Decoding the Best Countries to Study Data Science

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Here are the Best Countries to Study Data Science

Crowned as the Career of the Future, Data Science is one of the most sought after fields in the world and is set to revolutionize the world of technology. With the abundance of data and gnawing deficiency of data scientists, pursuing data science help you get ahead of the crowd. But it’s important to choose the right country and the right course can be daunting! So, if confused between all the choices on the internet, then you have come to the right place. Check out the best countries to study data science in 2022!

United States

The United States is home to some of the best universities in the world. Institutes such as MIT, Princeton, Harvard and so many others are well-known for the STEM courses they offer along with academic excellence. The country is the epicentre of technical specializations. Some of the most common reasons why the United States of America is a great option to pursue your studies is the research exposure and remarkable career opportunities. This is why various Indian students are eager to pursue their degrees in the USA. Some of the common courses in Data Science offered in the USA are Data Analytics, Big Data, etc. Following are some of the top universities which offer courses in Data Science:

University QS Ranking
University of California 4
Carnegie Mellon University 53
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1
Stanford University 3
University of Washington 85

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom contains some of the oldest and most architecturally rich universities in the world. It has been a hotspot for international students from around the world who wish to pursue quality education abroad. Catering to data science courses, the universities in the UK offer extreme amounts of industrial exposure to budding innovators while offering great employment opportunities. There are a number of different specializations you could club with your data science course. Here are some of the top universities for pursuing data science in the UK:

University QS Ranking
University of Edinburgh 16
University of Warwick 61
Imperial College London 7
University of Manchester 27
University of Southampton 77

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Australia is known around the world for its interesting education system which focuses on experiential learning. It is referred to as the Lands Down Under and is home to some of the best data science courses across the globe. Renowned universities which emerge on the top by all official ranking websites are what attract students to study in Australia. As one of the best countries to study data science, Australia has an abundance of courses for computer science, big data, analytics, etc. Here are the top universities:

University QS Ranking
University of Melbourne 37
Monash University 58
University of Sydney 38
RMIT University 206
UNSW Sydney 43

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Germany is the global hub of automation. Some of the biggest IT firms in the world have their head offices in Germany. A technical degree pursued from Germany will open a number of doors in your career. Home to some of the best scientists and inventors of the world, it is a very popular choice amongst students who wish to pursue the best quality of education. Public universities in Germany offer free education and this makes quality education accessible to all.  

University QS Ranking
Technische Universität München 159
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 64
University of Mannheim 423
Technical University Dortmund 801-1000
Leuphana University of Lüneburg

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Data Science is a popular course amongst international students in Canadian Universities. All the top universities offer specializations in Data Science, Big Data, Data Analytics and Business Analytics to solve big data problems. As one of the hottest jobs in the word, data science graduates can earn CAD 79, 744 (INR 47,62,010) per year and work with top companies like Amazon, TCS, Barclays, etc. Here are the top universities in Canada:

University QS Ranking
University of Waterloo 149
University of British Columbia 46
Ryerson University 801-1000
University of Toronto 26
Carleton University 601-650

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Countries like Spain, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands are great destinations to study data science courses. Here are some universities to explore:

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While exploring the best countries for data science courses across the world, you must also consider various other factors such as cost of living, research exposure, admission intakes, the application process, visa, safety, etc. Sign up for an e-meeting with Leverage Edu experts today!

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