Accounting Courses in Canada: What You Need To Know

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Accounting Courses in Canada

To study in Canada is to open a world of opportunities. Canadian institutions not only offer a range of courses across disciplines and exciting career prospects but also provide students with a supportive and culturally vibrant atmosphere. In particular, the Business and Accounting courses of Canada are internationally renowned for their course curriculum, faculty, and vibrant job opportunities afterward. Further, the affordable cost of studying in Canada attracts scores of international students who want to pursue higher studies in Canada. This article focuses on the structure, types of Accounting courses in Canada as well as the universities you can consider.

Accounting Courses in Canada: Overview

Apart from the specialized bachelors and masters courses in accounting which run for a duration of 4 years and 1-2 years respectively, universities in Canada also offer distance learning, short term, and career advancement programs in the shape of a diploma, graduate diploma or certificate which tend to vary between 1 to 3 years. Further, professional accounting courses like chartered accountancy, public accounting, etc. and popular courses like BCom with a focus on accounting, MBA in Accounting, a Diploma in Financial Accounting are some of the courses offered in Canada. As for the curriculum of various Accounting courses in Canada, students are offered a range of tracks of specializations and electives within the fields of business so as to inculcate a multidisciplinary understanding of the discipline. In addition to their course, professors also encourage students to pursue the qualifications of the CFA course as well.

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Why Study Accounting in Canada

One of the most popular courses among overseas students in Canada is accounting. Why? Let’s explore:

  • Excellent job chances are offered by Canadian accounting universities to both domestic and foreign students after graduation. In Canada, the average annual pay for account grads is CAD 52,876 (INR 32 Lakhs)
  • Good Education: The best institutions in Canada for accounting have distinguished themselves internationally by offering the greatest facilities. Canada is well known for providing excellent educational and professional opportunities to international students.
  • There are many accounting universities in Canada that give students a wide range of specialities including taxes, administration, etc. at study levels like PG, UG, and doctoral. These universities additionally provide some of the most well-liked accounting diploma and certificate programmes.

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Specialisations in Accounting Course in Canada

The strong demand for accounting courses among overseas students in Canada is attributed to the multiple specialisations that are available at various institutions and colleges, including:

  • Taxation
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Professional Accounting
  • Banking
  • Business administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Analytics

Accounting Courses in Canada: Universities

Highly ranked by both Times Higher Education Rankings and QS Rankings, the top business schools in Canada offer study programs suiting to the needs of a variety of students. The following table lists down ten of the best institutions based on THE rankings which offer highly-appreciated Accounting courses in Canada.

Name of the UniversityTHE Rankings 2022Degree and Courses Offered
University of Toronto181. BBA-Management & Accounting
2. BCom-Accounting
3. Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
4. Master of Accounting & Finance
5. Master of Management & Professional Accounting
McGill University441. BCom-Accounting
2. Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
University of Alberta1251. Master of Accounting
2. PhD in Accounting
University of Ottawa162Bcom-Accounting
University of Waterloo201-2501. Bachelor of Accounting & Financial Management
2. Bachelor of Mathematics in Chartered Professional Accountancy
3. PhD in Accounting
Western University (Ontario)201-250Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Dalhousie University251-300BCom-Accounting
Simon Fraser University201-2501. BBA in Business-Accounting
2. Graduate Certificate in Accounting with Digital Analytics
3. MSc in Accounting with Cognitive Analytics
University of Saskatchewan501-6001. BComm-Accounting
2. Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc)

Note: This is only an indicative list of courses. The universities may offer more degree programs. Thus, students are advised to check official university listings applying.

Bachelors of Accounting: Eligibility 

If you want to get admission in the Bachelor’s of Accounting then you need to qualify the eligibility criteria of the universities offering the course. The eligibility criteria varies from university to university. All international students need to qualify the criteria mentioned below.

  • All candidates must have completed the minimum educational background of 12 years. You must have proof of completing 10+2.
    • All Indian students applying in Canadian universities should provide proof of ICSE/CBSE/GCE Senior Secondary Education Certificates.
    • University of Calgary Admissions: In the requirements of core subjects, candidates are required to have studied English and Mathematics in their 10+2.
    • University of Waterloo Admissions: The minimum percentage of candidate sin their Class 12 examinations should be 75% and above.
    • Queen’s University Admissions: Candidates are required to have studied English and Mathematics as their core subjects in Class 12 and should have a minimum percentage of 85%.
  • It is important for international students to meet the minimum test scores in TOEFL, IELTS and any other test prescribed by the university. This is necessary to show proficiency in the English language.
  • An important criterion for admission in accounting courses is a strong overall academic standing. The main subject of the student must be mathematics and he/she must have scored high marks in it.

