How to Defer Admission in Canada

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How to Defer Admissions in Canada

Gap years are a relatively new concept in Canada, but they are swiftly gaining popularity. Just like the USA, deferring your admission in Canada differs depending on the course, university and applicant profile. According to a Quacquarelli Symonds survey of over 2,800 international students planning to study in Canada, 54 per cent of those polled planned to defer admission for a year owing to the unfamiliar learning environment in 2020/21. In this article, we will guide you through how to defer intake in Canada!

What is Deferred Entry?

If you are not ready to be a part of the university, deferring your admission by one year is a perfect choice. A deferred entry simply means ‘delaying’. You can decide for yourself if you want to pursue this course. On deciding how to defer intake in Canada, you can utilize your time by developing skills, gaining some work experience and getting recharged and refreshed before committing to around 3 – 4 more years of hitting the books! 

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Deferred vs. Waitlisted

It means the admission committee has decided to evaluate your application along with regular decision applicants.It comes in the regular decision process. Waitlisted means the university is interested in you but isn’t likely to have a spot for you.
Deferred entry means a candidate is neither accepted nor rejected.In this case, if other candidates don’t choose to attend the program, you may get in. 

How to Defer Admission in Canada [Application Process]

We shall look at the simple step by step process on how to defer Intake in Canada. However, the general process remains the same but deferring your university intake in Canada may vary according to the educational institution. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Canadian university, fill your application form and get accepted by the university
Step 2: Make sure to meet all the requirements in your offer letter before applying for the deferred entry for a year
Step 3: Get in touch with the admissions committee of the university and request for a deferred admission form. Outline all the valid reasons stating why you wish to take a gap year
Step 4: Wait for the university to decide to gladly accept or refuse your deferred admission 
Step 5: In case you have applied for a scholarship or financial aid, keep a check on its validity in the year you have applied for deferred admission. 

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Points to Remember for Canada Deferred Enrolment 

Universities essentially want candidates looking forward to how to defer intake in Canada to remember the following details. 

  • Before applying for a deferred intake, applicants must provide a letter of acceptance from the DLI (Designated Learning Institutions) for study permit extensions and applications. 
  • Deferred enrolment after submission of study permit application: If less than 150 days have elapsed since the planned start of program, officials must continue processing the application for a study permit. A new admission letter is not required. 
  • If more than 150 days have passed, admission officials request a new acceptance letter from the candidate if the student has deferred their intake later on. 

Canadian Universities Accepting Deferred Admission

If you have already been accepted by a Canadian university, it’s time for you to notify the admission committee within the stipulated time. Tap on ‘Click here’ to find out more! 

UniversityClick Below
Seneca CollegeClick here
University of WaterlooClick here
The University of British ColumbiaClick here
Dalhousie UniversityClick here
McGill UniversityClick here
University of GuelphClick here
Ontario Tech UniversityClick here

Note: For universities such as University of Waterloo and the University of British Columbia, the deadline for deferred entry requests starts in the middle of the August of the academic year you have applied. 


Can I defer my admission in Canada after getting a visa?

Yes it is possible to defer admission in Canada after getting a visa after 150 days or more. The candidate needs to send their new acceptance letter from the DLI. 

Is deferral a rejection?

Deferred does not mean rejection nor it means waitlisted. It simply means college or university will wait to see who else will apply for the deferred admission before they decide whether or not to take you. 

How long should a deferral letter be?

The length of your deferral letter will not decide whether your deferred application will be accepted or refused, so don’t bother making it longer than one page. 

Hopefully, this blog on how to defer admission in Canada resolved all your queries about deferred entry! Confused about your study abroad plans? Sign up for a free session with our Leverage Edu mentors on 1800 57 2000 and begin with your application process in your chosen university. 

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