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jobs abroad for Indians

There are hundreds and thousands of jobs abroad for Indians. With Indian people dominating every sector of the economy around the world, the demand for jobs abroad has increased at a splendid pace. But for many people, working abroad is still a dream. Jobs abroad provide good earning opportunities and a better lifestyle. With a valid Visa and work permit, one can easily work in that particular country. Every one in five people these days is planning to settle overseas or has already received a job overseas. Read this article to learn more about jobs abroad for Indians.

Top CountriesCanada, Poland, USA, Germany, Kuwait, UAE, UK, Australia, Italy, Portugal and other
Top SectorsIT, Travel and Tourism, Financial, Education, Business Administration, Engineering, Yoga Instructor, Architecture, and Project Manager
Average IncomeINR 4.0 lakhs – 4.5 Lakhs
Top RecruitersMcDonald’s, Walmart, Amazon, Google International LLC, Facebook Inc, Deepmind, Microsoft
Required Work Experience1 year to 2 years
Necessary SkillsGood Communication Skills, Business Situation Analysis, Fluency in English Language, Networking Abilities, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and Collaboration

Advantages of Working Abroad

There are plenty of advantages of working abroad which attracts a number of Indian youngsters every year to look for jobs abroad. For those who are looking to develop their overall work experience, career growth, professional skills, and understanding of different cultures in more detail – working abroad is one of the best options. The advantages of working abroad are not limited to these benefits, the other advantages are.

  • Jobs abroad will provide you with a higher salary.
  • By working abroad, your lifestyle and standard of living will improve.
  • You can enjoy opportunities like travelling to different cities and exploring different places.
  • Working abroad will improve your future prospects.
  • Aspirants will get a chance to enhance their communication skills.

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High In-demand Jobs Abroad for Indians

There is no doubt that Indians have dominated almost all the major sectors of international economies. Wherever you go, Indians are working there or have worked before. There are plenty of job opportunities for Indian freshers and experienced people who are passionate about working abroad and are looking for new opportunities to prove themselves. Some of the high-in-demand jobs abroad for Indians are discussed below.

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Software Engineer and Developer

jobs abroad for Indians

Software engineering and software development are the most in-demand jobs abroad. Software engineers and developers build computer applications, software and programs for large-scale organizations and companies. In today’s world, computer applications have become a part of the human lifestyle. The demand for software engineers and developers is increasing day by day.

Teaching English

jobs abroad for Indians

English is a universal language and there has always been a high demand for English teachers. Those who want to become an English teacher abroad must have a valid passport and an ESL teaching qualification certificate. There are many countries where you can work as an English teacher without having a bachelor’s degree or any teaching experience, the only requirement is to speak English fluently.

Yoga Instructor, Fitness Trainer, and Healthcare Jobs

jobs abroad for Indians

In recent years, a lot of people have shifted their attention towards maintaining their physical and mental health. With this, the demand for Yoga instructors, fitness trainers and healthcare workers has increased significantly. To become a yoga instructor or a fitness trainer, you must have relevant educational qualifications and some experience in the field. People working as yoga teachers or fitness instructors have a handsome salary in a lot of countries abroad.

Digital Nomad/ Freelancer

jobs abroad for Indians

In the post-COVID era, a lot of MNCs and local companies abroad have changed their working norms, and the employees there are giving their best to produce better output. Many company employees prefer to work from home (WFH) to avoid the spread of any infection or just as a precaution. Those whose jobs are all about working online or on a digital platform are given the option of working remotely or digitally from a far-off place. These people who work from remote places are termed digital nomads. A lot of countries out there provide visas to people working as digital nomads. These countries are listed below.

Some of the top professions which will allow you to work as a digital nomad are Copywriting, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Journalism, Social Media Marketing, SEO Specialist, App Developer, etc.

Some other popular jobs abroad for Indians are – 

  • Information Technology in Business
  • Au Pair Jobs (living with a family as a family member temporarily)
  • Financial Jobs
  • Travel and Tourism Jobs (Travel Guide)
  • Bartenders in Hotels and Restaurants

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Issues Faced by Indians in Jobs Abroad

Before going abroad for jobs or work opportunities, you must be aware of the issues and drawbacks faced by some Indians. In recent years, a lot of job seekers have faced problems abroad and sometimes it’s very hard to deal with them. Issues faced by Indians generally depend on your work destinations or the country where you are working. Some of the common problems faced by Indians abroad are – 

  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Delays in work permits
  • Adapting to the new time zone
  • Getting familiar with different brands and cultures
  • Homesickness
  • Reasonable Accommodations

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Which is the best job for Indians abroad?

Some of the best jobs for Indians abroad are – English Tutors, the IT industry, business administration, the financial sector, Yoga instructors and physical trainers, bartenders in hotels and restaurants, etc.

Which are the highest-paying jobs abroad for Indians?

Working abroad has always attracted people from all sectors as these jobs offer you a better salary and a high standard of living. Some of the highest-paying jobs abroad for Indians are – international journalists, lawyers, geopolitical analysts, financial managers, petroleum engineers, etc.

What are the requirements for jobs abroad?

Before moving overseas, you must have a clear understanding of all the requirements for jobs abroad, which include – having a valid Visa and work permit, giving time to research the cost of living, finding an affordable place to live, trying to build a network of friends, talk with the locals, and search on the internet about the city and its history.

Which country hires more Indians?

Countries which hire more Indian people are the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, and Portugal. These countries are favourite destinations for Indians to work and live.

Indian people have dominated all the major and minor sectors of economies abroad. Getting a job abroad is still a dream for many job seekers. Jobs abroad bring with them a lot of additional benefits which are essential for career development and a better lifestyle. Have a look at  Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and with the help of our top trainers, get closer to a spot in your dream college. For any help with your PTE preparation or study abroad journey.

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