Queens University – ‘Shaping A Better World, since 1845’

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Queens University
Queens University

“Shaping a better world, since 1845”, as they quote it. And they quote it right as the university has given rise to leaders like Elon Musk, Donald J. Carty, and Sir Sandford Fleming, who shaped the world better. Queens University is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and is one of the oldest degree-granting institutions in the country.

Queens University

has a record of consistently being ranked amongst the top Canadian Universities and is also a member of the AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada). This co-ed university houses over 23,000 students and more than 130,000 living alumni around the world including renowned govt. officials, business leaders, academics and 57 Rhodes Scholars. It’s undoubtedly one of the best universities to study in Canada.

The Queens University MBA at Smith
  • A 12-month full-time MBA program that is tailored to develop outstanding leaders, highly effective members and valuable team members. The program starts each January at the Queens University campus in Kingston, Ontario. With numerous optional features, it can be customized to suit the strengths and aspirations of individuals.
  • Because of the team-based learning, by the time the students graduate, they are well-versed with ideal practices for teamwork and team-building. They are all set to be a high-valued member of any team.
  • One important and unique feature of this program is the Career Coaching. Students have career coaches who help them identify their strengths, values, career preferences and emotional intelligence. Working with the students one-on-one, they also construct their job search plan and carer strategy.
  • The university houses an outstanding faculty having a breadth of real world experiences of business, beyond (of course) their immense academic knowledge. Students learn a great deal from such exceptional professors.
Class Structure
  • At Queens University, the total number of students sums up to a little over 23,000. Out of that, 82% are UG and 18% are PG students. About 2,600 students have international backgrounds and a majority of them are pursuing a PG program.
  • The student to faculty staff ratio is 19:1 which facilitates effective and efficient teaching in the classes. Out of 1,200 faculty staff on-campus, around 350 are international and 850 are domestic.
  • With a Global Perspective, the university has welcomed students from over 40 countries for 4 years in a row now. Such great level of diversity makes learning more effective and also opens numerous doors for students to network.
  • The university also has an elite student exchange program on-board. It has tie-ups with more than 100 respected b-schools present in 37 countries and welcomes about 300 international students annually.
  • If we talk about Kingston, it is a home away from home for students at Queens University. Students describe the city as “eclectic” and “quaint”, and it provides them with all the modern life conveniences. It ranks as one of the best Canadian city to live in.
  • The main campus (99 acres) rests in the city of Kingston, Ontario bordered by Lake Ontario to the South, Kingston General Hospital to the East and in all the other directions by the residential neighbourhoods called ‘’Kingston Student Ghetto’.
  • QU houses six campus libraries holding more than 2.2M physical volumes and over 400,000 electronic resources. Other learning facilities on-campus include Computing Sites and Bookable Classrooms, Video Conferencing, Electronic Classroom Support etc.
  • While the university has 18 student residences and guarantees accommodation to all the first year students, the majority of the ones residing off-campus stay within a 15 minutes’ walk from the campus.

There’s no denial of the fact that Canada has been and still is one of the most sought-after study destinations for Indian students. And for the ones considering Canada, Queens University is a name that you cannot miss. QU receives a huge amount of applications each year with only a few finally making their way through its doors.

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