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study mba in sweden in 2024

With the global demand for MBA professionals, students from all over the world are looking for countries that have a good curriculum as well as status. Sweden is one of the few countries with a fairly smaller population but a high-quality education system at the same time. It is one of the top study destinations in Europe and is home to many top-ranked universities. If you want to pursue a course in MBA from abroad then you might want to consider Sweden as one of your top options.

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Why Study an MBA in Sweden?

Sweden is one of the most diverse as well as accepting countries of Europe. With its reputation of being among the most developed countries in the world as well as having a top position when it comes to education due to its rigorous focus on curriculum, it has established itself as a popular study abroad destination among international students. Studying abroad and choosing the right country to study in, is a big decision to make. You need to analyze various aspects before making such a decision. Here are a few advantages of pursuing a course like MBA in Sweden:

  • Sweden has a diverse population with a remarkable status of being one of the best countries in terms of education.
  • Sweden ranks second in higher education in the world.
  • The curriculum is such that one is allowed to explore as well as expand their knowledge in various fields.
  • Sweden is home to top multinational companies like Volvo, IKEA, H&M, etc.
  • The universities in Sweden encourage international students to seek admission and also offers a number of scholarship programmes for the same.
  • Students are allowed to work and are given job permits, which gives them a first-hand experience of working at any firm and also helps them in meeting their living costs.

Top MBA Programs in Sweden 2023

The top MBA programs in Sweden for 2023 are:

University Top Programs for MBA in Sweden Duration  Average Fee
SSE Stockholm School of EconomicsExecutive MBA 18 months SEK 495,000 (INR 43.79 Lakh)
University of Gothenburg – School of Business, Economics and Law Executive MBA21 months SEK 435,000 (INR 38.48 Lakh)
Stockholm University School of Business Executive MBA18 months SEK 325,000 (INR 28.75 Lakh)
Lund University School of Economics and Management Executive MBA18 months SEK 325,000 (INR 28.75 Lakh)
Blekinge Institute of Technology Distance MBA 12 months SEK 100,000 (INR 8.84 Lakh)

Top Universities for MBA in Sweden

Sweden has several colleges that are among the top-ranked business schools in the world. Here are the top universities in Sweden offering reputed MBA courses that might interest you:

Stockholm School of Economics

Credits: Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm School of Economics is one of the top colleges for MBA in the world. The MBA programme here is designed in such a way that it focuses on the holistic development of the student with a focus on environmental sustainability and management. The programme here also focuses on the emerging global market which gives you exposure to the current international market and economy.

School of Business, Stockholm University

Credits: Stockholm University

This is one of the largest departments of Stockholm University and has a well developed and globally updated curriculum. This department is also in close contact with other business schools in the world giving you an opportunity for transnational education.

School of Economics and Management, Lund University

Credits: Lund University School of Economics and Management

If you are looking for a university that has close ties with top recruiters of the world then you might want to study here. Lund University not only has one of the best recruiting programs but it also has one of the best spaces for growth as an international student. 

Uppsala University

Credits: Uppsala universitet

This university provides a degree in MBA in three programmes i.e. international business, marketing, and organization. The diverse syllabus of Uppsala University helps the student grow in various ways and reach their goals and ambitions through a rigorous and competitive environment. This university also provides special guidance to international students by giving them one-on-one sessions and workshops with career counsellors.

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Eligibility Criteria

To study MBA in Sweden, it is essential to be familiar with the key prerequisites you need to fulfil. Though the actual course requirements might vary from one university to another, here are the general eligibility criteria for MBA courses in Sweden:

  • The applicant must have completed their bachelor’s degree from a recognized academic institution with the minimum marks required by your chosen university.
  • Universities in Sweden accept both GMAT and GRE scores for admission into MBA courses. Moreover, you will also have to provide English language proficiency scores like IELTS/TOEFL, etc.
  • Along with this, you will also have to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

For specific course requirements, students are advised to check the official website of their university.

Documents Required

In addition, the following documents must be submitted by the students to the universities in Sweden. 

