioning SpecialistSporting Events Manager/Promoter
Professional DancerTicket ManagerSports Agent
Sporting Goods ManagerPhysical Education TeacherProfessional Athlete
Events or Facility Manager/MarketerHealth Club or Spa ManagerCamp Director
Community Center ManagerCardiac Rehabilitation TherapistSporting Goods Retailer or Manufacturer’s Rep.
Professional Sport ManagerPersonal TrainerDance Critic
ChoreographerAthletic TrainerDance Instructor
Facilities PlannerField Supervisor for Parks & RecreationFitness/Wellness Manager
Exercise Science & Fitness ManagerExercise PhysiologistSales Marketing
Athletic CoachProfessional DancerAdventure Trainer
Health Club ManagerResearch AssistantCardiovascular Fitness Instructor
Dance TherapistsFitness SpecialistSurgeon’s Assistant
Medical Laboratory TechnicianPhysical Therapy AssistantSurgical Technician
ParamedicRehabilitation SpecialistPromotional Manager-Sports
ConsultantAquatics DirectorAthletic Director
Medical Assistant

Career Options after Kineseology

Exercise RehabilitationHuman Nutrition
Sports HistoryPhysical Education
Public RelationsPhysician’s Assistant
Sports MediaOutdoor Education
Sports InformationManager Recreational Medical
Recreational Sport ManagementDietetics
Referee or UmpirePhysics
Athletic AdministrationStress-Management
AdvertisingSport Information
Recreational Facility, Spa orMental Health
Exercise Program AdministrationClinical Medicine
Human KineticsCardiac Rehabilitation
PharmacologyAthletic or Sports Administration
NursingTherapeutic Recreation
RecreationAnatomical Science
General MedicineAnatomy
OptometryCommunity Health Nutrition
Allied HealthSports Health
ErgonomicsIndustrial Fitness Programs
Leisure StudiesYMCA
Nutrition SciencesBiomedical Science
Anesthesiology EducationWellness Centers
Physical Ed/Special PopulationAthletic Training
Medical Records AdministrationApplied Physiology
Cardio-respiratory ScienceHotel Programs
Cell BiologyDental Science
Private Sports/Rec ClubsGraduate School Research
Health RecordsHealth Promotion
Human PerformanceHealth Education
Exercise Test TechnologyHealth Science Administration
Cardio-pulmonary TechnologyHome Economics/Nutrition
Community RecreationRadiation Technician
Psychomotor TherapyExercise Science
Osteopathic MedicineMicrobiology
Nuclear MedicineLeisure Management
Human BiologyDental Hygiene
Park and Rec ResourcesVeterinary Medicine
Health Fitness ManagementPre-dance Therapy
CoachingAerospace Medicine
Medical TechnologyCollege Teaching
Preschool ProgramSport Management
Psychiatric MedicinePodiatry
Health Club/ManagementClinical Biology
Bio-behavioral MedicineChiropractic
Public HealthChiropody
Health AdministrationEnvironmental Health
Industrial Hygiene and SafetySport Sociology
Occupational TherapyDental Surgery
Rec AdministrationCorrective Therapy
Radiation TherapyCorporate Fitness/Wellness
Preventive MedicineEmergency Medical Technology
Sport PsychologyDance Therapy
Buying and Selling EquipmentGerontology
Human FactorsFood and Nutrition
Health Care ManagementResort Programs
Medical SciencesOrthopedic Medicine
BiologyAthletic Clubs
Biomedical EngineeringBio Dynamics
Physical TherapyAdapted Physical Education
DentistryNutrition Biochemistry
Sports ClubsStrength & Conditioning
Vision ScienceOphthalmology

Career Options with Salaries 

Here are some of the top career options that you can pursue in Kinesiology and the average package in them. 

CareerAverage Annual SalaryDegree Needed
Fitness InstructorINR 29,31,100Diploma 
Athletic TrainerINR 35,15,300Bachelor
Coach and ScoutINR 25,28,400Bachelor
Sports ManagerINR 53,51,300Bachelor
KinesiologistINR 31,66,900Masters
NutritionistINR 58,78,182Masters

Employment Areas in Kinesiology

There are several departments that require kinesiologists. Here are some of the top choices for a career in Kinesiology:

  1. Sporting Goods Stores
  2. Schools
  3. College Athletic Departments
  4. Sports Governing Bodies
  5. Marketing & Public Relations Firms
  6. U. S. Olympic Training Center
  7. Private Corporations & Corporate Fitness Facilities
  8. Sports League Conferences
  9. Professional Sports Organizations
  10. National Amateur Sport Governing Bodies
  11. Campus Recreation Departments
  12. Retailers and Marketing Firms
  13. Fitness Clubs, Spas, Sports Clinics
  14. Community Recreational Programs
  15. Sports Medicine Clinics
  16. Events Management Firms
  17. Hospitals
  18. Sports Marketing/Events Management Firms

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Pursuing a career in Kinesiology is still considered a niche option although it offers plentiful rewarding career opportunities and advancement avenues. With the growing need for professionals in the domain of Health and Fitness, Kinesiology is emerging as a lucrative field of study. At Leverage Edu, you can take advantage of the AI-based tool which algorithmically suggests you a suitable course and university uniquely based on your interests and future inclinations. This way we ensure that you make an informed choice in favour of a vibrant career.

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