How to Become a Fitness Trainer?

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Fitness Trainer

Health is Wealth” The zeal to lead a healthy life has ignited the fitness enthusiast in all of us. We engage in various physical fitness activities like hitting the gym or practising home work outs. But do you know one wrong move can result in severe injuries? Yes, physical training without any guidance can have major repercussions on health. That’s when a fitness trainer comes into the picture. Fitness trainers are trained professional that guides people regarding one or more types of exercise and physical training. Are you curious to know how you can establish a career in this lucrative field? If yes, then, let us move forward with this blog. 

Who is a Fitness Trainer?

As people exercise, fitness trainers, instruct and motivate them to achieve their target. A fitness trainer may specialise in one or more fields and thus, can assist people in performing the activities under their guidance. They may train a group of people or have one-on-one classes with specific clients. It is necessary for one to have related soft skills if they aspire to become a physical trainer as the job requires client dealing on daily basis. 

There are many different fields in which one can specialize being a trainer. Let us have a look an understand what are these fields and which type of fitness trainer you will become after seeking professional training.

  1. Weight Management Trainer: Lifestyle and weight management have become a common concern of all, thus, such trainers help people reduce or gain weight as per their set target and help them in achieving a balanced lifestyle.
  2. Orthopedics Trainer: Orthopedic trainer attends the clients who have medical conditions, especially in joints and need special exercises and instructions keeping in mind their medical stability. 
  3. Medical Trainer: A medical fitness trainer manages people who are undergoing medical treatment or have an ongoing disease because they have to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. Majorly, of the clients are heart patients, those who have muscle sprains, etc 
  4. Exceptional or Celebrity Trainers: The trainers who specialise in advanced training usually work with celebrities and help them in achieving their desired body for a role. 

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Courses to Pursue Your Career as a Fitness Trainer

In the nearby local gyms, one can easily come across well-built trainers who might know the process of doing an exercise accurately but lack the basic scientific knowledge behind it. Thus, it is necessary first to gain formal education and then practice full-time as a physical trainer. Here are some popular programs you can pursue to become a fitness trainer-

Certificate in FitnessAssociate in Science in Kinesiology Fitness InstructorMSc/ PGD/ PGC- Strength and Conditioning Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Exercise Science 
Diploma Level 2 Gym Instructing MSc in Exercise and Sport Science – Physical Education TeachingPersonal Trainer Diploma Certificate in Health and Fitness Studies 

How to Make a Career in Health and Physical Education?

Apart from these courses, you can pursue field-oriented studies and training in the specialisation of your choice. With professional qualifications in a particular field, you can easily fetch a job as a specialised fitness trainer. To enter the above-mentioned courses you need to fulfil the following requirements-

  • For Certificate/ Diploma/ Bachelor’s Courses: Formal education of 10+2 from a recognised institute 
  • For Master’s Course: UG degree in a related field with minimum marks
  • A score of IELTS, TOEFL or any other English language proficiency test along with LOR and SOP

Once, you have found the fitness trainer course of your choice, carefully selected among the top universities in the world offering your desired program. Here are some of the universities that avail of the aforementioned or likely courses- 

  1. Colleges of Contra Costa
  2. Cardiff Metropolitan University 
  3. TAFE Western Australia
  4. Manchester Metropolitan University
  5. Australian Catholic University
  6. Murdoch University 
  7. The University of Wisconsin La Crosse
  8. Moulton College 
  9. University of Exter 
  10. Angelo State University 

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Career Prospects

There are ample lucrative job opportunities in the fitness industry. As soon as you finish your course, you can take up jobs as a fitness trainer in an array of sectors. Working as a trainer in a gym is often pursued by candidates but you can also explore the option of a personal trainer. Although the job of a trainer is skill-based, yet is beneficial to be equipped with some of the soft skills and etiquette that will help you in communicating with clients. Mentioned below are some of the main employment areas of fitness or physical training.

  • Gyms 
  • Training Centres
  • Hospitals or Wellness Centres 
  • Fitness Workshops
  • Cruise Ships 
  • Personal Training Studio
  • Community Centre Training Institute 
  • In-Home Trainers 

We hope that through this detailed guide on how to become a fitness trainer, we have helped you in getting closer to your dream job. Do you want to know which course can help you in becoming a celebrity trainer? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts and they will guide you the best about the best the field of your choice. Sign up for an e-meeting with us!

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