How To Get A PR In New Zealand?

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How to Get PR in New Zealand

New Zealand may be a small country but has much to offer. It is a country that provides affordable healthcare, has a world class education system, believes in maintaining a healthy work life balance and promotes cultural diversity. A land that is a home to picturesque landscapes, a thriving economy, great employment opportunities has been an attractive destination for people all over the world. If you have been considering to study in New Zealand or shift there, read more to find out about how to get a PR in New Zealand.

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Types Of Visas In New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand or moving there for work is a dream of many. To make sure maximum people get a chance to visit this beautiful country there are various types of visas here. If you want to find out how to get a PR in New Zealand then first find out about 5 common visa types available. They are: 

  • ETA –  This document is not a visa but allows you to enter into New Zealand for a period extending up to 3 months. It is basically a visa waiver that grants entry to New Zealand without going to the consular office. ETA permits a stay of maximum 90 days per entry. The ETA expires 2 years after it has been issued.
  • New Zealand visitor visa – this is the most common type of visa that people usually apply for. However, not everyone needs to apply for this visa. This visa is only applied by people belonging to those countries without a visa-waiver must apply. Additionally, people belonging to visa waiver countries who wish to stay longer than the visas have waived must apply.
  • New Zealand Student Visa – this document allows you to enter New Zealand for educational purposes. You are allowed to stay in the country only as long as the duration of the course. The applicant is allowed to work, but the amount of hours one can put in is limited.
  • New Zealand Work Visa – The applicant can apply for this visa if they are interested in working in New Zealand. However, in most cases, the visa gets approved only if there is a job offer for the application.
  • New Zealand Resident Visa – This visa allows you to do pretty much anything like a New Zealand native. One can get a job, choose not to and even stay in New Zealand for as long as one wants.

Obtaining PR Visa In New Zealand

Moving on in how to get a PR in New Zealand, you must be aware of all the criteria. A New Zealand PR enables you to live, work and study in New Zealand for as long as you wish to. You can also avail the same benefits of a New Zealand citizen. Candidates are eligible to apply for New Zealand PR after being a resident of New Zealand for 2 years. To obtain a PR visa, one can use several visa options, namely:

  • Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa – individuals who have the skills to contribute to the economic growth of New Zealand are invited to apply for this visa. However, before the invitation is given, applicants must send an Expression of Interest (EOI) explaining one’s employment, work experience and qualifications. The Expression of Interest is successful; the applicant will be offered an opportunity to apply to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely. The applicant can include their partner and dependent children under the age of 24 in their application.
  • Partner Of A New Zealander Resident Visa – Applicants can apply for this visa if their partner is a citizen/resident of New Zealand. After being granted the residence, the applicants can live, work and study in New Zealand for an indefinite period. The applicant can also include the dependent children aged 24 and under in the application.
  • Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa –  Applicants will be eligible to apply under this visa only if they have the specified work experience, qualification and occupational registration to work under the Long term skill shortage list. Additionally, they are required to have an offer to work in that occupation. Continued working in New Zealand for a period of 2 years makes the applicant eligible to apply for the visa.
  • Permanent Residence Visa – if the applicant has a New Zealand residence visa and has been living in New Zealand for 2 years or more may be eligible for a permanent residents visa. A PR visa will enable the applicants to travel to and from New Zealand any time they like.
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa – applicants who want to carry out their own business in New Zealand may apply for this visa. For this, the applicants will have to provide the following:
    A . A detailed business plan
    B.  Have at least NZ $ 100,000 (INR 52,48,306) to invest in the business
    C.  be able to claim 120 points on the points scale. 

On being granted the visa, they can buy or set up a business in New Zealand without living here permanently.

PR Points System

If you want to find out how to get a PR in New Zealand, we must tell you about the PR points system. Visa category employs a point-based system to determine the eligibility of the candidate. Applicants must secure at least 100-135 points to qualify for expression of Interest pool.  Additionally, the candidates must secure 140 points in EOI to qualify for an invitation to apply for the PR Visa. The points are given depending on the following criteria, namely:

  • Age – A maximum of 30 points are given for 20-29 years age group and a minimum of 5 points for 50 to 55 years age group.
  • Employment – 60 points are secured by currently skilled employees and about 50 points are given to those who are looking for a job or have been working for less than a year.
  • Education 50 points are given to applicants who have a bachelor’s degree or other major diploma qualifications and 55 points are given to those applicants holding a masters or a doctorate.
  • Work Experience – Points range from 10 given to those who have been working for a period of 2 years and 30 given to those who have been working for 10 years. Additional bonus points may be given depending on appraisals in the candidate’s work experience.
  • Family Ties – 10 points are secured by those who have close family members in New Zealand.

Requirements For A PR Visa

There are certain requirement for a PR visa, which you must know in finding out about how to get a PR in New Zealand. The requirements are mentioned below: 

  • A candidate must be under 55 years of age at the time of lodgement.
  • A candidate must have good health.
  • A candidate must have a certificate of good character.
  • A candidate must have a job offer letter from a company located in New Zealand.
  • A candidate must have a work experience of at least 3 years.
  • A candidate must get a resident visa at least 2 years before applying for permanent residency.

Benefits Of PR In New Zealand

If you wan to apply for PR in New Zealand and inform yourselves about how to get a PR in New Zealand then you should also know about the various benefits of PR in New Zealand. They are: 

  • Candidates will get the permission to enter and leave the country multiple times in the first two years.
  • Candidates get eligibility for citizenship
  • Candidates will have the rights to study, live and work in the country
  • Candidates need to pay only domestic fees for their education in the country
  • Eligibility to sponsor the candidates relatives for PR visa.
  • Candidates can get access to medical and social security benefits

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This was all about how to get PR in New Zealand. We hope it answered all your queries regarding the same. Want to study in New Zealand? Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu who will help you select the best university and course for you. Sign up for a free session today! 

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