Masters in Architecture in Canada Scholarships 2024

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Masters in Architecture in Canada Scholarships

Architecture has become one of the most preferred courses in Canada for students. Lakhs of students every year prefer to study Master’s in Canada. However, everyone knows that studying Postgraduate courses abroad can be very expensive as the expenses can include house rent, daily expenses, and university fees. To cover the expenses, there are many scholarships for the students. The students may get confused about the details of these scholarships. Keep reading this blog for details about the scholarships for Master’s in Architecture in Canada including its eligibility and application process.


List of Masters in Architecture in Canada Scholarships

Before delving into more details, it is important to know the different scholarships provided either by the governments of countries or the universities. 

Here is a list of scholarships for students who wish to study a Master’s in Architecture in Canada:

Scholarship NameAmount
The Smooth Movers Scholarship 2024Fully Funded
Chasing Dreams Never Ends Scholarship 2023Partially Funded
Mpower Global Citizen Scholarship 2023Partially Funded
3M National Student Fellowship 2023Fully Funded
John Monash Scholarships 2023Partially Funded
SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme 2023Partially Funded
ServiceScape Scholarship 2023Tuition Fee
ServiceScape Scholarship 2023Partially Funded

How to Apply for Masters in Architecture in Canada Scholarships?

The first and foremost step to getting any scholarship to study Master’s in Architecture in Canada is to get admission to a university.

After the candidates receive their application letter, they become eligible to apply for any scholarship. There are many types of scholarships that are available. These are provided by the government of Canada, chosen universities, and the Indian government.

To apply for the particular scholarships, candidates must visit the official website of the universities fill in the application form, and attach the required documents such as a scorecard, reference letter etc. 

After this step, the candidates just need to wait for the results and appear for the interview round if it is required.

Eligibility for Masters in Architecture in Canada Scholarships

It is very important to know the eligibility criteria for the number of scholarships before applying for any. 

Here are some common eligibility criteria on which basis the scholarships are granted to its candidates:

Educational QualificationsA minimum of 75% in 4 year Bachelor Programs 
English Proficiency ScoreTOEFL iBT- 102
IELTS- 7.5 band
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1. Can I get full scholarships for a Master’s in Canada?

Yes, there are many scholarships for students who are aiming to study Master’s in Canada. These scholarships are either fully funded or partially funded. 

2. What is the average cost of a Master’s In Canada?

The average cost of a Master’s in Canada is CAD 10,000-50,000. 

3. How can I get scholarships in Canada?

To get a scholarship in Canada, the first step is to take admission to your required university after receiving your admission letter, the candidates can opt to apply for scholarships.

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