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LOR is an acronym for a Letter of Recommendation. It is an official piece of documentation that is required by a potential candidate to submit before their admission or acceptance to the desired organization. The recommender writes a LOR to upraise a candidate’s work or academic calibre. LOR for Management is often a supporting document that a recommender provides to highlight the aptitude, knowledge, expertise, qualifications, and skills of an individual to consider him/her eligible for a program. To knore more about structure of LOR for Management courses, advantages, and more, Keep reading!

Structure of LOR for Management

There is a basic structure that every LOR follows:

  • Introductory Paragraph – A LOR begins with an introduction of the recommender and its relationship with the applicant.
  • Second Paragraph – This paragraph includes the purpose of writing the letter and how the applicant’s academic performance has been.
  • Third Paragraph – This paragraph illustrates the story of the applicant’s growth through various projects and surfacing many skills that resonate with the requirements of the program.
  • Fourth Paragraph – Many other qualities such as leadership and behavioural characteristics and others are mentioned in this paragraph. Extracurricular activities, positions of responsibility, etc are also stated here. 
  • Conclusion – In the end, the recommender must summarize the letter and present it with a closing statement. The recommender should also provide his/her official email address and sign the letter

Points to Consider While Preparing a LOR

  • It should be written from a third person’s perspective of the applicant
  • The LOR must be written in a structured way
  • It should be written by an official body that has been a mentor to the applicant
  • It should align with the projects and experiences mentioned in the SOP
  • A LOR must highlight the skills and abilities of the applicant
  • The recommender must specify his/her association with the applicant and how long have they been associated with each other
  • A LOR should contain information that is relevant to the applicant only
  • Do not even think about submitting a fictitious LOR

Why LOR is Vital for Management Courses?

  • It is one of the most essential supporting documents in the application process of any university. 
  • A well-written LOR provides deeper insights into the applicant’s aspirations and suitability. 
  • The LOR corroborates a student’s credibility and personal character
  • It is an important document needed by an organization to assess your academic ability
  • LOR provides valuable information regarding your leadership skills and management skills 
  • The document summarizes the list of an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A good LOR adds validation to your resume and work experience 

Advantages of LOR

  • It is a supporting document that is accepted by a number of universities abroad
  • It presents an unbiased opinion from a dignitary body
  • Most of the universities ask you to submit two LORs, which means the two letters could highlight all your different qualities separately 
  • It presents a roadmap to an applicant’s abilities and qualities 

LOR for Management Courses: Guidelines 

  • The LOR should contain a brief explanation of the relationship of the applicant and his/her mentor 
  • The information mentioned in the LOR must be accurate and support your eligibility and suitability for the course or program 
  • The LOR should not contain any information that can be misconstrued or any sensitive information unless related to the purpose
  • The information written in the LOR should only be subjected to the applicant and his/her attributes i.e information unique to the applicant. Do not provide generic information from LOR samples
  • A Letter of Recommendation must have quality information and does not need to contain marks or academic scores to assess the applicant

Qualities to Highlight 

Management has always been an in-demand course not only in India but in abroad as well. In today’s age of digitization, many such courses are available online and can be learned and add value to your profile. 

Given below are some popular management courses:

Top Rankings

Mentioned below is the list of top management courses by top ranking universities:

QS World Ranking 2023Universities Course
1HEC ParisMSc Strategic Management 
2ESSEC Business SchoolMSc in Strategy and Management of International Business
3London Business SchoolMasters in Management
4IE Business SchoolMasters in Management
5INSEADMasters in Management
6ESADE Business SchoolMSc in International Management
7ESADE/UVA McIntire/LingnanMSc in Global Strategic Management
8ESCP EuropeMasters in Management
9Copenhagen Business SchoolMSc in Economics and Business Administration 
10WU ViennaMSc Strategy, Innovation and Management Control


What is a LOR?

LOR stand for Letter of Recommendation it is mandatory supporting document required by universities abroad to assess an applicant’s eligibility and suitability to a specific course or program.

How many LORs are required in the application process?

Generally, two LORs are required by universities. However, it may vary depending on the university, it may ask you to present only a single LOR or sometimes more than two.

What needs to be mentioned in the LOR?

A LOR must contain unique information related to the applicant including academic excellence, extracurricular participation, research work, and other qualities and characteristics of the applicant.

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