Details You Need to Know About Internships Abroad in 2024

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Did you know that, in the current economic climate, experience is worth more than qualifications? During college or after graduation, internships abroad offer fantastic opportunities to obtain priceless job experience for international students. Internships are valuable opportunities to gain experience and an understanding of the work culture. Applying for an internship abroad will help students in many ways. 


There are varieties of programs for internships abroad that will help students choose work according to their study of the field. So, are you prepared to land a foreign internship? Are you interested in learning everything there is to know about securing the foreign internship of your dreams?

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What are Paid and Unpaid Internships?

Here is the basic difference between paid and Unpaid Internship 

Paid Internships Unpaid Internship 
Paid internships are educational opportunities for college students, fresh graduates, and those seeking a paid on-the-job training program. Paid internships are often the first paid jobs in a person’s field of interest for those who are just entering the workforce.Internships that don’t pay are known as unpaid internships. Since a large number of unpaid interns are also students, their labor often translates into college credits. The program needs to adhere to a number of labor laws and regulations in order to be recognized as an unpaid internship.

Benefits of Doing an Internship Abroad 

There are several benefits to doing an internship abroad; a few highlight how internships abroad help students.

  • Real-world, practical expertise
  • Enhanced your CV or resume
  • Opportunities to build new connections/networking
  • Mentors with experience in your profession; university credit or stipend 
  • Build Self-confidence 
  • Expanded their knowledge and skill set in their field of study
  • Expanded their view of the world
  • Made lifelong connections
  • Created fresh respect for the culture
Internships Abroad

Types of Internships Abroad

There are many different types of internships available for you to choose from depending on your area of study or personal interests.

  • International internships for credit: Colleges and universities collaborate with businesses to provide academic credit for internships completed by students. In addition to meeting your academic requirements, these credits give you practical experience. Credit-bearing internships are an excellent method to achieve two objectives at once.
  • Summer internships abroad: Summer internships typically run a few weeks to the full summer, but they can also be longer. These internships offer professional experience or academic credit.
  • Non-profit internships: Non-profit internships are typically offered by institutions including hospitals, schools, government offices, charities, and religious institutions. Performing a public service for the community is the goal of non-profit internships. While most non-profit internships are unpaid, they nonetheless make a strong impression on a CV or resume.
  • Service learning: You work for a formal community group, like a community centre, library, or shelter, with this special kind of internship. Programs for service learning are designed in a three-step manner that calls for participants to:
    • Specify the project’s aims and objectives.
    • Complete the service task.
    • Write a report or give a presentation about their experiences.
  • Job shadowing: Job shadowing, sometimes referred to as an “externship,” is a condensed version of an internship that typically lasts a few days to several weeks. Students in high school or college can use job shadowing as an activity to learn about various career paths.

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List of Top Fully Funded Internships Abroad

Here is a list of some fully funded internships abroad provided by many top countries.

Internship Program Offered By
LPI Summer InternshipUnited States
CERN Openlab Summer Student Program Switzerland
RIPS Summer InternshipUnited States
KAUST International InternshipSaudi Arabia
CERN Summer Student Program Switzerland
CIRES Summer Internship USA United States 
OIST Internship Program Japan
ETH Student Research Summer Fellowship Switzerland

Top Companies Providing Fully Funded Paid Internships 

Here is a list of the top organizations that provide fully funded, paid internships to international students:

Companies Name Location 
LoPair ChinaChina 
Work & Travel ArgentinaArgentina
EA Ski & Snowboard TrainingJapan
The World BankWorldwide 
U.S. Department of StateWorldwide 
GoogleAny International Google Location 
Oyster InternationalCanada 
Cultural Homestay InternationalGermany 
Goldman SachsWorldwide 

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Top Destination for Doing Internship Abroad

There are several top destinations for doing an internship abroad, here are we have listed a few of the list of top destinations: 

  • Summer internships in Europe: Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, Czech Republic
  • Summer internships in Africa: South Africa, Tanzania, Morocco 
  • Summer internships in North, Central & South America: United States, Peru, Costa Rica
  • Summer internships in Asia & Pacific: Bali, New Zealand, Japan  
Internships Abroad

How to Get an Internship Abroad?

To find an internship abroad, you need to know the below-given steps:

  • Set your expectations and budget.
  • Prepare your resume or CV.
  • Preparation for the internship interview
  • Search Internship on the Official Website of the Internship
  • Select your internship Program.
  • Apply to your preferred internship program.
  • Avail of sponsorship for your internship if applicable. 


Q1: Can one obtain a paid internship overseas?

Ans: You are fortunate to have a variety of opportunities to travel the world through paid internships abroad for university students and other learners. Continue reading to discover the most extensive list of insanely fantastic paid internships overseas and launch your career in the best possible way.

Q2: How may an Indian intern overseas get placed?

Ans: Look up international internships in the field of your choice online. This may entail looking through job boards created by foreign nationals or job boards maintained by certain businesses. The majority of multinational corporations post job openings, including internships, on their websites.

Q3: Is an overseas internship worthwhile?

Ans: Gaining significant employment skills with an international internship includes developing language fluency, cultural acuity, adaptation, and communication. You’ll be appreciative of the range of hard and soft abilities you acquired during your international internship, no matter what environment you find yourself in after graduation.

Q4: How to go to a foreign country for an internship?

Ans: Tips on How to Get an International Internship as an Undergraduate
Update Your CV and Start Networking.
Contact Your University.
Go through a Third-Party Provider.
Check Social Media. 
Apply Directly.

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