Admission Requirements to Study Accounting in Canada

Now let’s look at the qualifications and eligibility standards for the top accounting programmes in Canada:

  • Academic Requirements
  • English proficiency test scores
  • GMAT or GRE Scores
  • Additional requirements

Academic Requirements: Academic transcripts from every level of study are the most fundamental prerequisite for international students applying to any accounting programme in Canada. You should have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related discipline if you’re applying to a postgraduate accounting school. For the majority of accounting schools in Canada, some prerequisite courses include:

  • Mathematics
  • Advanced functions
  • Calculus
  • English

English Proficiency Test Scores: It is imperative that you, as overseas students, provide confirmation of your English language competency through the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other tests. Depending on the university/program you select, an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher is the minimal required to enrol in accounting studies in Canada.

GMAT or GRE results: If applying to accounting courses at the PG levels, several accounting universities in Canada may also request your GMAT/GRE results.

Other Requirements: Your university may also ask for additional prerequisites, like an interview, job experience, a statement of purpose (SOP), and a resume or curriculum vitae, depending on the programme you select.

Application Process

Following is a brief discussion of the application procedure for some of Canada’s renowned accounting universities:

  • To begin your accounting degree in Canada, select a university and a course of study.
  • Send in the application form and the required fee.
  • Transcripts, a bachelor’s degree (if necessary), and any other documentation that the specific university may demand, such as a SOP, a resume, LORs, or proof of work experience, should be sent.
  • You can also be requested to participate in an interview.
  • If there are scholarships or financial aid opportunities at the university, apply for them.
  • Await the admissions result.

Proficiency in English Language for International Students

The table below demonstrates the minimum test score requirements in English. It is university-specific.

Name of University TOEFLIELTS Others
University of WaterlooiBT: 906.5CAEL: 70
PTE: 63
Dalhousie University iBT: 90 7.0MELAB:90
University of BrockiBT: 886.5CAEL: 70
McMaster University iBT: 866.5CAEL: 70
PTE: 60
CAE: 190
University of British Columbia iBT: 906.5CAEL: 70
PTE: 65
CAE: 180
University of TorontoiBT: 1006.5CAEL: 70
CAE: 180

Scholarships To Study Accounting Course in Canada

Various scholarships are available to study accounting programs in Canada which are funded by government, private organisations, non-government organisations. Below mentioned are some of the scholarships available for international students:

ScholarshipsEligibilityAward (in CAD)
C.Douglas Mellor Prize, McGill University-Graduate certificate in financial accounting student
-Outstanding academics
(INR 1.3 Lakhs)
Kenneth F Byrd Prize, McGill University-Graduate certificate in financial accounting student
-Outstanding academics
(INR 15,000)
Principal’s Scholarship, Queen’s University-International Applicants showing high academic performance4,000
(INR 2.4 Lakhs)
Principal’s International Scholarship India, Queen’s University-Indian applicants
-3.5 GPA
(INR 12 Lakhs)
Bourse H Marcel Caron Scholarship, HEC Montreal-Student in BBA Accounting demonstrating financial need2,000
(INR 1.2 Lakhs)

Career Opportunities and Scope

If you study accounting in Canada, you can most surely land a job at a major corporation like Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. 52,876 CAD per year has been noted as the typical base income for accounting graduates in Canada.

We’ll make you consider these employment alternatives in Canada after receiving your accounting degree:

  • Higher education in a variety of specialities, including as accounting, banking, and taxes
  • Attend Chartered Professional Accounting courses (CPA)
  • Get a job at numerous corporate powerhouses
  • Create your own company or venture. Become a teacher of accounting.
  • Become a consultant, auditor, accountant, financial analyst, or tax expert.

We have compiled some of the top accounting recruiters in Canada for the job profile of accountant, together with their typical wages, to give you a clearer idea of how careers after various accounting schools in Canada look like:

Top RecruitersAverage Annual Salary (in CAD)
Ernst & Young54,054 (INR 32 Lakhs)
Deloitte45,505 (INR 27 Lakhs)
Grant Thornton LLP41,369 (INR 24 Lakhs)
KPMG47,500 (INR 28 Lakhs)

Due to the high number of applications received by universities offering Accounting courses in Canada, the competitiveness has risen. Therefore, it is crucial for interested applicants to plan and craft their applications meticulously which needs considerable efforts. If you want to build an accounting career in Canada, Leverage Edu’s experienced counselors can assist you throughout the application process helping you take the first step towards a rewarding career. 

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