Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand

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Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand

Students who have finished their education overseas frequently search for employment opportunities because compensation packages in other countries are generally higher. Though it might seem a daunting task to land a dream job in a foreign location, Let’s take a quick look at the skills in demand, job scenario and the highest paying jobs in New Zealand.

Why New Zealand?

The highest-paying positions in New Zealand are found in a variety of industries, including healthcare, information technology, engineering, finance, and management. The country has a good standard of living, beautiful natural scenery, and a healthy work-life balance. Its progressive politics, powerful economy, and hospitable culture make it an appealing destination for professionals looking for profitable possibilities, a secure environment, and a distinctive way of life. New Zealand’s commitment to innovation, education, and sustainable development adds to its allure for individuals looking for rewarding and well-paying jobs.

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Before directly starting hunting for jobs in the market, we need to understand the skills that are in demand and the industries that are popular in the New Zealand job market. The top industries that job seekers in New Zealand should target are listed below:

  1. Nursing: In New Zealand, both nursing positions and nursing expertise are in high demand. The need for caretakers and health professionals is continually growing, and job opportunities abound as well.
  1. Construction: To maintain and develop the overall infrastructure. Construction workers and civil engineers are in high demand. If you’re well-versed in building and have a degree in architecture or civil engineering then you should explore this very competitive industry.
  1. Business analysis: Business analysis is one of the abilities that are highly sought after, as is employment associated with it, if you have a management degree, solid knowledge of business communication, an understanding of business ethics, and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills then start exploring jobs in this niche where you can become a great asset for a team.
  1. Educator: One of the most respectable occupations in the world, teaching offers employment opportunities to people at all academic levels in New Zealand. You’ll have a lot of work prospects in the teaching sector if you’re good at communicating knowledge properly and running a classroom.

Apart from the above-mentioned sectors, graduates will discover that New Zealand can provide the ideal work-life balance in other sectors, like IT, Financial services and legal departments as well, because of its high quality of life, affordable cost of living, and variety of job options.

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Top Highest Paying Professions in New Zealand

 Let’s now take a look at an overview of highest paying jobs for foreigners:

ProfessionsAverage Salary in NZD & INR
Financial Services183,000 (INR 85.88 Lakhs)
IT and & Software Development105,000 (INR 49.27 Lakhs)
Legal Departments204,000 (INR 95.73 Lakhs)
Engineering Jobs89,000 (INR 41.76 Lakhs)
Executive Management170,000 (INR 79.78 Lakhs)

Course Wise Salary in New Zealand

Here’s a list of some of the popular programs among international students which offer lucrative packages:

ProgramsAverage Salary in NZD & INR
PhD156,000 (INR 73.21 Lakhs)
Executive MBA150,000 (INR 70.39 Lakhs)
Masters in Finance158,000 (INR 74.14 Lakhs)
Bachelors131,000 (INR 61.47 Lakhs)
LLM124,000 (INR 58.19 Lakhs)
MBA123,000 (INR 57.72 Lakhs)

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New Zeland Work Visa

In New Zealand, there are a variety of visa options available depending on whether one wishes to work, study, invest, or simply travel. The length of your stay, and the amount of time required to record your journey to New Zealand. If you have a job offer there, and whether you can bring your family are all things to consider when choosing a visa. Take a look at the table below to find out which is the most suitable visa for you:

ParticularsWorking Holiday VisaEssential Skill VisaWork to Residence VisaSkilled Migrant Visa
Duration12 Months5 years2.5 years
ApplicationOnlineOnline Online (after 2 years eligible to apply for residence)EOI and ITA
Cost280 NZD(INR 13,140)495 NZD(INR 23,230)635 NZD(INR 29,800)EOI-530 NZD(INR- 24,873)
Application- 2,710 NZD(INR – 1.27 Lacs)
Processing TimeWithin 32 daysWithin 64 daysWithin 76 days to 4 monthsWithin 15 months
Eligibility– Age 18-35 
-Sufficient money for a return ticket,
-Going mostly for a vacation, with finding a job being a secondary goal
– Proof of identity, – A full-time job offer- A health certificate – The necessary qualifications for the job being offered.-Age till 55 -Proof of Identity good health job offer. -Holding long-term skill shortage visa -Employed in New Zealand for 2 years (skills shortage)–Age till 55-Proof of identity -Good Health -Fluency in English-Proper qualification
JobNot requiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Accompany of Partner/ChildrenNot AllowedSeparate Visa RequiredSeparate Visa Required Allowed
Permit to Public ServicesNoHealthcare & EducationHealthcare & EducationHealthcare & Education

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What are some of the best jobs in New Zealand?

Management Consultant
Investment Banker
Construction Manager
Software Engineer

What is the median salary in New Zealand?

The estimated median income based on the current salary profiles is INR 28.0 lakhs per year.

What is the duration of work to visa in New Zealand?

The duration of work to visa in New Zealand is 2.5 years.

There are many in-demand jobs to consider, whether you want to work in healthcare, technology, or something in between. As you now have a better idea of the employment landscape in New Zealand, begin honing your skills to increase your prospects. Contact study abroad consultants at Leverage Edu to turn your dream of studying abroad into reality and ensure a seamless transition.

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