Here are Some of the Top Job Opportunities Abroad Without Experience

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Job Opportunities Abroad without Experience

As a fresher, if you are planning to begin your profession in another country after finishing your education. It’s difficult to find work abroad without experience. With the help of this article, we introduce some top job opportunities abroad without experience. You can check out different types of work prospects and jumpstart your career. These employment opportunities help you manage and meet your financial requirements. For more information about top job opportunities abroad without experience, read this full article.


About Job Opportunities Abroad Without Experience

Many of the best jobs available abroad do not require any prior work experience. Most of the students work part-time in various positions only in order to make money and fulfil their financial obligations. You will likely have some transferable skills that you can use in most jobs. Additionally, there are some general skills that may be useful if you’re considering working abroad. For example, applicants should be motivated and have the ability to manage their time well. They should also have strong communication skills. If you are fluent in more than one language, your chances of getting a job will also increase. 

List of Job Opportunities Without Experience

Below is a table that includes a list of job opportunities abroad without experience. You can also check the earnings of all the positions:

Job Position Average Pay 
Cafe Assistance $58,456 per year
Server$35,037 per year
Hotel Housekeeper $34,594 per year
Farmhand $47,174 per year
Tour Guide $28,873 per year
Event planning intern$33,121 per year
Hotel front desk clerk$35,100 per year
Nanny $42,486 per year

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Top 8 Job Opportunities without Experience in Details 

There are a lot of jobs abroad to earn money. Here is the list of the top 8 job opportunities without experience.

Cafe Assistance

The cafe assistant helps at the cafe. To ensure the cafe runs smoothly, collaborate with your teammates. In the cafe, take orders from the customers. Prepare and serve wholesome hot beverages as well as food. As and when necessary, clean the cafe’s furnishings, walls, ceilings, refrigerators, coffee makers, and all work surfaces to maintain good hygiene.

Responsibilities and Primary Duties 

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Cafe Assistant

  • Assemble a team to ensure the café runs smoothly.
  • Take orders from customers in the cafe.
  • Serve food and high-quality hot beverages.
  • As and when necessary, clean the cafe’s furnishings, walls, floors, refrigerators, coffee maker, and all work surfaces to maintain good hygiene.

A Server 

A server’s duties also include keeping an eye on diners throughout the course of the dinner, being prepared to address any problems, and ultimately being the key to providing a positive dining experience.

Responsibilities and Primary Duties

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Server

  • Pay close attention to cleanliness and order when setting up restaurant tables.
  • Attend to visitors as they enter.
  • Present menus from restaurants and assist patrons in choosing food and beverages.
  • obey and carry out orders.
  • Answer queries or offer suggestions for related products.


The homemaker is also known as a Housekeeper. The guest rooms and other public areas of a hotel are cleaned, maintained, and organised by hotel housekeepers. They improve the environment for guests and make it safer by upholding high standards for cleanliness and orderliness throughout the building.

Responsibilities and Primary Duties 

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Hotel Housekeeper 

  • Cleaning the rooms before and after check-out.
  • Setting up beds.
  • Changing soiled towels and linens.
  • Restocking the toiletries, glasses, and notepads in the guestrooms.
  • Removing the room service, recycling, and trash trays.
  • Pick up and deliver laundry goods from the valet.


A Farmhand is a gardener who takes care of gardens. A farmhand is someone who is employed to perform extra tasks, occasionally on a part-time, temporary, or seasonal basis. 

Responsibilities and Primary Duties 

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Farmhand: 

  • Giving the animals food and water. cleaning and sanitizing the hutches, cages, and pens where the animals live. 
  • Crops are sprayed with fertilizers and insecticides to promote growth and guard against damage from weeds, fungi, and insects. 
  • Operating and repairing farm machinery and equipment, including cars.

Tour Guide

Tour guides are the members of the hospitality and travel sectors who lead tourists around interesting sites and are known as our guides. It is possible for tour guides to conduct groups or individuals through historical sites, museums, geographical locations, and outdoor excursions.

Responsibilities and Primary Duties 

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Tour Guide: 

  • Their main responsibilities are meeting briefly with the tour manager to learn about the visitor’s interests and requirements.
  • Tour guides make sure that customers’ itineraries are followed and that they are entertained while learning about the place they are touring. 
  • Additionally, they are in charge of making sure everyone is safe and that tour groups stay together. 
  • Tour operators, hotels, and attractions all hire tour guides.

Event Planning Intern

The event management team and the intern would be in close contact. Assisting with the planning of upcoming events, communicating with clients about events, meeting and greeting clients each day upon arrival, and supporting the events manager with reports and post-event billing are just a few possible tasks.

Responsibilities and Primary Duties 

The following are the responsibilities and duties of an Event Planner: 

  • Assisting the event planner with the event design.
  • Putting forth innovative event concepts.
  • Promoting the event through communication (emails, social media)
  • Sending participants invitations.

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 Hotel Front Desk/ Reception

A hotel front desk agent is a professional who is in charge of efficiently and politely welcoming customers. The hotel front desk agent welcomes guests and checks them in and out of their rooms. They also give out room keys, respond to inquiries, and process payments for hotel services.

Responsibilities and Primary Duties 

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Hotel Receptionist: 

  • All visitors should be greeted and helped with check-in and check-out.
  • Keep a cheerful disposition and a welcoming demeanour.
  • Answer all queries and demands made by visitors.
  • Calls are answered and forwarded.
  • Manage reservations and bookings for visitors.
  • Maintain a clean and organized workspace.


A nanny is a person who works with parents to give children ongoing care for weeks, months, or even years. They are responsible for promoting the mental and physical development of the kids in their care while also ensuring their safety.

Responsibilities and Primary Duties 

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Nanny: 

  • Plan imaginative activities and instructive games, such as puppet games, making, and drawing.
  • Prepare meals for kids and feed them, including giving newborns bottles.
  • Bathe newborns and change their diapers.
  • Assist older kids with bathing and laundry.
  • Children’s nap periods should be planned by Nanny. 

Tips to Get Job Opportunities Abroad Without Experience

It is better to connect with a lot of people or approach those who are already working abroad. We have mentioned a few tips for you to get job opportunities abroad without experience: 

  • Connect with those who have experience working abroad. They can assist you in connecting with possible employers and offer you helpful suggestions.
  • Attend job fairs and workshops designed especially for those looking for work overseas. This is a fantastic approach to networking with future companies and discovering various employment prospects.
  • Create a CV and cover letter specifically for each job you apply for. Emphasise your experience and talents that are pertinent to the position. Make sure to highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to the job.

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What types of occupations are straightforward to obtain abroad?

Tutor. Due to the significant need for professionals with the necessary skills to work in the education sector, tutors frequently have an easy time finding work abroad, just like teachers do. A tutor aids pupils in learning subjects they find challenging.

Can I work abroad as a new graduate?

Without prior experience, you can pursue a variety of international positions that allow you to work remotely and travel while expanding your professional and industry knowledge. Examining the kinds of foreign jobs you can apply for without experience will help you focus your job search and move closer to working abroad.

What is the quickest way to find employment abroad?

Several possibilities for Indians to get work overseas
Find out which nation offers the best opportunities for your career profile.
International resume preparation.
Connect with your university’s international alumni and friends.
Give a brief description of the company’s international transfer option.

This was all about the Top Job Opportunities Abroad Without Experience, if you need any kind of study-related assistance, reach out to Leverage Edu. Our career experts will guide and help you with the Best courses and university options. 

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