Top Typing Jobs for Students Abroad 

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Typing Jobs for Students: The development of technical abilities is one of the main goals of keyboarding instruction for students. Moreover, these days, most jobs and education require proficiency with a keyboard. As it supports social media, email, and other types of communication, it has even grown to be an essential component of interpersonal interactions.


However, do you know such jobs can also help you to make money while studying abroad? All you want is to work for a reputable company when you begin your corporate career. One way to obtain useful expertise with Microsoft expertise and data crunching is to become a typewriter. Typing firm records and materials, such as reports, correspondence, and policy, is the responsibility of an accomplished typist.

You may get all the information you require about the best typing jobs available to students overseas from this blog.

Benefits of Doing Typing Jobs for Students

There are several benefits to doing Typing Jobs for Students, here are a few of them listed below: 

  • Adaptability. The flexibility that a typing job provides is one of its greatest benefits. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you may work from any location. Because of this, typing jobs are a fantastic choice for people wishing to work from home full-time or as a side gig.
  • No Prior Experience Needed. The fact that no prior experience is necessary for typing jobs is another perk. These tasks are yours to begin with as long as you can type accurately and quickly. Because of this, typing jobs are a fantastic choice for people who are trying to change occupations or are just entering the market.
  • Rising Desire. There is a great demand for typing jobs because more and more businesses are looking for people with accurate and fast typing speeds. This indicates that there is a huge need for typing positions, therefore you will always have employment.
  • Lucrative Salary. Jobs requiring you to type can be quite lucrative, particularly if you have good accuracy and speed. Your charges are up to you to decide, and you will only get paid for the task you finish. For anyone seeking a side source of income, typing jobs are an excellent alternative because of this.

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Best Countries for Typing Jobs for Students

The ideal nations for student typing jobs are those with robust economies, a high need for remote labour, and a reasonably cheap cost of living. Top nations in this category also include the following:

Top 6 Best Typing Jobs for Students

If you have been wondering how to make money by typing from home, you may consider taking up the following jobs:

1. Transcriptionist

After listening to audio files, transcriptionists type the words into a text document. Audio can be taken from lectures, conferences, speeches, or videos. The legal and medical fields are two of the biggest employers of transcribers.

Average Salary 40,740 USD

2. Data Entry Clerk

Clerks that perform data entry, and input data into online databases. Usually, they get files with a diverse range of information in them. After that, they sort and insert pertinent information in the proper fields. Data entry clerks need to keep up their speed and accuracy.

Average Salary 36,640 USD

3. Subtitle Editor

Similar to transcriptionists, subtitle and caption editors utilize audio recordings from movies, TV shows, news, and live broadcasts to translate spoken words into text. For live broadcasts, they swiftly and precisely transcribe audio.

Average Salary 48,930 USD

4. Online Customer Support Representative

Through email and chat portals, online customer service agents assist clients. Together with providing helpful information about goods and services, they also respond to consumer questions.

Average Salary 37,090 USD

5. Blogger

Bloggers use their connections with clients to help them plan, produce, and market content. After doing extensive research, they create pieces that are relevant to the target audience and provide compelling, original material. 

Average Salary 72,500 USD

6. Community Moderator

In order to increase brand exposure and loyalty among their online community, community moderators develop and oversee an organization’s online voice. In order to maintain a consistent corporate identity, moderators will be in charge of coordinating company communications, PR, social media, and marketing material.

Average Salary $47,190

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Online Typing Jobs for Students

There are several types of online typing jobs available for students; here are a few listed below: 

  • Online Proofreading & Editing 
  • Bookkeeping
  • Freelance Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Editor
  • Proofreader

Top Website for Typing Jobs for Students

To apply for online typing jobs on these sites, you must have the necessary skills and a computer with a reliable internet connection.

  • Scribie
  • Freelancer 
  • Upwork 
  • Rev
  • 2Captcha 
  • TranscribeMe

Skills Required for Typing Jobs

The following is a list of skill sets needed for typing jobs: 

  • Strong familiarity with database applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Familiarity with other Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Word.
  • Outstanding transcription and typing abilities, especially the ability to type quickly.
  • Capacity for data collection and study.

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What qualifications are needed for a typing job?

For a typing job, one must have a minimum of 55% in a recognized university’s science, arts, commerce, business management, or computer applications program.

Are typing jobs online really paying?

Yes, typing jobs online can really pay abroad. In fact, there are many companies and individuals who are looking for typists from other countries. The pay for these jobs can vary depending on the experience and skills of the typist, as well as the country where the company is located. However, it is generally possible to find typing jobs that pay well, even if you are from a developing country.

Is a certificate in typing useful?

Yes, to apply for jobs. Some organizations could demand that applicants meet specific typing accuracy and speed requirements, particularly for administrative and data entry roles. Possessing a typing certificate from a reputable platform such as Ratatype might make you stand out as a qualified applicant and help you fulfil these requirements.

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