Top 6 (Artificial Intelligence) AI Jobs to Consider in 2024 

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AI Jobs

A brief glance at the state of technology demonstrates the usefulness of AI in daily life. These technologies, which range from high-tech coffee machines to voice assistants that power smart speakers, are swiftly taking over daily life. The employment trends for AI and machine learning have improved as a result of this evolution.


High-performance technologies have become increasingly important in recent years. Along with ubiquitous computing (including the Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI) jobs are booming. The machine learning job market is extremely healthy and shows no signs of slowing down. 

The stimulation of human intelligence in robots is known as artificial intelligence. This technology enables computer-assisted reasoning, perception, and learning. Artificial intelligence is applied to a variety of functions, including fraud detection, lead creation, quality control, and customer support.

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List of Highest Paying Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jobs in 2024 

Below are the most demanding jobs in 2024 that you can explore after learning Artificial Intelligence technology.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer 

AI engineers are experts who create systems and apps that increase an organization’s efficiency by utilizing AI and machine learning approaches. The goal of AI engineering is to provide the instruments, frameworks, and procedures necessary to apply AI to practical issues. Data “trains” algorithms, enabling them to learn and function more effectively. AI engineers can assist reduce expenses, boost earnings and productivity, and offer advice to businesses. 

United Kingdom £56,243 per year 
United States $108,043 per year 
Australia A$1,16,000 per year
Canada$149,638 per year

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Machine learning Engineer

The fields of data science and software engineering converge to become machine learning engineers. They build production-ready, scalable data science models that can process terabytes of real-time data by utilizing big data technologies and programming frameworks. A background in data science applied research, and software engineering is ideal for positions as a machine learning engineer.

United Kingdom £63,388 per year 
United States $161,590 per year
Australia A$130,845 per year
Canada $110,151 per year 

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AI Project Manager 

AI Project Managers are responsible for recruiting, training, and managing a diverse group of professionals, including data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI specialists. They must foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and problem-solving.

United Kingdom £70,369 per year
United States $105,000  per year
Australia A$142,000 per year
Canada $115,700 per year

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Data Engineer

Data scientists gather unprocessed information, examine it, and derive conclusions for a variety of uses. To glean insights from data and spot significant trends, they employ a range of technological instruments, procedures, and algorithms. This could involve anything as simple as spotting irregularities in time-series data or something more intricate like forecasting the future and offering advice.

United Kingdom £56,084 per year
United States $127,692 per year 
Australia A$1,26,250 per year
Canada $100,966 per year 

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Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers provide robotic applications for a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, defence, and automobiles. A robotics engineer creates prototypes for testing or designs new items. As some supervise robots at a manufacturing factory as they are being made, others keep an eye on how well they are functioning in the real world. Computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering are all combined in robotics engineering.

United Kingdom £42,267 per year 
United States $109,842 per year 
Australia $111,753 per year 
Canada $71,389 per year 

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Business Intelligence Developer

To find patterns in complex internal and external data, business intelligence (BI) developers analyze the data. This could be someone who keeps an eye on stock market data to assist in investing decisions in a financial services organization, for example. Someone who keeps an eye on sales patterns to guide distribution strategy could work in a product company.

United Kingdom £65,000 per year.
United States $109,823 per year
Australia A$133,750 per year
Canada $113,116 per year

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Note: salaries are taken from indeed


Q1: Which jobs will AI replace in 2023?

Ans: AI Is Replacing Jobs Done By Human Workers
Data Entry Clerk.
Factory Worker.
Travel Agent. 
Bank Teller.

Q2: What is the prediction for AI in 2024?

Ans: In 2024, open source pretrained AI models gain significant traction, empowering businesses to accelerate growth by combining these models with private or real-time data. This synergy enhances productivity and cost-efficiency.

Q3: Which job has the highest salary in AI?

Ans: Top 10 Highest-Paying AI Jobs in 2024
Software Architect. 
AI Software Engineers.
Data Scientist. 
Big Data Engineer. 
Robotics Engineer.
Research Scientist. 
Business Intelligence Developer. 

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