Top 9 Internships in South Korea For International Students 

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Internships in South Korea

South Korea is well known for its entertainment industry worldwide. As an International student, you can enjoy the shopping experience, which includes everything from high-end skincare goods to eccentric K-pop, and take in the vibrant nightlife of some of South Korea’s busiest entertainment areas. You shouldn’t pass up the numerous options available to international interns.


While there are internship opportunities all around the world, South Korea is a standout location since it offers a plethora of distinctive opportunities that will impact your career. In South Korea,  you will have the chance to interact with eminent academics, successful business people, and industry professionals as an intern, all of whom can motivate and assist you in realising your goals.

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Why Internships in South Korea

There are various reasons to pursue an internship in South Korea; here we have listed a few reasons below

  • You’re expanding your prospects for employment in the future by deciding to take up an internship in South Korea. 
  • Samsung, Hyundai, and Kia are just a few of the prosperous multinational companies based in Korea. These corporate names are instantly recognisable throughout the world.
  • Consideration for a paid internship abroad in South Korea is increased by the fact that the nation was just named Asia’s best student city.

List of Paid Internships in South Korea for International Students 

Although there are many options for internships, it may require more work to locate paid internships in South Korea. Since we’ve already compiled a list of the best-paying internships in South Korea for 2024, we’ve already done the legwork for you. Among them are:

Internships in South Korea

Travel & Tourism Internships with CCRC Asia

The Hallyu wave has given many interns the chance to enter the thriving sector. Since the market’s recovery, South Korea’s auto and technology industries have grown significantly. IT internships give students a second perspective on the evolving industry. You have a singular opportunity to witness South Korea’s rapid development and business culture through all of the offered Career Fields.

Internship Program in South Korea (Seoul)

Students interested in working for a non-profit organization and having an internship in international exchange and Korean culture can apply to the Asia Hope Camp Organization (ACOPIA). These interns work at the main office located in Seoul, South Korea. You will be able to take individual language classes here, collaborate with non-governmental organizations back home, take part in marketing campaigns, and much more. ACOPIA provides weekly free Korean language instruction and K-pop dancing sessions to our interns as an extra benefit.

Seoul Internship Program with CRCC Asia

The top global supplier of international internships is CRCC Asia. One, two, and three-month foreign internship programs are available through their global internship programs in China, Japan, Vietnam,  India, South Korea, and the UK. As they continue to stand alongside other internship opportunity providers, CRCC Asia enjoys the trust of numerous people in South Korea and around Asia when it comes to paid internships.

International Business Development Internship with AIP

Business Development is a paid internship opportunity that you should take advantage of if you’re looking for one that will help you learn about various aspects of your company. Among other things, you will work on strategy management, marketing, sales, and customer interactions in this role. Vibrant SMEs to massive global conglomerates are all surrounded by a tight network of partner businesses. As a result, you will have easy access to whatever you require from the business development internship.

South Korea Internship with Meiji Internships

Meiji Internships will assist you in clearing your path to Asia so you can work, visit, and reside there. They can design a unique internship program and housing for you; you open the door to an international career. With this internship, you can select from a variety of industries and locations based on your skills and interests. You can also gain work experience in multinational Japanese corporations and make vital business contacts to launch your future international career. Meiji internships care about your personal growth and provide you with a unique opportunity to visit South Korea.

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NextStep Internships Abroad

NEXTSTEP Internships Abroad facilitate your participation in international job experience. You can select your desired dates, length, industry, and destination under this program in some of Asia’s most fascinating places, such as Spain, Chile, London, Kenya, Dublin, the US, and Australia. Anyone who collaborates with the NEXTSTEP Internship Abroad Program works toward their objectives and breaks free from personal constraints. For this reason, NEXTSTEP exhorts you to push the boundaries of your personal development.

Internship in Korea by Asia Internship Program

One of the first completely integrated internship programs in the Asian region, the Asia Internship Program links organizations with aspirational young professionals and students. Every internship program is fully adaptable to your expectations, skill levels, and professional aspirations. AIP takes great satisfaction in offering you the most fulfilling foreign internship experience imaginable. They therefore place a strong emphasis on fusing professional growth with an amazing cultural immersion in your new nation.

Intern in South Korea with UNOSD

In order to promote a quicker and more comprehensive shift towards sustainable societies, the recently established United Nations Office for Sustainable Development (UNOSD) helps to generate, exchange, and facilitate the use of knowledge. With a focus on mapping, evaluating, and enhancing knowledge resource exchange, UNOSD offers guidelines to the UN Member States and other policy groups for the sharing and utilization of these resources.

Seoul Internships with Beyond Academy

Your internship at Beyond Academy in Seoul will provide you with unmatched knowledge and experience. Seoul is home to Hyundai, Samsung, disruptive start-ups, and everything else that makes up an international commercial hub. We offer internships in Seoul throughout 18 areas, such as engineering, fashion, and marketing.

Begin your career with a foreign work experience program that can strengthen your resume. the chance to work as an intern for a fantastic company that will support you in achieving your goals. This academy was founded as a supplement to an alternative to conventional possibilities because it understood the transforming power of education. They prioritize growth over grades and experience over tests.

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Eligibility Criteria Internship in Korea 

These are the requirements that you must meet in order to be eligible to apply for an internship in Korea. 

  • Candidates may be enrolled at Korean or international educational institutions.
  • If you are an international student from any nation, you are eligible to apply for an internship.
  • Additionally, you have to be enrolled in an undergraduate degree in your third or fourth year.
  • Regarding your national origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, or age, there are no limitations.
  • Graduate students are required to apply.
  • Applicants need to have a stellar academic history.

How to Apply for a South Korea Internship 

These are some things to think about before applying for internships in South Korea. 

  • The applications must be submitted online using either the foreign application form or the Korean application form.
  • Please supply any necessary documentation.
  • Enter all of your personal information in detail, including your name, address, nationality, and date of birth.
  • Fill out every field that is necessary for each level.

Read about the South Korean Education System

Current Internship Openings 

The following are the current internship openings in South Korea. Those who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the same by visiting popular job sites.

Internship Company
Internship in South Korea by Asia Internship ProgramAsia Internship Program (AIP)
CIEE Global InternshipsCIEE
Korea GapYear Intensive Internship ProgramKorea Gapyear
Supply Chain InternSanofi US
Hotel Support Operator InternTrip.com Group
Web Visualization InternNVIDIA
Research Intern, MSUIpsos Zrt.
Field Service Engineering – InternPhilips
Client Services Delivery – 2024 2H InternING
Compliance Analyst InternDolby


Q1: List of some of the best internships in Korea.

Ans: Here is a list of some best internships in Korea
Beyond Academy. Seoul Internships with Beyond Academy
Asia Internship Program (AIP) Internship in South Korea by Asia Internship Program 
Asia Lab. K-Intern Global Internship Program.
Intern in South Korea with UNOSD

Q2: What is the highest-paid internship Provider in the world?

Ans: Here is a list of the highest-paying internship providers in the world
Capital One
Credit Suisse.
Bain & Company. 

Q3: Do I need a visa for an internship in Korea?

Ans: International students attending foreign universities have not been able to apply for internships in Korean businesses up until recently. Put another way, only those with academic degrees or international students enrolled in a nearby university have been granted internship visas for foreigners.

This is all the information about the top Internships in South Korea for international students. If you want to read more about the internship blog, check out the Jobs Abroad page and follow Leverage Edu.

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