A Detailed Analysis of Product Designer Salary in Germany 2024

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Product Designer Salary in Germany

Product Designer Salary in Germany: Germany’s thriving tech scene and focus on innovation are driving a high demand for skilled product designers. Companies across various industries, from established giants to agile startups, are recognizing the value of user-centred design. The job of the product designer is to create a product that fills an identified need gap and addresses the consumer’s pain points. you might encounter various job titles encompassing product design responsibilities in Germany. 


You undoubtedly want to find out more about the typical income of product designers if you’re new to the field. There’s nowhere else to look! This is the most comprehensive and recent guide to product designer salaries.

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Product Designer Salary in Germany

The financial outlook for Product Designers in Germany is promising, offering a good balance between starting salaries and growth potential. The average annual salary sits at 25,720 EUR, translating to a monthly average of 2,143 EUR. It’s important to note this is just an average, with a range to consider. Entry-level positions might start around 11,040 EUR annually (920 EUR monthly), while experienced Product Designers can command salaries exceeding 42,040 EUR per year (3,503 EUR monthly). This indicates room for significant salary growth as you develop your skills and experience in the field.

Product design careers are influenced by a distinct set of elements that impact pay scales and opportunities for advancement. Some of these characteristics are universal, such as location. The following elements primarily affect the compensation package of a product designer: Years of experience, place, and capabilities

Product Designer Salary in Germany By Experience Level

Product Designers in Germany with varying levels of degrees have received the packages listed below. Any number implies yearly wages.

Product Designer Salary in Germany

Product Designer Salary in Germany By Education Level 

Your educational degrees frequently dictate how far you can advance in your profession as a product designer. This is the German product designer salary range broken down by educational attainment. 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
High School16,340 EUR
Certificate or Diploma21,540 EUR
Bachelor’s Degree30,840 EUR
Master’s Degree39,640 EUR

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Product Designer Salary in Germany By Organization 

A diverse range of enterprises in Germany, such as internet startups, e-commerce platforms, digital agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare firms, are in high demand for product designers. These are the wage details from Germany’s highest-paying corporations. 

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
Delivery Hero63,730 EUR
Zalando54,907 EUR 
Accenture45,280 EUR 
HelloFresh62,500 EUR
Personio62,027 EUR 
Babbel45,295 EUR 
Contentful64,875 EUR 
OLX Group76,091 EUR 
N2689,900 EUR 
Flink56,385 EUR
Klarna65,337 EUR 
SumUp60,223 EUR 
trivago53,326 EUR 
Revolut73,373 EUR 
Grover44,902 EUR 
Phrase62,583 EUR 
Convidera45,186 EUR 

Product Designer Salary in Germany By Cities 

In practically every industry, salary packages are influenced by location. However, there is a noticeable salary difference in the field of product design by cities in Germany.

Product Designer Salary in Germany

Product Designer Salary in Germany By Positions 

Here is a breakdown of German product designer salaries by job title. We can investigate several different groups and the anticipated salary ranges for them:

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Product designer 60,000 EUR
Product Development56,000 EUR
User Experience55,000 EUR
User Experience Designer58,890 EUR
Industrial Product Designer54,056 EUR
Freelance Designer30,000 EUR 
Web Designer60,000 EUR 
Digital Designer69,587 EUR 
Visual Designer65,482 EUR 
Designer53,854 EUR 
Website Designer69,000 EUR 

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Q1: How much do product designers make in Germany?

In Germany, the average annual income for a product designer is 73,520 EUR. In Germany, a product designer typically receives an additional 18,520  EUR in remuneration, with compensation ranging from 8,531 EUR to 28,509 EUR. 

Q2: How much does a brand designer earn in Germany?

In the German region, a designer’s annual income is expected to be 50,000 EUR. Based on salaries gathered from our users, this figure indicates the median, which is the middle of the ranges from our in-house Total Pay Estimate model.

Q3: Is Product Designer high paying?

A Product Designer can make up to ₹25.0 Lakhs (₹2.1 Lakhs per month) annually as their greatest pay. How does experience affect the pay for a product designer in India? The average annual compensation for a product designer at the entry-level with less than three years of experience is ₹8.3 lakhs.

Q4: What is the highest-paid product design job?

The demand for hiring user experience (UX) designers is always increasing, making UX design the highest-paid design discipline at the moment.

This is all about Product Designer Salaries in Germany, if you want to read more such articles on salary updates follow Leverage Edu and Jobs Abroad.

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