Top Business Management Courses in Canada

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The realm of business offers a plethora of engaging positions, each contributing to growth, development, or administration within an organization. Achieving a global career opportunity requires gaining academic knowledge and skills, fostering a comprehensive grasp of business and specialized fields like finance and human resources. Since you’re exploring the option of studying business management in Canada, completing such a course could lead to a yearly average income of CAD 83,150/ INR 50,41,768 as a business manager. Consequently, it’s wise to contemplate this country and program as a foundation for a remarkable career. Furthermore, pursuing a master’s in business management in Canada post-graduation provides opportunities for internships with prominent companies. Let’s explore some of the top business management courses in Canada. 


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Top Business Management Courses in Canada

Canada offers a variety of choices for those interested in pursuing a master’s degree in business management. These options encompass bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, postgraduate certificates, and master’s programs in business management.

The areas of expertise within business courses available in Canada encompass:

Bachelors CoursesMasters CoursesDiploma CoursesPhD Courses 
Bachelor of CommerceMaster of Business AdministrationDiploma in Marketing & Sales ManagementPh.D. in Business Administration
Bachelor in Business ManagementMaster of ManagementDiploma Management: General
Master of Business AnalyticsDiploma in Business Management
Master of Science in Business AdministrationDiploma in Global Business Management

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Top 5 Colleges in Canada for Business Management

Having five universities listed in the Top 100 global rankings, Canada boasts a wealth of excellent educational institutions. 

Here are a few of the top universities for undertaking business management programs in Canada following 12th grade.

University of Toronto

At the University of Toronto, you have the opportunity to acquire comprehensive business education and bolster your leadership abilities, propelling your career forward. 

  • Courses Offered: One-Year Executive MBA
  • Duration: 13 months

University of British Columbia

At the University of British Columbia, the business management programs blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on application, highlighting essential business principles and promoting analytical thinking.

  • Courses Offered: Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration, International Master of Business Administration, Master of Management and Master of Business Analytics
  • Duration: 1-4 years 

McGill University

McGill University crafts business programs to provide students with a competitive advantage for excelling in the intricate economic landscape.

  • Courses Offered: Certificate Indigenous Business Management and Diploma Management: General
  • Duration: 12-16 months

Western University

At Western University, students can enrol in the combined degree program, you have the opportunity to obtain dual business management degrees within a span of five years. 

  • Courses Offered: DAN Management & Organisational Studies, Ivey Business Administration
  • Duration: 12 to 15 months

Université de Montréal

The business management program at this university focuses mainly on research training centred around economic policy matters.

  • Courses Offered: MSc in Economics
  • Duration: 2 years

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What is the best business course to pursue in Canada?

The best business course to pursue in Canada can vary depending on individual preferences and career goals. Some popular options include Business Administration, International Business, Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

What is the duration of the business management program in Canada?

The duration of the business management program in Canada can vary as well. Typically, bachelor’s degree programs can range from 3 to 4 years, while master’s programs can be completed in 1 to 2 years. Executive MBA programs might have different durations based on their structure.

What are the finest colleges in Canada for Business Management?

Among the numerous well-regarded colleges, five of them are ranked within the Top 100 global universities. These institutions are the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, Western University, and Université de Montréal.

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