How to Write UCAS Personal Statement?

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How to Write UCAS Personal Statement (1)

When getting enrolled at universities and colleges abroad, one of the major aspects that you are required to consider is how to write UCAS personal statement. This UCAS personal statement is well-known for striking fear into sixth-formers and sculpting an appropriate personal statement is an unavoidable process. With more than 6,00,000 people approaching university admissions each year, admission officers are required to filter strong candidates from the pool. As easy as this task seems, it is also your one and only real-time opportunity. Here are some of the major things you must consider for writing a UCAS personal statement, keep reading!

What’s a Personal Statement?

A personal statement or an undergraduate personal statement is basically an opportunity to get noticed by admission officers through your unique talent as well as experience. Further, it is a significant part of the application process or an opportunity where you can talk about yourself as well as your passions, outside of your grades.

Preparing to Write your Statement

It is quite often and normal that you have heard that preparation is the key and it is not different in the case of personal statements. There are two important things that you must be thinkings about. These two things are practical as well as factual information that is required to get across, and you must be more emotional, human parts that you have and that makes you different from the lot. Before starting writing, you must take time in order to think about essential things that you would want the admission officer to know and get on paper. You are not required to worry too much about why you must be offered a place. For this, you can also take inspiration from the course description that will help you to justify what to include to get a good idea of what the university is basically looking for. 

How to Open Your Personal Statement?

It is quite obvious that admission officers will be reading an array of personal statements thus, it is quite important to grab their attention from the beginning to 

Admissions Tutors will be reading a lot of personal statements, so it’s important to grab their attention right from the start to stand out from the crowd. You must remember that it can be over 3,000 characters which are approximately about two sides of an A4 size sheet thus, you are required to use your words wisely in order to put in. 

Here is a small guide about the main things to think about. 

  • You must not overthink the opening. Start by showcasing your enthusiasm about the particular subject, knowledge and understanding by sharing the subject, showcasing your knowledge and understanding, and sharing your ambitions of what you really want to achieve.
  • Avoid cliches! You must remember that the opening part is about the introduction; thus, let the admission officers read your personal statement and know you better.
  • Keep it relevant and straightforward. As you are limited in how much you must include, avoid long winding explanations; simply use 10 words that make relevant points instead of 10 points. 

Your Skills and Achievements

Next, you are required to write about your skills as well as achievements. Universities are eager to know about your abilities that will help you to choose the course with the life at the University.  

Here are some more tips; 

  • You must be bold and talk about achievements you will be proud of.
  • You must include the responsible positions both in and out of the school. 
  • Also include the things that make you special, unique or interesting. 
  • Another important aspect to include is work experience as well as plans. You must also share job details, placement, voluntary work, and work experience, mainly when it is relevant to the course that you have opted for. Then you are required to try experiencing skills and abilities to become successful.
  • If you know what you will like to pursue after your career, explain the plan to use the knowledge as well as experience that would help you to gain a career.


How do I start a personal statement on UCAS?

You must start with short sentences that capture the exact reason for being interested in studying the areas you have enrolled for which communicates your enthusiasm for that. Simply do not waffle or say that you want to study because it is interesting. 

What do unis look for in a personal statement?

Most universities or the most successful personal statements require your answers to the questions that the admission officer is asking for from the perspective of the students such as who you are, why you want to study that degree course or at the university, what you are aiming at and much more. 

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