Study in NZ: New Zealand to invest NZ$ 400K towards Student Mobility Initiatives and Internationalisation

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The government of New Zealand has invested NZ$ 400K to promote student mobility and internationalisation, highlighting the country’s commitment to providing educational opportunities for students from around the world.

India- New Zealand education week was initiated to strengthen ties between India and New Zealand.  The education week started on 17th April 2023. The aim of the education week is to encourage a dialogue on research and foster innovation, culture exchange and cooperation. For this purpose, a series of engagements between Indian institutions and academics and New Zealand took place. Moreover, New Zealand demonstrated its commitment to India by announcing an investment of NZ$400k towards internalization and student mobility initiatives. The announcement was made at the media roundtable session. Also, hosted by the New Zealand High Commission.

Study in NZ: New Zealand to invest NZ$ 400K towards Student Mobility Initiatives and Internationalisation

According to Grant McPherson, Education New Zealand’s Chief Executive, the education system of New Zealand is focusing on the future and is multicultural. As a result, they are offering students an opportunity to earn work-ready degrees.

Moreover, India is one of New Zealand’s priority partner countries for exchanges, collaborations and student mobility. The announcement was made to demonstrate their commitment towards India as an education partner.

New Zealand and India Education Meet: Benefits to India

According to Prof. James Gomes, IIT Delhi spokesperson, New Zealand Centre is embodying IIT Delhi’s efforts to welcome internationalism, provide new opportunities for new research collaborations, and give global exposure to Indian students. 

The MOU has enhanced partnership and collaboration in research, teaching, and fellowships between New Zealand and India. It also provides an opportunity for exploring innovative ventures with New Zealand.

The education meeting has resulted in the announcement of a NZ$400k investment by New Zealand. It would include the fellowship grants and relaunch of partial scholarships under the New Zealand Excellence Awards.

The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

The NZEA is a scholarship awarded exclusively to Indian students. The scholarship is jointly funded by 8 New Zealand Universities and by Education New Zealand. Launched in 2016, the scholarship has assisted more than 200 Indian students to continue their studies in New Zealand.

Moreover, New Zealand- India Education has resulted in the announcement of a NZ$400k investment. For the Indian students, it would mean access to fellowship grants and partial scholarships under the NZEA.

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