List of Universities in Sheffield

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One of the most famous cities, Sheffield is a metropolitan borough located in South Yorkshire. England with a population of 569,700. Being one of the eight largest regional English cities, Sheffield has emerged to form the Core Cities Group. Basically, this popular city is home to two universities that provide excellence in teaching and good quality of education. If you want to know more about the benefits of studying in Sheffield, a list of universities, courses, fees, cost of living and much more then Keep Reading!

Why Pursue Studies in Sheffield?

Located at the heart of the United Kingdom, Sheffield provides a unique vibrant student life, environment and friendly diversity. You may be surprised to know that Sheffield features two universities that are major attractions for students. 

List of Universities in Sheffield

There are two universities in Sheffield, The University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Hallam University.

The University of Sheffield

Founded in 1897, the University of Sheffield is one of the prominent research institutions that is a part of Firth College, Sheffield Technical School and Sheffield Medical School. This university is well known across the globe for being focused on the science and technology field. Further, The University of Sheffield is also one of the six red brick universities that are constructed and founded in the industrial area of England. The university has made tremendous growth over the years considering the constant increase in the number of enrollments, development of new departments, halls, buildings and the expansion of the campus area. Further, the University of Sheffield features campuses that have many buildings with faculties and departments. The university comprises five faculties namely, the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and the Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Year of establishment  1897
Total international students  7344
Campuses  1
Cost of living  Pound 5866
Cost of studying  INR 24.79 Lakhs 
Rankings  48th rank in the world, 14th rank in the UK

Sheffield Hallam University

Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in England, Sheffield Hallam University is one of the largest and most diverse universities in England. The campus of the university is located in the heart of the city centre near Sheffield Railway Station and its collegiate campus is in the Broomhall Estate off Ecclesall Road. Sheffield Hallam University comprises various research centres and faculties namely the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH),  Faculty of Health and wellbeing (HWB), Faculty of Science, Technology and Arts (STA), and Sheffield Business School (SBS). further, there are more than 24,455 undergraduates and 6,365 postgraduate students currently enrolled at the university. Another major reason for the popularity of Sheffield Hallam University is the extensive network of notable alumni including Kid Acne, a musician and an artist, and Roma Bubunaik, an artist.

Year of establishment  1843
Total international students  3359
Campuses  2
Cost of living  Pound 520,000
Cost of studying  INR 13.44 lakhs  
Ranking  1001-1200 rank in World QS Ranking


There are an array of courses offered by the universities in Sheffield. Some of the popular courses are 

Name of the Courses  Average Fees 
MIM 21.4 L – 26.21 L
MBA/PGDM 28.9 L 
B.E / B.Tech 24.79 L
MBBS 38.58 L
B Sc. 18.25 L – 20.76 L
BBA 19.32 L
MBA 28.9 L
MSc International Management 25.15 L
MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management 24.08 L
MSc in Finance and Accounting 26.21 L
Bachelors of Computer science 24.79 L
Bachelors of Medicine 38.58 L
Bachelors of Business Management 19.32 L
Bachelor of Biomedical Science 20.76 L
Bachelors of Dental Surgery 19.01 L

Fees at Universities in Sheffield 

One of the major aspects you need to consider while choosing the right university for yourself is the tuition fees at the Universities in Sheffield. The fees for different programs are 

Name of the Programs  Average Fees in INR
MS 21.4
MA 18.5
BE/BTech 19.6
BSc 21.2
MBBS 36.3

Cost of Living 

Another prominent reason for opting for Sheffield can be its cheaper cost of living as compared to the other cities in the United Kingdom. Sheffield is the 4th largest city in the United Kingdom and is a student-friendly city. Thus to help you in calculating the average cost of living here is the breakdown of the monthly expenses.

Expenses  Average Cost in INR
Accommodation  48,000
Average tuition fees  24,00,000
Food shopping  8,765
Books and printing  4,380
Social activities  14,603
Internet and mobile phone  3,894

Student Life

As Sheffield is considered one of the most popular places in the United Kingdom, universities in Sheffield provide excellence in teaching and good quality of education. The 4th largest city, Sheffield is large enough for offering an array of restaurants, theatres, bars, culture, shopping, and cinemas. Further, the city is home to prestigious institutions that are included in the world-top 100 universities.

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