Diploma in Automobile Engineering

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Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Are you a hot wheels fan? Did you spend your childhood playing Road Rash and Need For Speed? Were you one of those who used to split their car toys to see what’s inside? Well most of us have spent our childhood playing with car toys and trucks. If you have dreamed about making a career in creating incredible automobile designs, then a Diploma in Automobile Engineering is perfect for you.

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering which comprises of designing, manufacturing and operating of automobiles. It deals with vehicle engineering in which students get to learn about designing and building motorcycles, cars, trucks, bikes, etc. The Automobile industry is one of the fastest-growing industries with various career opportunities in both the public and private sectors globally. This field is filled with great scope for automobile and vehicle engineers. However, building a great career in the automobile industry comes with great technical and managerial skills.

Pursuing a Diploma in Automobile Engineering will equip with a certain level of knowledge of automobile design required to step into the fast-paced industry. This article is going to walk you through various aspects of Diploma in Automobile Engineering which can help you make a great career in the automobile industry.

Overview of Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in automobile engineering is a full-time 3-year program providing students with an in-depth knowledge of vehicle engineering. It provides students with essential knowledge of mechanical, technical and software skills to manufacture, operate, repair and develop automobiles. Students learn to design and create different automobile techniques with the help of creative methodologies and concepts under vehicle engineering. The course focuses on the main aspects of manufacturing automobiles, primary work on technologies, the functionality of different automobiles – their aspects and modifications, testing of products, construction and calculation of different automobiles. The diploma course imparts specialization in various fields such as:

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an important aspect of a Diploma in Automobile Engineering. It imparts knowledge and skills related to applied engineering, mathematics, and materialistic science principles to analyse, design, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering helps students in getting a grip on the manufacturing aspects of working in the automobile industry.

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Electronic Engineering

Electronic engineering is another important aspect of a Diploma in Automobile Engineering as it imparts knowledge and skills related to active and nonlinear components of designing electronic circuits, devices, and systems. It consists of different programming techniques to read and develop passive electronic components which help in analysing the credibility of devices and systems.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is an important aspect of diploma in automobile engineering which provides students with technical and practical training to understand and develop different machines, devices, systems and applications with the use of power and electricity. It comprises of various technical skills to operate and handle heavy machinery with correct usage of electricity to enhance their power performance and backup.

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Safety Engineering

Working in an industrial environment comes with several challenges and problems. There are several significant aspects to need to be ensured such as the safety of employees, labour and environment. Safety engineering is a crucial part of a Diploma in Automobile Engineering where students learn about safety measures that are required in the automobile sector. It comprises of various ways to handle big machines and vehicles to maintain safety measures in the work environment.

Manufacture and Operation of Automobiles

This is the main aspect of Diploma in Automobile Engineering which comprises of various methods and techniques involved in the making of automobiles. Students learn to operate, design and develop manufacturing of machines and systems. The operation comprises of various stages of testing along with inspection to ensure the product quality and sufficiency.

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Top Colleges Offering Diploma in Automobile Engineering

  • Centennial College
  • University of Wollongong
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Coventry University
  • University of Leeds
  • Birmingham City University
  • University of Southampton
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Brunel University London

We hope that this article provided you with all the details about Diploma in Automobile Engineering. If you’re planning to pursue a course in automobile engineering, Leverage Edu experts can help you in deciding an ideal course that fits your interests to equip you with the required skill set for exploring a great career in automobile engineering. 

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  1. I like to study automobile Engineering diploma. Give me opportunity to join with your collage and get better knowledge for it.
    thank you

  2. My name is Jaivir Patter, a Kenyan by birth and currently living in Eldoret town in Kenya.I have B1 level of german language and i write this letter to apply for the Bacholers in automotive engineering because in a university I wish to begin in April next year. For over 2 years I have worked in an auto repair company here in Eldoret. Kindly advice me the documents I should send you and any payments/ requirements that I should meet.

    yours faithfully,
    Jaivir patter

    1. Hi Sourav,
      If you wish to pursue Diploma in Automobile Engineering, the minimum qualification you need is to clear your 12th exams. So, it would be a better decision to pursue this diploma course after completing your 12th education!

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