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History, Affiliations and Rankings

The University of Vienna is an Austrian public research university in Vienna. It is the oldest university in the German-speaking world and was founded in 1365 by Duke Rudolph IV. The university has grown into one of Europe's largest and most recognised universities, notably in the Humanities, because of its long and rich history. It has been the academic home to many scholars of historical and academic significance, as well as 21 Nobel prize winners. The university is accredited by the European Union Association and Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities. According to the CWUR ranking 2022, the university is ranked #207 in World ranking, #1 in National Rank, #150 in Quality of Education Rank, #473 in Alumni Employment Rank and #159 in Quality of faculty Rank.

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

There are no specific campuses at the University of Vienna. The institution first opened its doors in the First District, near the Jesuit Church. Now, academic facilities may be found in over sixty different places around Vienna. The historic main structure on the campus serves as the university's heart and is known as "die Uni." The majority of Vienna's largest university buildings and lecture rooms are in the First and Ninth Districts. The University of Vienna Botanical Garden, as well as the Department of Biochemistry and allied research centres, are located in the Third District. The University of Vienna is divided into 15 faculties: Catholic Theology, Protestant Theology, Law, Business, Economics, and Statistics, Computer Science, Historical and Cultural Studies, and Philological and Cultural Studies among others. The university offers 181 degree programmes, including 55 bachelor's degrees, 110 master's degrees, 3 diploma programmes, and 13 doctoral degrees. The institution has grown to become one of Europe's largest and most prestigious universities, particularly in the discipline of Humanities.

Accomplishments and Alumni

The University is proud to have Nobel Prize Laureates teaching the students at the University of Vienna. The Nobel Prize Laureates who taught at the University of Vienna include Robert Bárány, Julius Wagner-Jauregg, Hans Fischer, Karl Landsteiner, Erwin Schrödinger, Victor Franz Hess, Otto Loewi, Konrad Lorenz and Friedrich Hayek. The founders who studied and later instructed at the University of Vienna included Carl Menger, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Friedrich von Wieser, Joseph Schumpeter, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. The university is home to various well-known alumni including Novelist Stefan Zweig, Director of the Orthogenic School for Distributed Children Bruno Bettelheim, Elias Canetti (German Author), Lucian Blaga (Romanian Philosopher), Viktor Frankl (Austrian Neurologist) and Ludwig Boltzmann (Austrian Physicist). 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

University of Vienna has a wide and diverse campus that accommodates students from various fields of life. It gives a warm welcome to students coming from any corner of the world. There are more than 94,000 national and international students that are enrolled at the University of Vienna, including 16,490 graduates and 8,945 doctoral students. There are more than 6,765 faculty members at the university. The number increases with every intake and the university is number one in the country among students. The university also conducts job fairs from time to time for its students that help them in placements. The students avail themselves of the job fairs and grab the best opportunity to get placed in the job market. 

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