PhD in Accounting

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PhD in Accounting

While pursuing your subject on undergraduate and postgraduate level, have you ever thought about pushing the academic boundaries in your chosen field of specialization and getting yourself enrolled in a PhD program? So, if you are from accounting and finance background and look forward to making your name in the field of research or strive to become an academician, then, PhD in Accounting would be a perfect course for you. Through this blog, we’ll help you understand the scope of PhD courses.

Understanding PhD in Accounting 

Being a research-oriented course that involves robust training and critical judgement of knowledge, PhD in Accounting begins with advanced and specialised courses that emphasise in dissertation research. With a focus on Economics, Business, Finance, Accounts, Statistical, and research, a doctoral degree in Accounting would conclude with the submission of thesis and research work developed over the course of 3 to 6 years. As the subject has a wide varied curriculum, some of the courses on a foundational level include Mathematical Modelling, Research Methods, Econometrics, Capital Market Research, Decision Models, etc. In this program, students learn the employment of quantitative techniques and research methods in understanding and contributing to the field of Accounting. After completing your preparation classes in subjects like Mathematics, Economics and Capital Markets Research, you can work in Taxation, Auditing, Financial Accounting, etc.

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Eligibility Criteria 

To enter into the rigorous curriculum of a PhD in Accounting, you will be required to fulfil certain eligibility requirements as per the university that you are seeking admission in. Some of these generalised eligibility conditions are:

  • If you are planning for an Integrated PhD program you are required to have completed your bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from a recognised institution.
  • In the case of general PhD in Accounting, students should have a master’s degree like MCom/MPhil in Accountancy/Finance from an accredited university.
  • GRE score
  • English Language Proficiency Tests – IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.
  • Some universities require you to have minimum work experience in the related field.

Top Universities to Pursue a PhD in Accounting

A doctoral course requires intensive research and hard work to delve deeper into the subject of interest in order to find out the desired results. So, it is beneficial if one gets enrolled in one of the top universities around the world where there are the world’s best facilities in terms of research material, labs, and faculty. So, few of the popular universities renowned for PhD in Accounting are: 

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Career Prospects 

With a plethora of opportunities after a PhD in Accounting, you can look for jobs in both the government as well as the private sector in the domain of Accountancy. With jobs in the Banking sector, one can embark upon a journey to become a successful banker as well as head the top banks around the world. Firms such as export companies, the insurance industry, financial institution, research and development, commercial sectors, economic consultancy provide ample opportunities for accounting scholars. Apart from these, you may also work for the customs department, government banks, financial firms, Indian Economics Services (IES) and Indian Statistical Services (ISS) in the government sector. 

Some of the most sought-after profiles with a PhD in Accountancy include:

  • Money Manager 
  • Market Analyst 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Investment Banker 
  • Investment Analyst 
  • Risk Analyst 
  • Corporate Analyst 
  • Finance Consultant 

Want to Read More on PhD Courses Abroad?

Hopefully, we would have provided you with ample information on PhD in Accounting. With a doctoral degree, you would be able to earn your way to the top-notch firms around the world and give your career a boost. So, if you need help in identifying which universities to aims for, then, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu.

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    1. Hi Ranjit
      Give us a call on 1800572000 and our experts will guide you on how to do a PhD in Accounting and Finance.

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