Honest Study in New Zealand Reviews

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Study in New Zealand Reviews

Are you afraid and nervous when it comes to settling anywhere abroad for your higher education? Are second thoughts consuming your mind and making you question your decision to study in New Zealand? We know that it is rather a big decision in life to choose to study abroad. We have also witnessed many doubts and commonly asked questions that expectant students want to ask from the experienced students and people. So, let’s find all the answers to the questions that are bothering you with these honest study in New Zealand reviews. 

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Here is a quick glance at the students who have shared their valuable insights and reviews on studying in New Zealand:

  • Sneha Patil
  • Kanishka Shandilya
  • Quitaba Mehmood
  • Chetna Vasishth

Why Study in New Zealand 

Before we begin our study in New Zealand reviews, let us discuss why you should study in New Zealand. Apart from being widely known for its flora and fauna, wildlife, incredible scenic beauty, gigantic glaciers and mountains, this island country is also renowned for its education system. New Zealand is a country with a population of 4.5 million people and home to the top-ranking world universities that are home to thousands of international students that come to New Zealand to fulfil their dreams. The universities have a plethora of courses to offer to both domestic and international students. The student life in New Zealand is filled with non-stop learning and adventures and a variety of work opportunities. 

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Honest Study in New Zealand Reviews

Now let us go through these amazing and heartfelt honest study in New Zealand reviews which will definitely prove to help you have a better idea about how your life will be there as an international student. 

Sneha Patil – Student Life in New Zealand – Study tips + Job tips + Accommodation

On our list of honest study in New Zealand reviews, we have a review by Sneha Patil. In her video, Sneha Patil tells her viewers and audience about her studying in New Zealand. She has mentioned that she completed her Masters of International Tourism Management from Auckland University of Technology. The video is quite informative and will help the audience with students living in New Zealand and are planning to pursue their higher education from New Zealand. She also shares some of her personal useful tips related to studying, job, accommodation, and more to help the students. 

Kanishka Shandilya – Indian Student Life In New Zealand

Next on our honest study in New Zealand reviews, we have one by Kanishka Shandilya. On her channel Pixelroma, she explains different aspects and important factors that will help international students to study and settle in Auckland, New Zealand such as fees, savings, jobs, accommodation, earnings etc. She also mentioned the most popular cities where students can search for universities and begin with their studies. These are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. In her video, she has also mentioned different renowned universities in New Zealand such as Auckland University of Technology, University of Auckland, University of Waikato, Manukau Institute of Technology and more. 

Quitaba Mehmood – If You Want to Move to New Zealand Give it a Watch

We have another honest review on our list of study in New Zealand reviews. It is by Quitaba Mehmood. In this video, he nicely explains about his life experiences in New Zealand. He has reviewed 24 hours in a day journey for an international student in New Zealand, specifically in Auckland city. Qutaiba as an international student tries to explore New Zealand’s culture, heritage, economical environment, transportation, daily routine and much more in a yet fun and interesting way. His aim is to tell the world about different opportunities and experiences that New Zealand is offering to the world through his YouTube channel.

Chetna Vasishth – How to Study in New Zealand: Scholarships, Visa, Eligibility, Work Opportunities for Indian Students

Well, this one is a mix of honest study in New Zealand review and an interview as well. This video is by Chetna Vasishth of ChetChat. In this video, she has interviewed Ms Pamela Miller Staggers who is the International Marketing Manager at Auckland University of Technology. With the help of this video and an honest study in New Zealand review, students will come to know about why should they study in New Zealand, job opportunities, visa, immigration, courses available at AUT, cost of studying in New Zealand, different and most popular fields of study in New Zealand, scholarships in New Zealand, Commonwealth Scholarships, PhD in New Zealand and the list is long. This video is your one-stop guide for all your frequently asked questions and doubts related to study in New Zealand. 

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With the end of this blog, we hope that these heartfelt honest study in New Zealand reviews have helped you in analysing the reality of life in New Zealand. Want to share your study abroad experience? Drop a message in the comment section below. For more information on study in New Zealand, reach out to Leverage Edu experts.  Stay connected with us on LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Quora and Instagram!

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