BCom Computers

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BCom Computers

BCom is a common career option for commerce students which covers subjects like Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, IT, Finance, Human Resources Management, etc. BCom Computers or Computer Science is a specialized version of a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on computer technology in the field of commerce. It is designed to familiarize students with the usage of computer applications along with the inclusion of subjects like banking to create a system that is technologically advanced and economically feasible at the same time. Let us understand more about this course and related careers through this blog!

Course NameBachelor of Commerce in Computers
Duration3 years
BCom Computers SyllabusPrinciples of Accountancy,
Principles of Management,
Company Law, Income Tax Law,
Managerial Economics, E-commerce
Eligibility10+2 with Commerce/Science
JobsIT AnalystMobile Application DeveloperBusiness Analyst
Marketing Manager, Chartered Accountant, Human Resource Manager
Top RecruitersIT Companies, Edtech, Telecommunications, Software Development, etc.

What is BCom Computers?

BCom Computers is mainly offered as a 3-4 year undergraduate course which aims at equipping students with the intricate knowledge of software and hardware technologies and their applications. It is a specialized alternative to the traditional BCom course, particularly helpful for those wanting to explore the different computing technologies applied in the commercial world. Essentially, BCom Computer subjects incorporate varied interdisciplinary areas of study as the course bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge of subjects like accountancy, statistics, and finance and their application in the real business world by integrating them with programming languages, computing technologies, etc. 

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Why Pursue BCom Computers?

  • You will get computer knowledge, which is becoming increasingly important in a rapidly changing environment
  • You understand how to utilise your computer skills in the sphere of commerce to construct a technologically advanced and economically viable system
  • It allows you to get applicable skills in cutting-edge technologies such as business analytics, finance technology, and blockchain technology
  • It will also help you land a well-paying career because the course taught you the best of both worlds
  • Following graduation, you will learn how to use computer software in business.
  • It teaches you all you need to know about trade and IT
  • It broadens the range of industries in which you can apply for your certificate. As a BCom computer graduate, for example, you can work in an educational institute, the IT industry, the banking sector, computer training centres, and web design, among many other fields

BCom Computers Syllabus 

The syllabus of this course is designed in such a way that both disciplines are well-balanced. If you have an interest in computer programming as well as subjects like finance and accounting then you might want to look at the details of this syllabus. The BCom Computers syllabus is as follows:

  • Accounting: Accounting or Accountancy is a systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions. Accounting is also referred to as summarizing and recording any financial statements. This field of study is vast and has various subfields like cost accounting, management accounting, financial accounting, etc.
  • Programming Languages: Programming language, in simple words, is a set of commands given to a system to get a specific output. There are various programming languages that one would come across in this course like C++ and Java that are used in fields like e-commerce and banking and to keep an online database of various financial transactions.
  • Company Law: These subjects explore the legal aspects of the discipline of commerce. Company law is a body of law that governs the rights, regulations and any other legal aspects of a financial firm.
  • E-commerce: E-commerce can be referred to as the activity of buying and selling goods online. Information Technology plays a major role in this field because of the exponential increase in the field of digital marketing. E-commerce is one of the core subjects that you need to have in-depth knowledge of if you’re interested in a course like BCom Computers.

BCom Computers Subjects

When it comes to BCom Computers subjects, there is a balanced combination of major core subjects of Commerce as well as Computer Applications along with plenty of electives for students to specialise in! Here is the complete BCom Computers Subjects list:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Language I and II
  • Corporate Law
  • Javascript and HTML
  • C++
  • E-commerce
  • Web Designing
  • Statistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Environmental Studies
  • Business Mathematics
  • Technical Writing
  • Banking Theory Law and Practice
  • General English 
  • Gender Sensitization
  • Internet and Web Designing
  • Corporate Accounting

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Top Universities Abroad

Here are the top universities for pursuing BCom abroad:

UniversityQS Ranking 2023
University of Toronto34
The University of Queensland50
The University of Melbourne33
University of British Columbia47
McGill University31
Australian National University30

Top Colleges in India

Following are the top colleges in India for BCom computers:

College Name Location
Loyola CollegeChennai
St. Gits College of Applied SciencesKottayam
Women’s Christian CollegeChennai
Sacred Heart CollegeThevara
Jain UniversityBangalore
Mahatma Gandhi UniversityKerala
St. Albert’s CollegeErnakulam
Kakatiya UniversityTelangana

BCom Computer Entrance Exams

  • Jain Entrance Test: For admission to its UG programs, Jain University administers this exam. Based on their performance on the test, the students are chosen.
  • VEE VELS Exam: For admission to its UG programs, VELS University in Chennai administers this exam. Based on their performance on the test, the pupils are chosen.
  • Loyola College Entrance Exam: For admission to UG programmes at Loyola College, Chennai, an exam or interview is held. Typically, the exam takes place in June.

