PhD in Artificial Intelligence

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PhD in Artificial Intelligence

Advancement of technology and the internet lead an individual flourishing in the branch of computer science which solely focuses on building smart machines. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI these machines are capable are accustomed to performing multi-tasks that require human intelligence such as speech recognition, decision-making,  visual perception, and translation between languages. If we talk about PhD in AI, here students go an extra mile and carry in-depth research in the field. They come up with proper research findings which explain the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the contemporary world. In this blog, we will communicate information that will brief you about PhD in Artificial Intelligence, its scope and relevant universities to study in. 


The term Artificial Intelligence is used to define smart machines that imbibe basic human tasks such as learning new things and solving problems. The world of computers and artificial science work close by in order to create a development in AI. Students are aspiring to take a PhD in the subject should be equipped with the knowledge of computer science like algorithms and various computer languages. Completion of a PhD in Artificial Intelligence can take 4- 5 years.

Highlights of PhD in Artificial Intelligence

  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence will fetch you to gain immense experience in understanding computer science field with related to smart machines that have tendencies of working as a normal human being. 
  • AI PhD scholar will get to know creative people around them who have excellence tendencies working in the relevant field. 
  • Scholars with an entrepreneurial bent of mindset, ideas and perceptions can also start their own venture. 
  • The degree will motivate you to get an impressive job apart from your academic field.  After gaining significant experience in the research field, you will have considerable opportunities to get your research papers published in journals and magazines.

Job Profile

A stable carrier in Artificial Intelligence requires a deepest passion and knowledge related to growing technologies and data. In order to carve out a distinctive space in the field of smart machines, your familiarity with computer programming and languages are pre-requisite condition.  Below mentioned information will brief you about a variety of job profiles an Artificial Intelligence expert will get;

  1. Machine Learning Engineering: This is considered as a heart of Artificial intelligence where an AI expert is equipped with applied researching and data sciencing. Here an expert has immense knowledge of DE tools like Eclipse and IntelliJ. 
  2. Business Intelligence Developer: it includes a position of business intelligence developer. The main role of the Business intelligence developer is to analyze complex data sets in order to recognise market trends. 
  3. Research Data Scientist: These engineers are well-versed with Artificial Intelligence disciplines which includes Applied Mathematics and Computational Statistics.

Leading Companies that are offering Artificial Intelligence roles:

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  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft 
  • Amazon
  • Intel

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Top Universities for PhD in Artificial Intelligence

PhD in Artificial Intelligence is a high-demand course in today’s times. Thus, it has become essential for students to look up at the best universities across the globe to study the program. Enlisted below are some leading ones: 

  • Carnegie Mellon University: Based in the United States, the university carries a rich legacy in terms of producing brilliant minds in the field of AI. It is one of the interdisciplinary subjects in the university with highly qualified faculty and passionate students available.
  • Stanford University: Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the university has produced some wonderful minds who have contributed to the AI sphere. AI is a part of the university since 1962. The spacious laboratories and excellent curriculum make it one of the leading places to study PhD in Artificial Intelligence.  
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Founded in 1861, MIT one of the best universities in the United States. It has an enormous contribution to AI studies, being a technological based campus. At present, there are more than 1000 members who are avidly working in this field including researchers, students and teachers. 
  • University of Texas: Another popular educational spot for PhD in AI is the University of Texas. With a rigorous curriculum and high tech computer & software labs, it can be the best choice for AI admirers. 
  • Yale University: The university has already set its benchmark in the AI domain. PhD in Artificial Intelligence can be acquired if you have relevant skills pertaining to system intelligence, computer language and programming. 

We hope, this blog motivated you to pursue a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from a renowned educational institute. To do the same, get in touch with Leverage Edu experts who will further guide you in drafting a perfect application. 

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