  • Standard X, XII, and bachelor’s degree mark sheets and other education transcripts
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores obtained via the internet
  • Tests scores of GMAT/GRE
  • TISUS language test results are only used to participate in Swedish programs.
  • Two letters of recommendation are needed (LOR)
  • Updated resume and/or CV 
  • Statement of Purpose
  • A certified copy of your passport

MBA in Sweden: Visa Requirements

International students wishing to study MBA in Sweden must apply for a resident permit in Sweden. The Swedish migration agency does this, however, it is handled in India through the Swedish Embassy and Consulates. Furthermore, the visa application lasts around 90 days (on average) following submission. The price for Sweden’s educational resident’s permit is SEK 1000. At the time of application, the following papers/documents are necessary:

  • Copy of the passport, that has the validity of 6 months at the time of application.
  • Enrolment letter from any of the University in Sweden stating the duration of the course
  • Proof of financial statements 
  • Health insurance paper 
  • Academic transcripts 
  • You will be also required to write and present valid and reasonable reasons in the written essay as to why you wish to study in Sweden.

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MBA in Sweden Cost

While the tuition fee for European/EU students is completely exempted, Sweden is quite an affordable study destination to pursue a globally accredited MBA from. The average tuition fees for MBA programs at universities in Sweden ranges somewhere around 20,000 EUR/year – 35,000 EUR/year [17,15,000 INR-30,00,000 INR roughly]. Here are the average annual tuition fee costs for major universities in Sweden:

  • Karolinska Institute: 34,000 EUR (INR 29.15 Lakh roughly)
  • Lund University: 21,000 EUR (INR 18.00 Lakh roughly)
  • Uppsala University: 25,000 EUR (INR 21.43 Lakh roughly)
  • Stockholm University: 25,000 EUR (INR 21.43 Lakh roughly)

To help international students cover the academic costs, Sweden offers a varied range of scholarships for MBA and master’s degree programs such as:

  • Lund University Global Scholarship Programme
  • The World Bank Scholarship and Fellows Program
  • Open Society Foundation Fellowships and Scholarships
  • The University of Gothenburg Study Scholarship
  • Karlstad University Global Scholarship Program
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology Tuition Fee Waivers
  • Swedish Institute Study Scholarships
  • Chalmers IPOET Scholarships
  • Halmstad University Scholarships
  • Linnaeus University Scholarships
  • Linköping International Scholarships
  • The Visby Program Scholarships
  • Mälardalen University Scholarships
  • Blenkinge Institute of Technology Scholarship Program
  • University of Borås Tuition Fee Waivers

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Credits: DW Travel

MBA in Sweden Without IELTS 

Sweden is the greatest choice if you want to study in Europe without IELTS. If you meet the following conditions, you can study in Sweden without IELTS.

  1. Students who have a degree comparable to a Swedish candidate examination in the principal field of English can study without an IELTS program.
  2. Universities of Sweden can be studied without IELTS by students having 60 ECTS credits or the equivalent credits of an EU/EEA nation or Switzerland, where English was the medium of instruction of the courses.
  3. Students from India with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer applications, computer science, the natural sciences or technology, medicine, pharmacy demonstrated that the English language of instruction and may study in Sweden without IELTS. The language of instruction is English.

Free MBA in Sweden for International Students

Due to Sweden’s membership in the European Union (EU), the tuition fee regulations for nationals also apply to citizens of the EU/EEA, other Nordic countries, and Switzerland or a legal permanent resident of Sweden. Fees are often waived for exchange students whose studies are guided by agreements between Swedish and foreign universities. If you hold a passport from the European Union/European Economic Area or Switzerland, you can study for free in Sweden! If you have a passport from another country, the cost will be higher.

Since the fall semester of 2011, the Swedish government has started charging nominal tuition fees or administration fees from students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. Tuition prices today range from SEK 80,000 (about 8,000 Euros) per year to 190,000 SEK (approximately 19,000 Euros) per year, depending on the subject and university you desire to attend. A bachelor’s degree program is often significantly less expensive than a generic master’s degree like MBA. Although it may be an expensive choice for some, students who choose to study in Sweden will obtain superior education that will open doors to institutions all over the world and provide interesting employment prospects after graduation. Here is a long list of universities that are providing free education to students: 

  1. Stockholm School of Economics
  2. Stockholm School of Theology
  3. Stockholm University
  4. Stockholm University of the Arts
  5. Södertörn University
  6. Umeå University
  7. University of Borås
  8. University of Gothenburg
  9. University of Gävle
  10. University of Skövde
  11. Uppsala University
  12. Karolinska Institutet
  13. Konstfack
  14. Kristianstad University
  15. Linköping University
  16. Linnaeus University
  17. Luleå University of Technology
  18. Lund University
  19. Malmö University
  20. Mid Sweden University
  21. Mälardalen University
  22. Royal Institute of Art
  23. Örebro University
  24. Blekinge Institute of Technology
  25. Chalmers University of Technology
  26. Dalarna University
  27. Ersta Sköndal University College
  28. GIH – the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
  29. Halmstad University
  30. Jönköping University
  31. KMH – Royal College of Music in Stockholm
  32. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  33. Karlstad University
  34. SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  35. Sophiahemmet University College

Part-Time MBA in Sweden

An EMBA, often known as an Executive MBA, is a graduate-level business degree designed for professionals and executives. It enables individuals to pursue business executive education while also working. Given below is a list of the popular executive or part-time MBA courses/programs that are available in Sweden. 

