Things You Should Know About Canadian Culture

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Canada is often referred to as the cultural mosaic. It is one of the most sought-after study destinations, especially for Indian students. But before taking off to Canada it’s crucial for you to know the culture in Canada. It will ultimately help you to adjust to a foreign land while studying in Canada. It is a diverse land with a rich tradition, values, and customs, and people from all over the world. This blog explores the details about why you should study in Canada and also about the culture in Canada!


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Why Choose Canada to Study Abroad?

According to the US new and World Report, Canada is ranked at third position at the global level for the best quality of life. It offers human rights to international candidates similar to that of Canadian students. 

Students choose Canada owing to its academic excellence. It is the home of some of the high-class universities like the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, Western University, the University of Ottawa, and many more.

Apart from these universities, students can get the lifetime opportunity to build connections as the people of Canada possess a friendly nature. They can expand their options for the future with respect to careers. 

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Top 8 Things You Should Know about Culture in Canada

Here are the top 8 things for you to know about the culture in Canada:

  1. Cottage Culture
Cottage Culture
Source: Cyruscrafts

The Cottage culture in Canada refers to living in a cottage beside a beautiful lake. This culture is often noticed in Ontario. You can witness the picturesque view of sunset and sunrise. Besides that, you can also spend summers in cottages and do campfires, experience the adventures of water sports, and make lifetime memories.

  1. May 2-4
May 2-4
Source: Edvoy

May 4 is one of the important cultures in Canada, celebrated on the last Monday preceding May 25. It is also known as Victoria Day. The day is assigned as a public holiday in Canada. Canadians celebrate this day as the birthday of Queen Victoria. People also consider this day as the start of summer.

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  1. Canadians are Talkative in Nature
Canadian culture

Canadian are known to have a friendly nature. People here are outspoken and extrovert. Universities in Canada encourage students to involve themselves in the classroom i.e. “class participation” by addressing the class during the lecture. This happens because Canada values critical thinking and allows students to share their thoughts on specific issues.

  1. Canadian Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving is another wonderful Canadian custom. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October every year. You can prepare for another Turkey feast.

Thanksgiving in Canada is intimately associated with the harvest festival, which is why it is held in the autumn, and it is a fairly relaxing occasion. There are no parades or floats, but people gather together for turkey, pumpkin pie, and sweet potatoes.

  1. Multiculturalism
Source: HubPages

Canada is known for its multiculturalism because the people of Canada accepts different culture and is therefore known as a multicultural society in 1971. It is a bilingual country and French and English are the two languages of Canada. Several festivals are also hosted by Canada which helps people to expand their networking. The major cities of Canada accept and promote different ethnicities and cultures. Students can apply for permanent residency after completing their three-year graduate degree in Canada. Many students also prefer part-time jobs in Canada while studying in Canada to manage the cost of living and pay their extra expenses.

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Some Other Cultures in Canada

  • Time matters for Canadians.
  • Laws are laws for Canada.
  • Expect straight talk.
  • Casual dress and mannerisms will be seen the most.
  • Canadians like their spaces.
  • They will expect you to know English as it is their major language after French.


Q1. What is Canadian culture known for?

A1. Canada is known for its landscape, cultural diversity, and community-orientation. It is also known as a just society. The culture in Canada embodies literary, artistic, culinary, musical, as well as social and political elements.

Q2. What are 3 cultural traditions in Canada?

A2. The 3 main cultural traditions followed in Canada are: 
Cottage Culture
Canadian Thanksgiving
May Two-Four

Q3. What are 5 facts about Culture in Canada?

A3. The 5 facts about Canadian culture are:
It is a multicultural and nationalist country.
Canada is famous for its food and culinary art.
It is also known for its beautiful landscapes.
Canadians are polite and friendly.
Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is the most popular Canadian cultural festival. 

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