What is a Dual MBA Degree?

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A MBA is one of the most coveted degrees in the world due to the immense job opportunities that open up for an MBA graduate. There are a variety of MBA programs that aspirants can choose from, including different specialisations and even a dual MBA degree! A dual MBA degree offers you a chance to simultaneously acquire two masters level degrees in your chosen areas of study. Want to know more about dual MBA degrees and the benefits of pursuing it? Take a look at this blog! 

What are Dual Degree Programs?

Is a Dual MBA Worth It?

A dual MBA involves combining a Master’s in Business Administration degree with an additional master’s level degree in order to enhance the profile of a graduate student with more expertise and skill set in a particular area of interest. Also, it restructures two-degree programs together while concentrating on two areas of study, hence cutting down on both time and costs. In a dual MBA program, a student can complete two masters degrees within a shorter duration when compared to pursuing both the degrees separately,  due to the fact that core courses in one of the degree programs can actually double in the form of electives in another. Students, who grab such opportunities in the right manner, may choose to attend a business school that conducts both the programs of their choice with excellent academic quality, at a fast pace. Irrespective of what path a graduate school student follows, attaining a dual MBA is recommended when a student wants to create an outstanding profile for herself/himself.

Everything You Need To Know About MBA Specializations

Which Dual Specialization is Best in MBA?

Now that you know What a dual MBA degree is, the next very important task is to choose an area of specialization that would be worthwhile i.e. an area that would have the most positive impact in terms of your career growth. The job market today is highly competitive, hence with such high competition, one needs to outshine others and showcase such competencies which others might lack. Highly rated areas of specialization for MBA include Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship etc. In addition while choosing the second program of study in the dual MBA program, it is necessary to choose a degree that would provide you with more job prospects after graduation.  Checkout some of the dual specialization you can consider:

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How to Pick the Right MBA Specialisation?

Why Opt for a Dual MBA?

A dual MBA degree comes with many additional benefits when compared to getting both degrees separately or getting only a MBA degree. Let’s look at some of these benefits that make a dual MBA the go-to degree in the present times:

  • More Qualifications in a Shorter Duration- A dual MBA degree allows you to attain two degrees in a much shorter timeframe than would have been required if you had pursued them separately. For example, if you pursue your master’s degree first and then go on to get an MBA degree, the total time you would require to get both the qualifications would be (2+2) 4 years. On the other hand, if you opt for a dual MBA program, you can acquire both the degrees in 3 years, thus saving you both time and money, while providing the same qualifications
  • Increased Knowledge and Expertise- Getting a dual MBA degree makes you highly qualified in your area of specialisation, in addition to attaining the managerial and leadership skills that are an essential part of any MBA course. It equips you with all the necessary skills required for attaining a higher management level post after completing your degree. You also possess a more varied skill set than any regular MBA graduate

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  • Greater Networking Opportunities- A dual MBA degree makes it easier to engage in networking while studying, doing internships and also while appearing for interviews. It is necessary to communicate with the right people to build up connections that could help in your career. The business world being fast paced, it pays well to be acquainted with the right people at the right time
  • More Job Opportunities- A dual MBA degree gives you more choices when it comes to being eligible for a position. You become better equipped to enter the job market and take up varied roles in different sectors. You can not only take up jobs in the business and management sector, but also be eligible for jobs in the fields related to your second degree specialisation as well
  • Job Security in Uncertain Times- A dual MBA degree makes you eligible for a range of different jobs by providing you an option of acquiring a broader selection of skills and specializations, thereby decreasing the chances of you being without a job. This is especially important at a time when the economy is more unpredictable than ever, thus providing protection against job cuts and the possibility of a recession

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Top Universities Abroad

There are numerous universities abroad offering Dual MBA programs with different specializations. Check out the list of top universities abroad:

  1. EU Business School
  2. Swiss School of Management
  3. Barcelona Executive Business School
  4. Midway University
  5. Westford University College
  6. Webster University
  7. University of Louisville
  8. Stevens Institute of Technology
  9. Auburn University
  10. University of Washington

Top Colleges in India

If you are looking for best colleges in India offering MBA dual programme, check out the list of colleges:

  1. Christ University
  2. NMIMS
  3. Doon Business School
  4. Jamia Hamdard University
  5. IIM Indore
  6. IIT Kanpur
  7. IIM Rohtak
  8. Sharda University
  9. Lovely Professional University
  10. Gujrat University

English Language Requirements

Because the scorecard for these tests is valid for two years, students should familiarise themselves with the university calendar and apply for admission carefully.

TestAverage Score Required 
IELTS6.0 – 6.5
TOEFL 80 – 90
PTE56 – 61

Documents Required


Is an MBA dual specialisation good?

The students’ employment opportunities are maximised, which is the main advantage of earning an MBA with dual specialty. A student who simultaneously earned an MBA in two disciplines has an advantage over others in the competitive job market.

What distinguishes an MBA dual from an MBA?

An MBA programme typically lasts two years and grants a master’s degree in the student’s chosen area of specialty. Nevertheless, the “MBA-Dual Specialization” programme offers this degree in any two preferred specialisation fields during the course of the same two-year programme.

What are the advantages of a dual MBA?

When choosing a dual MBA, you’ll have additional job opportunities available to you. Pupils are better prepared to enter the workforce and handle a range of job duties. Everyone who is open to change and wants to try new things would particularly benefit from this.

Hope you found this blog on what is a dual MBA degree useful. Attaining a dual MBA puts graduate students on the fast track to rank high on the corporate ladder. For anyone who wants to make their presence known in the world of business, having a dual MBA is the key to success. Do you want to pursue a dual MBA degree but are unsure about the choices? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who can help you in not only selecting the most suitable specialisations as per your career goals, but also in choosing the best universities for the course. Sign up for a free session today!

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