🇨🇦Scholarships in Canada for Masters and Ph.D. for International Students 2024

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Scholarships in Canada for Masters & Ph.D. Programs

Canada has some of the best universities in the world, offers quality education, and has a standard of living. Consequently, every year several international students choose to study in Canada. However, studying in Canada can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of scholarships available for international students. Government, Non-Governmental organizations, and even Canadian universities offer scholarships. Eligible students can apply for these scholarships to reduce their financial burden. To cater to the financial needs of students, the Canadian government provides scholarships to international students planning to pursue higher education. Keep reading to learn more about the postgraduate scholarships for international students in Canada.


Why Choose Canada for Postgraduate Studies?

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There are plenty of reasons why students should choose to study in Canada. These are as follows:

  • Canada offers excellent research opportunities and quality education to postgraduate students.
  • Students can apply for postgraduate scholarships for international students in Canada,
  • The cost of postgraduate and PhD studies is cheaper in Canada compared to countries such as the US.
  • Canada offers an inclusive and diverse environment for international students.
  • According to a recent study, 60% of international students employed during their studies or postgraduation or PhD have become immigrants (Statistics 2021) within 10 years.

List of Masters Courses to Study in Canada

If you want to pursue a master’s degree program in Canada, you may apply for the following fields:

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Postgraduate and PhD Scholarships for International Students in Canada

The postgraduate and PhD scholarships for international students in Canada include scholarships provided by the Canadian government, other organizations, and universities. Do note that the benefits, eligibility criteria, and deadlines of all these scholarships vary. It completely depends on the type of scholarship.

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Canadian Government Scholarships

Here is a list of the top Canadian government scholarships for students

Scholarship NameScholarship Value
Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship PlanTuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses 
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program$500 per session for a duration of 1 year (1-3 academic session)
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship$70,000 per year
Canada Graduate Scholarships — Master’s program$17,500 for 12 months, non-renewable
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship$50,000 per year
Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship$35,000 for one year and can’t be renewed
Partnership Grants by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of CanadaUp to $20,000

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Non-Governmental Scholarships to Study in Canada

Postgraduate scholarships for international students in Canada include nongovernmental scholarships as well. These scholarships are as follows:

Scholarship NameScholarship Value
Anne Vallee Ecological Fund$1,500 scholarship
FINCAD Women in Finance ScholarshipUSD 20,000
PEO International Peace Scholarships for WomenUSD $12,500 for a year
D Karl C Evarshon Agricultural Scholarship 2024USD $17,000 (partial funding)

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University-Specific Scholarships to Study in Canada

Several universities offer Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students in Canada. Some of these scholarships are listed below. A majority of these scholarships cover tuition fees, and a few are fully funded.

Carlton University Merit Scholarship$1,000 – $12,000 per year
Concordia University International Undergraduate AwardsCovers tuition fees
John and Lena Graham Commonwealth Bursary by Dalhousie University$1000
A.S. Mowat Prize by Dalhousie University$1500 (one time)
Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 1 (Master’s) by Dalhousie University$42,000 for two years plus relocation assistance
McCall McBain Scholarships by McGill UniversityFully Funded
Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation Grant by UBC (University of British Columbia)$10,000
Simon Award in Nuclear Disarmament and Global Security by UBC$1,000 to $1,500
Western International Admission Scholarships by the Western University$10,000  for the 1st year and $5000 for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year of study 

Application Process for Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Once the student has decided on the scholarship an application has to be made. The application process for postgraduate scholarships for international students in Canada is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the scholarship provider. For example, the University that is offering the scholarship
  • Read the eligibility criteria of the said scholarship. The scholarship eligibility criteria vary on the basis of the scholarship type
  • Make sure whether an application is required. For example, some universities automatically consider students for scholarships upon successful application to a postgraduate program,
  • If an application is required, fill out the application form, and submit the relevant documents 
  • Make sure that the scholarship application is submitted before the deadline
  • Check the date of the declaration of results and wait for the same 
  • The selected candidates will be provided with a certificate or their scholarship will be mentioned in the offer. In any case, the scholarship provider will assist the beneficiary with the next steps in securing the scholarship.

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1. Can international students get scholarships in Canada for Masters?

Yes, International students can get scholarships to study in Canada. Students can check out the popular postgraduate scholarships for international students in Canada and decide on the scholarship, they must check the eligibility criteria and ensure that they meet the minimum requirements. Lastly, the student can apply for the scholarship.

2. How to get a full scholarship in Canada for international students?

To get fully funded scholarships students must have excellent academic records, must have cleared the English proficiency tests, and must meet the academic requirements of the university. Next, students can look for fully funded scholarships offered by the university and apply for them.

3. Can I get a 100% scholarship in Canada?

It is possible to get a fully funded scholarship in Canada. However, the student must have an excellent academic record, demonstrate leadership skills, must have an interest in community service, and extracurricular activities, among other things. Many universities such as McGill University offer fully funded scholarships that students can apply to.

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