University in Sweden Name of the Program Duration 
School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of GothenburgGothenburg Executive MBA (EMBA)21 months
Stockholm University – Stockholm Business SchoolEMBA4 semesters
Stockholm School of EconomicsSSE MBA Executive Format18 months
Lund University School of Economics and ManagementExecutive MBA18-24 months

MBA in Sweden: Salary and Job Prospects

Swedish pupils are taught essential abilities in employability such as creativity, criticism, and team skills. MBA programs in Sweden work in strong collaboration with business, allowing students to combine their studies and job.

One should realize that if the student is not European-born, hiring in Sweden will require a few steps. That said, Sweden has been recognized as home by major multinationals such as Volvo, IKEA, H&M, and so on.

An MBA in Sweden is quite beneficial where students may expect successful jobs in finance, public management, accounting, consultancy, retail management, international marketing, policy consulting, and more. For MBA graduates in Sweden the anticipated pay of popular employment is mentioned below:

Designation/Position Average Annual Salary in SEKAverage Annual Salary in INR
Chief Information OfficerSEK 850,000- SEK 2,000,00073.8 Lakhs – 1.73 crores 
Senior Marketing ManagerSEK 960,000- SEK 1,450,00083.4 lakhs – 1.26 crores 
Senior Product ManagerSEK 800,000- SEK 1,450,00069.5 lakhs – 1.26 crores 
Chief Financial OfficerSEK 850,000- SEK 2,200,00073.8 lakhs – 1.91 crores 
Financial AnalystsSEK 487,000- SEK 850,0042.3 lakhs – 73.8 lakhs 
Chief Financial OfficerSEK 850,000- SEK 2,200,00073.8 lakhs – 1.91 crores
Chief Executive OfficerSEK 860,000- SEK 3,400,00074.7 lakhs – 2.95 crores


Is MBA free in Sweden?

Only Swedish, Swiss, and European Union students are eligible for free education in Sweden.

Is Sweden good for Indian students?

Common courses for Indian students in Sweden include engineering, technical courses, business studies, social sciences, and design. Sweden’s crime rate is significantly lower than that of most European countries.

How much does studying in Sweden cost?

Tuition fees in Sweden vary from around SEK 80,000 per year (approximately 7,915 EUR or 9,523 USD as of February 2021) to around SEK 295,000 per year (approximately 7,915 EUR or 9,523 USD as of February 2021) (or approximately 29,188 EUR or 35,117 USD as of Feb, 2021).

Is education free in Sweden for international students?

The majority of Swedish universities are public, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees are free for EU/EEA and Swiss residents. PhD programs are free of charge to all students, regardless of their country of origin. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree would cost between 7,500 and 25,500 EUR per year.

How much money do you need per day in Sweden?

You’ll need about $65-75 USD per day for a bare-bones budget of only food, lodging, and transportation. With some museums thrown in, you’ll need at least $80 USD a day. If you’re a typical traveller who stays in a hostel/hotel, eats cheaply, and goes out a few times, you can budget about $90 USD per day.

Is IELTS required for Sweden?

In Sweden, there are no unique language requirements for your student visa. TOEFL iBT is an English language exam that is approved by Swedish universities.

Choosing the right country to pursue your desired degree is an important decision to make but this decision can seem extremely difficult if you do not possess the required information. To make this process of choosing the ideal country simpler, you can meet the counsellors at Leverage Edu who will help you make an informed decision. 

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    1. Hi Gaytri!

      To apply for an MBA in Sweden, you need to meet the eligibility requirements and submit scores of GMAT/GRE and IELTS/TOEFL as directed by the university. Applications are available online on the college website and you must submit all the documents before the given deadline. Hope this helps, if you need more guidance then please connect with our experts at 18007572000!

    1. Hi Gaytri!

      To apply for an MBA in Sweden, you need to meet the eligibility requirements and submit scores of GMAT/GRE and IELTS/TOEFL as directed by the university. Applications are available online on the college website and you must submit all the documents before the given deadline. Hope this helps, if you need more guidance then please connect with our experts at 18007572000!