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Eligibility Criteria

Though the actual course criteria might differ from one university to another, here are the major eligibility and admission requirements for BCom Computers or Computer Applications:

  • The applicant must have completed their 10+2 in the commerce stream and from a recognised board of education. The candidate must have studied Accounting, Maths, Business Studies or Economics as the core subjects in Classes 11 and 12.
  • Many universities in India conduct their entrance exam for BCom Computers such as Jain University, Loyola College, etc.
  • If you are planning to study this course abroad, then you might be required to provide SAT scores. English language proficiency scores of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. are also essential along with a Statement of Purpose and optional Letters of Recommendation.

Which is Better: BCom General or BCom Computers?

Confused about choosing BCom General vs BCom Computers after the 12th? Here are all the key differences between BCom General vs BCom Computers.

CourseBCom GeneralBCom Computers
Duration 3 years3 years
Eligibility10+2 with Commerce10+2 with Commerce/Science
Syllabus Financial Accounting, Business Organization and Management,
Environmental Studies, Marketing Management,
Micro Economics, Principles of Marketing, Investment Management, Corporate Accounting
Principles of Accountancy, Financial Accounting, Business Statistics
Principles of Management,
Company Law, Income Tax Law,
Managerial Economics, E-commerce, C++, Java Programming
JobsChief Financial Officer
Cost Estimator
Financial Analyst
Investment Banker
Investment Analyst
Investment Broker
IT Analyst
Mobile Application Developer
Business Analyst
Marketing Manager
Chartered Accountant
Human Resource Manager
Budget Analyst
Salary5 Lakh per annum2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per annum

BCom Computers Jobs and Salary

The scope of this course is broad when it comes to the job as well as career prospects. The corporate sector has a lot of job opportunities for people who have pursued a degree in BCom Computers. You can target higher-level jobs in the industry by pursuing an MBA after Bcom or any other job-oriented courses after BCom. Here is a list of BCom Computers jobs and careers:

Job Profile Salary
IT Analyst 8.0 Lakh
Mobile Application Developer 4.4 Lakh
Business Analyst 8.0 Lakh
Marketing Manager 7.0 Lakh
Chartered Accountant 6.2 Lakh
Human Resource Manager 6.5 Lakh
Business Consultant 9.5 Lakh
Budget Analyst 9.3 Lakh

Some of the books that are referred to during the course or can help prepare for the BCom Computer Applications Entrance exams are mentioned in the table below:

Basics of Computer Applications in Business (BCom)Hem Chand Jain & H.N. Tiwari
Computer Applications in BusinessPriyanka
Computer Applications in Business (CBCS)Dr Sushil Kumar Sharma & Ms Mansi Bansal


What are the subjects in B Com computer?

The subjects you will be studying throughout the journey of BCom Computers are- E-commerce, Principles of Accounting, Business Mathematics, Corporate Law, Marketing Management, Banking Theory Law and Practice and Business Statistics.

Which is better BCom general or BCom computers?

BCom general is an umbrella course which provides students with peripheral knowledge about the Commerce stream and other related subjects. Whereas BCom Computers is a course based on the sub-field of computers pursuing which you can get to know in-depth about computers concerning commerce and its usage. As per your career preferences, you can opt between the two choices.

Are there maths in BCom?

Maths is not a compulsory subject in the BCom program but candidates can opt for it as an elective subject. On the other hand, if you are pursuing BCom Honours, Maths will be a compulsory subject for you.

Is BCom computer application a good course?

Analysing the career growth and options that one can seek in the field of IT and Computers, BCom Computers is considered to be a good course. Since the IT sector is growing tremendously these days, candidates can secure lucrative jobs after completing the course.

What are the subjects in B Com’s 1st year?

The prominent subjects that you will study in the first year of BCom are- Language I & Language II
Principles of Accountancy
Principles of Management
Company Law
HTML and Javascript
Income tax law and Practice, etc

This was all about BCom Computers or Computer Applications. It might be tricky to choose the best college and course for yourself but with the assistance of Leverage Edu, you can make the right career decision! Book your 30-minute free counselling session with us!

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  1. Sir I have completed my 12th with Commerce without maths. And I want to make carrier in IT sector Therefore I am doing DCA presently .thus, I’ve recently came to know about this B.COM in COMPUTER SCIENCE and I’m pursuing this for the future ( CAN I DO THIS WITHOUT MATHS) and after this should I have to do any other cource for applying for a a job ???

    1. Hi Gaurav!

      Please connect with our experts on 1800572000 and they will be happy to guide you.

  1. Sir I have completed my 12th with Commerce without maths. And I want to make carrier in IT sector Therefore I am doing DCA presently .thus, I’ve recently came to know about this B.COM in COMPUTER SCIENCE and I’m pursuing this for the future ( CAN I DO THIS WITHOUT MATHS) and after this should I have to do any other cource for applying for a a job ???

    1. Hi Gaurav!

      Please connect with our experts on 1800572000 and they will be happy to guide you.