Careers in Luxury Brand Management

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Careers in Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand Management is a specialized sector within the fashion industry that deals with high-end or couture brands. Managing these high-end brands, coming up with different marketing strategies to promote and feature brand popularity is an art that one acquires with knowledge and experience. Designing, social media management, brand collaboration, advertisements, sponsorships are some ways luxury brands are managed by specialized professions. Within this industry, lies a myriad of exciting careers that all fashion lovers must explore! Keep reading to unravel different Luxury Brand Management jobs!

Growing Popularity of Luxury Brand Management Careers

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With the fast-paced world and everything available at the click of a button, luxury or luxury items are not just fantasy items one only dreams to have or hope to get their hands on. Luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana have emerged as household names. This is due to technology and social media influence that captures our attention and makes us want commodities or items we didn’t even know we needed, luxury items are making a separate niche for themselves. Luxury items and commodities are now easily and readily available through different online stores or consignment retailers who deal with online as well as offline selling of luxury products. 

Using different marketing tools and ad campaigns via social media tools and features available, luxury products are now not only exclusive to the affluent or old money people but also to different crowds. This is due to the rampant increase in social media influencers, lifestylists, bloggers, and content creators on all public platforms. Luxury items are now something everyone can have and even if you cannot, it is made available to you due to digital platforms which have given a cultural push to the fashion industry in particular. Therefore, with its digital boom pursuing Luxury Brand Management careers is all the new rage!

Here are some Luxury Brand Management jobs that you can’t afford to miss out:

  • Luxury Brand Manager 
  • Merchandising Manager 
  • Fashion PR Specialist 
  • Visual Merchandising Manager 
  • Fashion Retail Buyer 
  • Product Marketing Manager 
  • Assistant Store Manager 
  • Walk-in drive store manager 
  • Retail Store Manager 
  • Visual Marketing Director 
  • Luxury Goods Product Manager 
  • Luxury Retail Buyer 
  • Branding Manager (for Luxury Goods and FMCG)
  • Assistant Buyer of Luxury Goods 
  • Fashion Executive 
  • Assistant Manager of Apparel goods 
  • Personal Shopper (for executive clienteles)
  • Virtual Consignment Buyer 
  • Online Luxury Retail Assistant 
  • Online Luxury Curator  (consignment stores) 

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Now let’s take a peek at some of these different job roles and descriptions of the positions and what they entail. 

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Luxury Brand Manager 

 A career as a Luxury brand manager involves working around all departments and coming up with effective marketing strategies to help attract a specific target audience. Roles and responsibilities include creating a message along with an image for the brand you work with, also conducting marketing research for all future products that need promotion. 

Luxury Goods Product Manager 

Luxury Goods Product Manager entails management, planning, and execution of the products through all stages. The managers are hired by clothing, footwear, eyeglasses, or automobile brands to oversee the entire production and product development process. 

Luxury Retail Buyer

 Luxury Retail Buyer entails monitoring the public product preference and the consumer buying pattern and predicting future trends. The job requires professions to make sure the product is launched and hits the stores at the correct time. 

Merchandising Manager 

Merchandising Managers are required to choose the products that would sell at the retail store. They are responsible for the staff, planning marketing strategies, prepare budgets, conduct recruitments. 

Visual Merchandising Manager 

Visual Merchandising Managers are creative heads. Their key job is to design floor plans and design the aesthetics of the store. Trivial things like light, scent, display, and music would be a point of impact for customers. 

Fashion PR Specialist 

Typical advertising tools are not for luxury products and their marketing. There are PR teams dedicated to their promotion and advertising as the luxury consumers are not interested and invested in typical advertising tools. Fashion PR Specialist is a unique Luxury Brand Management career that involves interacting with other big brands in the industry and making sure the brand name is appealing and both clients and the media stay happy. 

Assistant Buyer of Luxury Goods 

This job entails the assistant buyer making sure the sketches and designs submitted by the artists are brought to life for production and manufacturing. It involves buying/collecting samples for fabric and collections the brand chooses to launch are made available before the mass production.

Luxury brand management jobs
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Personal Shopper (for Executive Clienteles)

Personal shoppers are a part of Luxury Brand Management. It involves creating and curating a special experience for customers. Personal shoppers ensure customers keep purchasing luxury products particularly clothing items from brands and also keep coming to build their wardrobe and help their personal style. 

Fashion Executive 

As the title suggests a fashion executive is someone who works with a team of other executives to make sure the brands work efficiently and smoothly. It involves building the strategies, discussing them such as brand marketing, making sure different designs and ideas are approved by the company board. 

Top Colleges and Universities for Luxury Brand Management Careers

Best Colleges in the World

  • Emlyon Business School in Ecully, France. 
  • London Business School at the University of London.
  • Toulouse Business School, France.
  • Regent’s University London.
  • Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris ISC PARIS, université level institution, France.
  • HEC Paris, located in Jouy-en-Josas, France.
  • British School of Fashion University in London, England
  • Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design located in London,  United Kingdom.

Best Colleges in India

  • Mundra Institute of Communication and Advertising (MICA)
  • SP Jain School of Global Management
  • Indian Institute of Management
  • Luxury Connect Business School
  • FAD International
  • Lifestyle & Luxury Management Institute
  • Athena School of Management
  • Pearl Academy 
  • Jain University
  • Luxury Connect Business School

Average Salaries

These are the different job titles and the roles and responsibilities one can pursue in Luxury Brand Management careers. Now let us take a look at some of the average salaries and perks that professionals enjoy in Luxury Brand Management careers. 

Profiles  Salary 
Fashion Retail Manager 8 Lakh
Fashion Good Product Manager 8 Lakh
Brand Manager 7 Lakh
Fashion Marketing Manager 10 Lakh
Visual Merchandiser 9 Lakh

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Do any of these Luxury Brand Management jobs interest you? If yes then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts today and we will help you reach the best university for this course!

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