Accounting Programs in Australia: Quality Education With a Rewarding Career

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Accounting is considered as the backbone of any business and an assurance to a vibrant career. It opens plenty of options to adopt as a career such as an Accountant, Banker, Financial Analyst, Taxation Officer, Entrepreneur, Forensic Accountant. Accounting plays a vital role in almost all organizations and across all the sectors. For these and many other reasons, it comes as no surprise that the field of accounting is becoming so popular among international students. As per the facts and figures, international students’ accounts for almost half of Australia’s undergraduate accounting students.

Accountants play an important and a critical role in a company and can work for any industry or domain. They have the option of choosing between Small/Large firms, private/ government practices, Non-profit organizations, schools, Corporate firms, consultants and many more. Most interesting part of this field is that it covers many different roles and specializations like business consultancy, taxation, auditing and insolvency, cost and management accounting, foreign. In fact, this works as an advantage for accountants they may apply their transferable skills and spend time working overseas.

Australian universities are highly ranked for accounting programs across the world and are linked to institutions in more than 100 destinations. After graduating from a university in Australia, you get an opportunity to work in companies around the world. Australia has an abundance of universities and thousands of programs. Whichever university or college you choose, you can be sure of excellent education values, amazing teaching styles, and a focus on giving you both practical and logical skills. In fact, many countries across the globe turn to Australia for suggestions on improving their education system for Accounting and many similar programs. Another important point to note is that Australian qualifications are recognized and accepted internationally. A huge number of international students joins Australian universities every year with confidence that they will get an education of the highest quality.

There are three levels of accounting:

  • Vocational Educational and Training Study in Accounting
  • Undergraduate Study in Accounting
  • Postgraduate Study in Accounting

Graduates of Accounting and related programs find work in different type of organizations. At the Vocational Educational level, Accounting courses guide students for jobs such as bookkeeper or payroll clerks etc. To work as a professional accountant, this is mandatory to complete an undergraduate degree. Graduates with such qualifications are eligible for professional recognition through the Institute of Public Accountants. If you’re considering Business/Accounting majors then you may consider Australia as your first choice.

Key benefits:

Be it a Bachelor in Business/Accounting to the esteemed Master of Business Administration, Australia offers a wide range of concentrations in a large number of colleges and universities across the entire nation. There are ample of specializations such as Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing and Management, Accounting, Banking, Business Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Logistics, as well as fields such as Sports Management and Hospitality Management. With a wide range of concentrations, Australian educational qualifications allow you to enter careers in many different domains. They emphasize on skills like leadership, ethics, global views and independent and logical thinking which every employer prefer while considering you as a potential employee.

Australian institutions offer hands-on-experience and ensure that business students are graduate ready for employment. They organize international study tours where you get to see how international businesses operate, complete an internship with a prestigious Australian company to grow networking within business contacts and apply your skills in the workplace, or complete an industry project where you work in a team to complete tasks for Australian businesses.

The business surroundings are becoming increasingly global and Australian business qualifications provide an environment that merges Eastern and Western perspectives of business. Students get the opportunities to study alongside students from many different countries, attaining a broad cultural perspective and multiculturalism. Almost all the programs and courses are recognized internationally, with many gaining accreditation from prestigious authorities which means your program is accepted all over the world.

International graduates have options to look for a job internationally or may work in Australia. Post their graduation, students work in Australia on a work visa to gain skilled work experience. Most demanded professionals are with skills in Accounts, Actuaries and Business Systems Analysis; they may apply for permanent residency via skilled migration program. Moreover, international students who graduate from accounting or business information systems degrees are able to apply for a Professional Year Program, which helps them gain work experience with an Australian company and increased opportunities to qualify for permanent residency. For more information about advantages of studying in Australia, you may visit my earlier write up at

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