MBA in Entrepreneurship in the USA

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MBA in Entrepreneurship in the USA is a two-year postgraduate program with a general management curriculum that aims at real-world practice. Pursuing an MBA in entrepreneurship prepare students to join a global community with lifelong learning and career support among peers and faculty. These people act as challengers and peers helping you to accelerate and find your path. Further, this course helps students to go through the rich case and experience-based subjects and curricula specially designed to build managerial and leadership skills to set the foundations for lifelong impact. In the first year of study, you are required to establish a common foundation in the fundamental practices of business, including finance, operations, marketing, leadership, negotiation, strategy, and more,. In contrast, during the second year, you are supposed to choose a range of elective courses per your interest to build basic concepts. If you want to explore more about MBA in entrepreneurship in the USA, the benefits of pursuing an MBA in entrepreneurship in USA, and much more, then keep reading! 

Name of the Course MBA in Entrepreneurship in USA
Duration of the course two years 
Level of the course Postgraduate Degree
Cost of Studying  50 lakhs 
Average Salary $81,760 (INR 67.29 Lakhs)

Why Pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship in USA?

There are many benefits to completing an MBA in the Entrepreneurship program at universities in the USA. Before opting for a university, here are some benefits of enrolling in universities in the USA.

  • networking is a major benefit of pursuing an MBA in entrepreneurship as this enables students access to the global community of various business professionals, including Scannell, known for spending more than 30 years. 
  • Pursuing an MBA in entrepreneurship in USA provides you with a plethora of job opportunities, and having this degree in USA majorly offers you lucrative packages. 
  • There are various study areas that you may opt for in the MBA in  Entrepreneurship program so that you get subjects per your interests. 

Top Universities in the USA

There are an array of universities in the USA  that have achieved various remarkable rankings over the years, and excellence in education as well as teaching. Some of the top universities for MBA in Entrepreneurship in USA are as follows:

Name of the University Name of the Course   Average Fees in INR 
Harvard University MBA in Entrepreneurial Management  73.4 lakhs 
Stanford University MBA in Entrepreneurship 80.4 lakhs 
New York University MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 98.0 lakhs 
The University of Texas in Austin  Full-time MBA in Entrepreneurship  60.6 lakhs
University of California–Berekeley Campus  Executive MBA-Entrepreneurship  1.2 crores 
Pace University MBA in Entrepreneurship  45.4 lakhs 
University of Michigan  Full-time MBA-Entrepreneurial Turnaround Management 74.4 lakhs 
Northwestern University MBA in Entrepreneurship 81.7 lakhs 
Indiana University MBA in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation 58.3 lakhs 
The University of Utah Full-time MBA in Entrepreneurship  42.9 lakhs 
MBA in Entrepreneurship in the USA - Northwestern University
Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University offers three unique pathways for its MBA in Entrepreneurship course; Image Source: Northwestern University

Eligibility Requirements 

To pursue an MBA in  Entrepreneurship in USA universities, you are required to qualify for the eligibility requirements. 

  • You must hold an undergraduate degree with  Entrepreneurship majors or equivalent to a US degree. There are specific requirements that you must qualify for depending upon the university or college you are applying for. 
  • If you have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from a recognised university or college in English, then you are exempt from taking ELP tests. 

Score Requirements 

You must also submit language proficiency test scores in case your first language is not English. The score requirements to get enrolled in universities in the USA  are:

Language Proficiency Tests  Average Score Required 
IELTS  7 bands 
PTE 68

Documents Required 

There are a set of documents you need to submit as a part of the application process to get yourself admitted into the institution. The list of documents required for admission at MBA entrepreneurship in USA are 

Career Prospects 

There are an array of job opportunities after completion of an MBA in Entrepreneurship degree in any field at big organisations with high packages. Some popular job opportunities are

Job Profile  Average Salary  INR conversions 
Business Consultant  $79,858  65.25 Lakhs
Business Reporter $63,287 51.71 Lakhs
Sales Manager  $64,959 53.08 Lakhs
New Venture Development  $71,619 58.52 Lakhs
Department Manager $52895 43.22 Lakhs
Corporate Supervisor  $64,950 53.07 Lakhs


Ques. What is the duration of the MBA in HR course?

Ans. MBA in Entrepreneurship course is a postgraduation course with a duration of two years divided into four semesters. The course is available at various universities as a full-time, part-time, distance learning, and online education mode program.

Ques. What is the average salary of an HR Manager?

Ans. An HR Manager’s average salary is around INR 6.9 lakh. However, the average salary offered during campus selection is between INR 8 to 12 lakh per annum.

Ques. Which are the top companies that hire an MBA in HR?

Ans. Companies require HR professionals, even if the company is small. Some of the top companies that hire MBAs in Entrepreneurship are reliance,   Pepsico, Tech Mahindra, KPMG, Larsen & Turbo, Infosys, Wipro, L’Oreal, etc.

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